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Triathlon Training Log – Week of March 17 (Phase Two, Week Eleven)

Happy Sunday, friends!  Does it finally feel like spring?  I ran outside in shorts this week (I know, right?) and had a great outdoor ride today.


Yes, we took the subway to the George Washington Bridge.  We’re not trying to ride 60 miles roundtrip … yet.

General training notes:  Baller training week.  That is all.  Definitely the best seven-day span I’ve had so far this season, which is perfect because the South Beach Triathlon takes place in two weeks—ekkk!  Mentally, my Wednesday speedwork and Thursday swim were tough, but powering through and getting it done bodes well for the race.

Monday – a.m. swim and run

Another Monday, another “speedwork in the pool” workout.  Totaling 3,500 yards, this session included tech, pull sets, plus some killer sprints (8×75 with 10 seconds rest) that yours truly was forced into leading.  Woof.  Like usual, a steady five miler followed; this time, we decreased the incline on the treadmill to a negative one-percent grade. (We usually set it at a one percent incline.)

Tuesday – a.m. indoor cycle and strength train

In an effort to mimic the SoBe course, this session combined solid aero and climbing efforts.  I’ll have to tackle eight hills—er, causeways—in two weeks, so it’s important to get used to climbing and then hammering.  The ride lasted 90 minutes, and we did a lot of corework after.

Wednesday – a.m. run and swim

Two words regarding speedwork:  girl down.  I moved up to a faster group and have to work a lot harder to keep up with these folks.  We started with a mile warm-up, then did a tempo mile, and then chipped away at 6x800s.  As usual, the pace was hot for me (3:27-3:30), and I hung on for four before dropping to the 3:35-3:40 ballpark.  I can tell I’m getting faster, but I want to last the entire workout with this group.  Anyway, the swim was on the short side (2,100 yards) and honed in on pulling and breathing sets.

Thursday – a.m. long-course swim; p.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance; p.m. run

Thursday began on a tough note.  I wore my wetsuit for the long-course swim at Chelsea Piers Stamford and felt absolutely horrible; my legs were toast, I couldn’t pull (not that I’m great at it anyway), and I just felt like I was slugging through the water.  Hands down, this swim was the worst I’ve felt during a workout this year.  Thankfully, my coach kept the motivation yelling coming throughout the swim, which I need.  It makes it nearly impossible to give up when all you hear is “SUCK IT UP, CARRIE!”

Because the swim felt horrible, I figured the CompuTrainer class would be bad too, but it actually went really well.  Due to Wednesday’s speedwork, I adjusted the workout, and I easily hit and held my power numbers.  And because it was such a nice day, I ran—outside—for an easy 3.5 miles to recover.  And I enjoyed it.  Woah.

Friday – a.m. brick (cycle and run)

I think I run better off the bike.  Like last week, we warmed up for about 45 minutes on the spin bikes and then alternated between five minutes solid in aero, 800m solid on the track, etc.  In theory, the 800s should’ve been the same pace as the speedwork, but I cranked it up and successfully hit and held faster repeats, including a closing one at 3:14.  Does it make any sense that these 800s were both faster and easier coming off the bike?

Saturday – off

Sunday – a.m. bike

As the above photo indicates, a few teammates and I braved the wind and 39-degree temperatures and rode outside.  Long story short, we split up, and I did 40 miles with one my strong cycling teammates.  She’s solid on the bike, and we took turns pulling and alternated between easy spinning and solid aero efforts.  In terms of comfort and stamina, I felt great.  Like really great.  Like I’m-not-stressing-about-SoBe-as-much great.

Under normal circumstances, this upcoming week would be devoted to recovery, but since SoBe is in two weeks, it doesn’t make sense to recover and then taper.  Due to this timing, we’ll be pushing for another week and then shutting things down.  Let’s get after it!

Do you have any tricks for pushing through mentally tough workouts?