Random Training Notes From Jan. 13 (Phase One, Week Two)

Hi, friends!  Please pardon my absence—it’s been a busy, busy week.  I’m off today, though, so I finally have a few minutes to catch my breath and reflect on training and non-training happenings.

I forgot what it’s like to have very little free time—and I love it.  I thrive off being busy, so I’m in my element now:  spending three hours at the gym in the morning, plus putting in more time at work to facilitate evening events.  We’re in the midst of our annual Resolve campaign—it’s all about helping our customers make and stick to their new year’s resolutions—and it’s a big deal.  And I’m not just saying that; it’s the biggest project I’ve worked on so far, and I want it to be successful.

Mentally, I’m trying really hard to “trust the process” of base building, but it’s tough.  I know the volume and intensity will pick up eventually, but I want to push now.  To keep myself in check, this has become my theme song:

Yeah, Selena Gomez probably wasn’t singing about slowing down in terms of base building, but it works.  #sorryimnotsorry

I feel.  So.  Good.  On my bike.  Getting used to shifting and building my “aero” endurance has been (and will continue to be) a work in progress, but it finally felt like things started to click on Tuesday morning.  Not only do I feel comfortable holding this position, but I also don’t have to think as much about gearing.  And after Thursday’s workout, my Tailwind instructor even said how relaxed and dialed in I look.  Let’s hope this translates when it’s game time in South Beach!

Remember my promotion to the fast lane last year?  Well now that I’m training with the five-day-a-weekers, I’ve been served another piece of humble pie:  I’m back in the medium lane.  Basically, the fastest lane contains our elite men and folks who swam in college, and fast lane number two has our elite women and top age groupers.  My coach says time and time again “no one wins practice,” but I’d love to swim in fast lane number two by the end of the season.

I’ve made foam rolling a priority this season.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the most diligent when it comes to post-workout recovery, but I have been foam rolling two or three times each week.  Yes, I’m young enough so I can get away with not doing it.  And yes, I bounce back quicker than a lot of my teammates.  But it’s wise to instill this habit now so my future 33-, 43-, 53-, etc. year-old triathlete self can still swim, bike, and run as much as she wants without issues.

The coach at Sunday’s CompuTrainer ride commented on how I was “riding solo” (because one of my teammates usually comes with me).  Yep, that sounds right on so many levels. #singleasapringle

“Powerhouse” hasn’t been a word that’s described me since basketball—until the aforementioned CompuTrainer class.  As per the standard class structure, we completed longer efforts, and I was able to hit and hold my functional threshold power (FTP) number as an endurance effort.  Anyway, after the ride, I was talking to another athlete, and she told another coach I’m a “powerhouse.”  And he simply nodded.  Guys, I’m getting better!

Which song is your guilty pleasure now?  How often do you foam roll?

6 responses to “Random Training Notes From Jan. 13 (Phase One, Week Two)

  1. true life – nothing sucks more than humble pie but nothing also makes me push harder and push that limit than a piece of that same pie. rocking it out girl. can’t wait to see what this season has in store for you

  2. I’m glad you are having a good week and staying busy. I was actually just wondering how you were doing. I also strive on staying busy. When I’m busy I’m just a much happier person.

  3. Welcome back girlie! Haha I’d rather be in the medium lane any day 😉 awesome job all around! I miss free time (le sigh)

  4. I do not foam roll enough! I’m going to try to make it a priority leading up to my half because I know it’s so good for me.

    Sounds like you’re having a great week! Here’s to a wonderful weekend as well!

  5. Hell yes, Powerhouse!! I’ve been focusing on the recovery as well, and I’m definitely seeing the benefits. My runs feel easier and my paces are lower. Go Recovery Warriors! 😉

  6. No joke, I need to bribe myself to foam roll. “Just ten minutes and then you can have a cookie” type stuff…it’s sad. But I’m at the point now where I don’t need to do it all the time, which is progress, right? I’m trying to be better at that and strength training as well this season!

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