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Triathlon Training Log – Week of March 24 (Phase Two, Week Twelve)

Holy cow—how can March almost be over?!  Hopefully this means spring weather will arrive soon; it’s be cold and rainy in New York City this past week.  At least it isn’t snow, right?


Although I did a race in 37-degree weather complete with rain and wind.

General training notes: Whew, this was another solid training week.  Normally, this seven-day span would’ve served as recovery (our program follows a three weeks “on,” one week “off” cycle), and my body definitely noticed the workouts weren’t getting easier.  Whenever I hit a mental or physical block, though, I reminded myself South Beach is right around the corner, and my second wind arrived in no time.

Monday – a.m. swim and run

Like our normal “speedwork in the pool” workouts, this set incorporated tech and harder efforts (including a ladder of 125-yd. sprints), plus steady swims.  A steady five-mile run followed, and my coach yelled at me for going too fast.  I never thought that would happen, ha!

Tuesday – a.m. indoor cycle and strength train

These spin sessions have worked to mimic the South Beach bike course, and I’ve tried to make it sting as much as possible so it’s more manageable on race day.  We did some corework and upper-body strength work, and as per usual, my abs were totally cooked for the plank sequences.  On the bright side, that means I’m keeping them engaged during the bike.

Wednesday – a.m. run and swim

Normally, this would be a speed session, but since I had a 5-K on Saturday, my coach banished me to the treadmill for an easy five miler while my teammates completed a two-mile time trial.  It was fun cheering for everyone, though.  In the pool, my two worst enemies made appearances:  paddles and hypoxic breathing sets.  I got it done, but it was not easy.

Thursday – a.m. long-course swim; p.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance

Our 15-passanger van (really) made the drive to Stamford, CT for what will probably be the last long-course swim before SoBe.  As expected, the session contained race pace efforts—500s, 400s, etc.—and even though I didn’t wear my wetsuit (most people did), I felt good and surprisingly stuck with folks who wore wetsuits.

Since I didn’t do Wednesday’s speedwork, I participated in the “normal” power hour workout at Tailwind:  6×2 minutes at VO2 max and an eight-minute time trial effort.


#PainCave #LetsTalkWatts #PaleGirlOnFarRight

It was tough, but I hit and held my numbers, which gives me confidence for SoBe.

Friday – a.m. brick (cycle and run)

Ekkk, final brick before race day!  Like prior weeks, we started with a warm-up and a solid effort before sprinkling in two, 800m repeats at tempo and three, 400m’s at race pace.  My coach put one of our elite woman “in charge” of me to ensure I didn’t push before Saturday’s race.  She took it easy on me, and even though I was working, I stayed out of the red zone.  Like the CompuTrainer ride, this workout went well, which hopefully means I’ll string together a solid four miles at SoBe.

SaturdayRed Hook Crit 5-K with the Bronx Submariners

So remember how I joined my coworkers’ running team, the Bronx Submariners?  Well, this Brooklyn-based 5-K served as an official team race.  I’ll write a recap later this week, but for now, I’ll say it went surprisingly well considering it was cold, windy, and raining.  In fact, I PR’ed (22:24—woohoo!) and even beat the aggressive time my coach told me to run.  Win, win!

Sunday – a.m. bike

Instead of doing a CompuTrainer class, I opted to sleep in and spin out my legs; I hung out on the trainer for an hour and just got the blood flowing.

Bottom line, my training these past two weeks have gone well.  Yes, there are aspects of workouts that weren’t perfect, but this two-week build really couldn’t have gone any better.  As the saying goes, “the hay is in the barn,” so now I need to focus on recovering, getting enough rest, and ignoring the taper crazies.  T-minus seven days until go time!