Random Training Notes From Jan. 6

So after I wrapped up the training portion of Sunday’s post, I realized there were still some things I wanted to talk about; related to but not actually training, this stuff needed its own post.  Not sure if I’ll write one of these every week, but I had enough material this time.

Now that I’m swimming, biking, and running consistently again, I feel like myself—yet I didn’t know I’ve felt “off” for the past three months.  Returning to training has given me a renewed sense of self, purpose, and motivation; I know this is where I belong, and this is what I should be doing (as opposed to getting engaged like some of my high school classmates, but that’s neither here nor there).

On Thursday morning, I had my Slice fit with Mike from Bike Riders NYC. (I had a general fit done when I purchased the bike, but I needed to get dialed in.) No pictures, unfortunately, but the appointment lasted about two hours, and Mike did a phenomenal job:  He adjusted my cleats (my right leg is longer than my left), raised my saddle, and moved my aerobars forward (#tallgirlproblems).  Sunday’s CompuTrainer class was my first post-fit ride, and everything felt great.  It’s probably a combination of having a great fit and finally building some cycling strength, but today’s Tailwind class went really well too.  And I’m excited for next week’s FTP test—I can’t wait to see how much I’ve improved!

This past week or so, I’ve been playing with my fueling and overall nutrition.  Since our practices typically last three hours, I’ve experimented with taking a gel between swimming/running workouts, and it’s definitely helped my energy levels. (I use PowerBar Perform on the bike and haven’t felt the need for a gel before strength training.) And in terms of cooking, I’ve made a few recipes from The Feed Zone Cookbook, including chicken fried rice and these fish tacos.


The meals I’ve prepared so far are easy to make, and one factor I struggled with last season included snacking after eating dinner.  I always have fruit for dessert, but there were also several trips to the almond butter jar. (Please tell me I’m not the only one!) Anyway, these Feed Zone recipes have eliminated my post-dinner “snacky” mood; they fill me up.

I really enjoy being “Young C.”  As the youngest person on the team, I secretly love how everyone teases me from time to time—because that’s what I usually do.  Before practice started on Wednesday a few of us were shooting hoops, and one of my teammates ended up with a cut on his nose.  I didn’t do it, but my coach called me a bully for the next few days—and then my nickname switched to Gumby when we did partner stretching.

Speaking of my coach, we spent some quality time running together in Central Park yesterday morning. (Practice was canceled because of electrical gym repairs.) As my first time in Central Park post-half marathon, I had zero expectations, but we ended up covering a little more than six miles.  Anyway, the more I get to know my current coach, the more he reminds me of my high school basketball one—which is definitely a good thing.

And in other Full Throttle Endurance news, being the team social media manager/warlord is going well so far.


It makes me laugh when I receive about six of these emails before 11 a.m.


And now, I’m off to mentally prepare for tomorrow’s two-mile time trial.  Oh boy.

12 responses to “Random Training Notes From Jan. 6

  1. fueling will always be a tough one for me too. inherently, I am a snacker. big meals just don’t jive with my training but at the same time it is about making sure I have well balanced and worth it snacks and enough overall. so excited about your training, sounds like everything is falling into place.

    • My go-to snacks have been bananas and almonds, and the combo does a good job of keeping me full until the next meal. And I know what you mean about big meals; I need to have a smaller-ish dinner or eat early so my stomach doesn’t keep me up.

  2. Oh. Em. Gee. You sound like you are back in the groove, and I am lovin’ every second of it. Fueling is a struggle for me too–I always feel like I end up with too much and crampy or not enough and feeling weak. Also–so happy to hear you are rockin’ the social for FTE!! I will have to follow!!

  3. late night snacks are the death of my nutrition. That is the one area I always struggle with, but I’m working to rein it in the next few weeks as my body adjusts to my crazy new schedule. I’m jealous that you “feel like yourself again” though, cuz all I feel is sore this week and its only tuesday.

  4. I’ve been tracking my nutrition the past 10 days and it’s been interesting to see the correlation between how I fuel and my runs. Shockingly, the day after I had nachos, I had a crappy run! 😉

    • Ha! Funny how that works. Although to be fair, I had some of my best runs in college after nights of wine drinking; must be those antioxidants. 😉

  5. I love that you are developing a good relationship with your coach. I know from being a high school athlete that relationship can impact so much (positively and negatively!). The older I get the more I miss my early days as a coach myself, and I find that I’d really love to get back into it a little bit!

    • Absolutely! A good coach knows how to get the most out of their athletes, and my high school coach knew how to interact with everyone. And my current coach understands how important this principle is too. You’ll be a CrossFit coach soon enough!

  6. Fueling and nutrition is tough for me! I’ve sort of figured it out during training workouts (but this weekend proved I still don’t have it 100% figured out). Mike and I need to eat better overall as we go into Ironman training.

    And I know what you mean, swimming, biking and running just feels right!

    • It’s such a personal, trial-and-error process. Like this morning, I have a swim and run on the schedule, and I’m not sure if I’ll “gel up” before the run. Will just play it by ear and see how I feel.

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