Random Training Thoughts From Jan. 20-27 (Phase One, Weeks Three and Four)

Woah, I can finally stop and take a breath.  Has this week been busy for anyone else?  The weekend can’t come soon enough—mostly because Syracuse plays Duke on Saturday, and I want to wear this shirt.


Yes, I bought it a few weeks ago.  Don’t judge me.

Anyway …

I joined a running team.  I know, right?  Three of my coworkers founded the Bronx Submariners—how could I not support them?  I had to get my first singlet!


This also means I’ll do a few roadraces with them—and hopefully I won’t embarrass the team and/or finish last. (These guys are fast; I’m talking 5:30/mile fast.)

Speaking of running, I signed up for a “normal” race—the Cherry Tree 10 Miler in February.  Full disclosure:  I will be doing it as a relay with two coworkers.  Did you really think I’d be able to run 10 miles in two weeks?  Anyway, the race actually falls on another coworker’s birthday, so he wanted some run-brunch action.  And I can run 3.3 miles or whatever, especially if there’s a mimosa at the finish line.

We spin every Tuesday and Friday, so my teammates taken turns bringing music—and my coach quizzes me on songs during every ride.  It’s kind of like I’m Cady from Mean Girls. (‘Carrie, do you even know who signs this?’) As “Young C,” I’m the youngest person on the team, and for the record, I would like to state I was not alive when the majority of our song selections were popular.  I did surprise everyone by knowing Thunderstruck by AC/DC today, though.

No one wins practice, but I posted the third-fastest female time during our 200-yd. time trial.  Granted, two girls who swim faster than me haven’t completed it yet, but my coach said I did a great job and put down a solid time. (2:41, which isn’t impressive for actual swimmers, but I’ll take it.  I’m a wannabe swimmer, remember?) And in two weeks, we’ll have our 500-yd. time trial.  The good news?  Wetsuits are legal!

Speaking of swimming, we drove to Stamford yesterday for a long-course swim—in a minivan.  There were five of us, so we definitely needed a big car, and it was very fitting rolling into the ‘burbs in a minivan.  I felt like I was back in high school.  Talk about the ultimate throwback Thursday!

Enjoy the weekend, friends!

13 responses to “Random Training Thoughts From Jan. 20-27 (Phase One, Weeks Three and Four)

  1. It’s good to see that your teammates are exposing you to a broader musical experience. some of the best music made came out before you were born. 🙂

  2. you joined a running team???? girl so cool. i know you are slammed lately but love the little drop ins

    • I mean, my coworkers founded one, so what the heck, why not join? Hopefully this isn’t considered “cheating” on my tri team!

  3. Whoa BALLIN!! 😉

  4. That’s awesome about the running team. I’m glad you are giving us updates when possible!

  5. I was on debate team in undergrad and going places in a van was definitely the most fun part of debate tournaments. Love it 🙂

    • We used to go on road trips for high school basketball to scout our opponents–and we always drove one of our parents’ minivans. 🙂

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  7. Great job on the swim! Also, 5:30 mile? I can’t even begin to imagine that!

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