Triathlon Training Log – Week of April 21 (Phase Two, Week 16)

Woah, did this week fly by or what?


Bikes outside brunch

Even though I made a to-do list Monday, it seems like items kept getting added instead of crossed out. Thanks to the arrival of warmer weather and half-marathon season, work is picking up: planning more in-store events, reaching out to local teams, and starting to chip away at the monster that is the Brooklyn Half and everything it entails. It’s all about putting my head down and getting to work—both at work (duh) and in terms of training.

General training notes: As the last build effort before taking seven days to actively recover, this week contained longer sessions, especially in terms of the swim and bike. Overall, I’m happy with how my training for these two disciplines panned out, but the run still needs some work. However, increasing my bike fitness and efficiency will lead to gains on the run—or at the very least, allow me to come off the bike feeling fresher.

Monday – a.m. swim and run

Like normal Monday swims, this set was on the longer side (3,300 yards) and contained some solid, race-pace efforts. A steady five-mile run followed.

Tuesday – a.m. brick (bike and run)

Woohoo for the first outdoor brick of the season! My team met in Central Park and rode two loops before stashing our bikes and logging a 15-minute run. I stuck with the “girl group,” and we pushed the pace. After the run, my coach asked how it went, and let’s say based on how my legs epitomized that jello-lead combo, I know for a fact my SoBe bike split should’ve been faster. Train, race, and learn, right?

Wednesday – a.m. run and swim

Instead of doing official speedwork, this workout called for a tempo run: one-mile warm up; five minutes race pace, five minutes steady; repeat for five-six miles. We even went outside, and since the groups got segmented, I ran solo. I felt frustrated at first, but the fact that I buckled down and got it done gives me confidence; hopefully, these efforts and mental strength will translate on race day. The post-run swim included my favorite bilateral and hypoxic breathing drills. And in total wannabe swimmer fashion, I did flip turns for 90 percent of the workout—success!

Thursday – a.m. long-course swim; p.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance and recovery run

Two naps were required to get me through this training day. (I’m off Thursdays.) First, a handful of Full Throttlers went to Chelsea Piers Connecticut for a long-course swim. For whatever reason, this workout has turned into a wetsuit-optional swim, but I never bring it because (1) I’m comfortable in my wetsuit, (2) I don’t want the chlorine to destroy it, and (3) I don’t have another race for a while. (Forty-eight days, but who’s counting?) Anyway, the highlight of practice was chicking the boys during our 6x200s—and they wore wetsuits. Suffice to say, my swim seems to be clicking.

That afternoon, I completed a killer ride at Tailwind Endurance that included a 10-minute hill effort, plus threshold and VO2 max efforts. And finally, I headed outside for a five-mile pre-dinner recovery run. My calves felt tender from doing all the flip turns on Wednesday, but I felt good otherwise.

Friday – a.m. bike

I still can’t believe how well this ride went. Fridays will be our big cycling workout in the park—longer (three-four loops instead of two) and harder (i.e. Harlem Hill repeats) than Tuesday’s sessions. During the warm-up loops, all the girls stayed together, but we separated as the pace grew hot. And I found myself in the lead pack with only three other girls. What the what?! We continued to crank loops two and three, specifically attacking the hills and even doing two Harlem Hill repeats. And during these climbs, I kept one of our elite females in my sights; yes, she still cruised up the hills while I worked, but the rubber band never snapped. It blows my mind that last year I struggled to stay with the girls for an entire workout, and now, I’m helping to lead the charge. That’s what this sport is all about!

Saturday – off

Sunday – a.m. bike

Since I’ve been dishing it in the pool, it’s only fair that I have to take it in the saddle. One of the Full Throttle coaches invited me to ride with his group, and even though I knew I’d die get my butt kicked, I agreed to hang as long as possible. And that ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated. After we gunned it over the bridge, the sufferfest began. I hopped on a wheel and tried not to let the 25 MPH reading on my computer psyche me out. As the guys continued to hammer, gaps started to grow, and I eventually got dropped. I pushed solo for a while, and then one of the other guys caught me, and we worked together to finish the first portion of the ride. The dudes on the front completed an extra 10-mile loop before we all met for coffee and food. And when we cranked the ride back, I actually found myself on the front and pulled for a few miles. But I got dropped again. Womp, womp. But I logged a hard, 50-ish-mile ride, and my coach said I did a solid job—and invited me to ride with the group next weekend. Success!

Which workout are you the most proud of this week?

6 responses to “Triathlon Training Log – Week of April 21 (Phase Two, Week 16)

  1. Proud that I’m back to yoga! Way to go girlie!

  2. Great job with your long group ride!! Also, first outdoor brick of the year!! Yay! My legs always feel off the first couple of bricks, who am I kidding they always feel off after getting off of the bike but it gets easier. You are doing great with your training!

  3. Wow that sounds like a great week and that long group ride intimidates me and I don’t even ride. Nice work.

  4. You know it’s a sign your doing alright when they invite you back 😉 The idea of 25mph is seriously intimidating!

  5. 25 mph ride sounds INTENSE- wow! Congrats on the flip turns. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for an award on my blog today…

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