Real Talk: Training Edition

Hi, everyone—happy 2014!  For some folks, the new year signifies a time to make resolutions, set goals, and take advantage of a fresh start; and I’m sure you’ll see plenty of these posts around the blogosphere during the next few weeks.  For others—like yours truly—2014 means structured training begins.



As usual, I’m keeping it real.

I have mixed feelings about the start of training on Monday morning.  Mainly, I cannot wait to start completing structured workouts with everyone again; I miss seeing my coaches and teammates everyday!  Oh, and two words:  South Beach.  It seems like my last race occurred forever ago, and even though I’m nowhere near race fitness, I’m already excited for this event.  On the other hand, though, I found my groove in terms of the NYC social scene, and not going to lie, I’ll be sad to give up my party warlord MO for a bit.

In related news, I’m anxious to see how my body responds to six consecutive days of training. (The team will train Monday-Friday, and I plan to hit the CompuTrainer on Sunday.) This wasn’t a problem during high school basketball …


Sorry, had to do it.  I posted this on Instagram for throwback Thursday.

… but toward the end of my collegiate seasons, my body felt like it break down and snap in two.  Thankfully, it held up well when I moved to the five-day program during the final month of training, but those workouts weren’t typical:  We completed one workout each morning instead of two (and removed bricks all together) because it was the end of the season.  So I guess we’ll see what happens.

Here’s what my training will look like from Monday until early February: swim and run on Mondays; bike (on spin bikes) and strength train on Tuesdays; run and swim on Wednesdays; swim and run on Thursdays; bike (on spin bikes) and strength train on Fridays.  Since I’ve been all about the cycling lately, I’d love to replace one of the swims with another ride, but I’m not in charge yet.  Also, I’m not sure what will happen to my weekly threshold Tuesday CompuTrainer rides at Tailwind Endurance.  Obviously, I want to keep going, but it would look questionable if I always “slept in” during the team’s Tuesday morning workouts.  Again, we’ll see what happens.

Last week, my Slice appeared in a dream:  I was riding along (and being all legit in aero), when I slowly tipped over and hit the pavement.  But it didn’t hurt.  In fact, the ground acted like an inflatable bounce house and sprung me back to an upright position.  To me, means either (a) it’s pretty rare to wipe out on a tri bike, or (b) even if I do fall, I’ve ate it before and know what to expect, so the fear of the unknown isn’t a factor.

Speaking of my Slice, the first few rides have been tough, but I’m adapting.  During workouts, I spend time in the aerobars and on the bullhorns; usually, I stay in aero for a few minutes and take a one-minute break.  Shifting is slowly starting to make sense, and I definitely feel more powerful and efficient in this position.  I do need to get an in-depth fit done, though.

Seeing as how I haven’t mentioned running yet … it’s going OK, but my team’s two-mile time trial (TT) on the first day of school practice will be a reality check.  I made a decision this offseason to focus on the bike and put the run on the backburner, so I have no idea how this will translate to a TT.  I’m not expecting big things obviously, but it would be awesome if I could beat my time from last year.  It’s all about progress, so if I start off this season at a better running spot then 2013, then that would be awesome.

… and on that note, I’m hopping onto my indoor trainer, aka not running.  Happy Friday, friends!

What fitness and healthy living goals do you have for 2014?

16 responses to “Real Talk: Training Edition

  1. I do the same thing while on the traier with my Slice while I’m rebuilding my cycling base. I try to do intervals with the efforts in aero and recovery on the horns. Training starts the 12th with my return to school, figured do all the major schedule changes at once. Glad to see you enjoying the bike more these days, it is the best part in my opinion.

    • That’s exactly what I do during CompuTrainer classes: intervals in aero and recovery on the horns. Technically, my training starts Monday, but my coaches decided to wait until the following week to do our fitness tests; they want us to get used to training again (post-holidays and post-offseason) beforehand. Sounds like a good idea to me!

  2. i am so excited to see how this training goes for you. it really is a change but I know you have adapted before so I have no doubt you can do it again.

    • Fingers crossed! It’s been great to have downtime, but I am ready to start this season. Mental and physical breaks are needed, but I’ve definitely been tooling around with my workouts, aka not even following the plans I put together. 😉

  3. I’m really excited to hear about the training. Now that I’ve gotten into running, I just know it’s only a matter of time before tris start sounding really good. You’ll be the inspiration! P.S. Stay warm! I thought of you when I saw on the snow in NYC on the news this morning!

    • Thank you! By NYC standards, we got a lot of snow, but my inner CNY self is laughing and rolling her eyes. (‘This is barely a dusting!’) The city doesn’t have the snowplow force we have back home, which is the main issue because the roads were horrible yesterday. It’s supposed to be cold today and heat up Sunday and Monday.

  4. I have always thought shorter distances like the mile you really have all the endurance you will ever have in your life whether you run or bike. Unless you do layers and layers of speed it probably won’t make much of a difference….I could be way off kilter though. Good luck.

    I’m really excited for a new training cycle with structured workouts honestly.

    • Fortunately or unfortunately, my coach sent an email yesterday and postponed all TTs until the second week of training; he wants to get used to working out first, lol.

  5. I feel the same way! I really am excited to get back to training, but it’s been nice to be so relaxed for a little while.

    • I can already tell this season will require more of a balancing act, but I’m ready for it. I also can’t believe how quickly the past three months flew by!

  6. Wahoo for structured training again! I start again on Monday too. Can’t wait to actually feel like a real triathlete again after being laid up from injuries. You’ll get use to the Slice quickly and then when you get on your road bike again you’ll forget how to shift it! (at least that happens to me). Definitely strengthen the upper shoulder and back muscles, you’ll probably feel some tightness there in the first feel weeks in aero, but you’ll build up strength there shortly. You’re going to be a beast at South Beach! 🙂

    • Thanks for the insight–our strength training on Tuesday focused on the upper body, and building endurance and getting comfortable in that position will take time. Hope your first week is going well so far!

  7. OMG, your new training schedule gives me college flashbacks. I know you will do great though…my keys were always lots of sleep, plenty of good grub, and COFFEE! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

    • Sleep and coffee are my big two! I’m trying to stay at two cups a day (one before practice and one after). I almost needed a third yesterday when 3 p.m. rolled around.

  8. Your dream really brought back bad memories for me! Unfortunately, Mike and I know all too well that it is possible to crash on a tri bike (and I wish he just bounced back up like on an inflatable bounce house)! I know that you’ll be alright, but do be careful in the beginning since it is different than a road bike!

    Yay for structured training!

    • Yikes, that’s good to know. I hope to get out a few times in March before my first race in April so it isn’t totally new on race day–fingers crossed!

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