I’m a Triathlon Model

Hi, hi! Contrary to my absence on the blog and virtually (see what I did there?) all forms of social media, I am in fact alive. Since returning from South Beach, I’ve been totally slammed.


Take me back, SoBe–I want more freckles!

I have absolutely no complaints. Work is going well, and training is going really well. Excuses aside, I owe you a catch-up post.

I’ve been to Brooklyn twice in recent weeks—for work. That’s two more times than I’ve been there all year. But really. I attended a launch party for the Brooklyn Triathlon and had a meeting with one of our clubs. Making the trek across the bridge, walking up from the subway, and facing infinite rows of brownstones, I love the neighborly Park Slope atmosphere. It seems more relaxed, but there’s no way I’m cool enough to live there. My pearl earrings and L.L. Bean jacket don’t belong.

I made my debut as a (triathlon) model. Triathlon season has arrived, and the store received shipments of swim-bike-run apparel. (2XU, Zoot, DeSoto, oh my!) And two coworkers and I somehow got recruited to be models. For the record, I assumed these photos would end up on Facebook. I did not expect to see my face plastered on the store window.


Mildly embarrassing, but kinda cool. And if you check our homepage, we’re on the slider too.



My team logged its first outdoor brick workout last Tuesday. Fifty degrees, no precipitation, and no morons tooling around the park lead to a solid ride. And even better, I hit my 5-K pace—and felt OK.

Tomorrow, our infamous “Race of Truth” takes place. Basically, it’s an all-out effort for one loop (6.2 miles) of the park, and the times set the cycling groups. Although arbitrary for me (my coach makes two all-girl groups), the race still comes with bragging rights, so I want to beat my time from last year.

In wannabe swimmer updates, I’m almost exclusively doing flip turns. There were a ton of reasons I avoiding doing them during practice—hitting lanemates, losing that extra breath that comes with open turns, etc.—but I finally woman-ed up and started doing them no matter what. And I’m almost at the point where I don’t have to think about it. Also, according to this article, I’m arguably a swimmer: waking up early, having huge shoulders, smelling like chlorine.

Sunday will be an epic training day—and I can’t wait! Last year, a bunch of my teammates biked over the bridge, ran the Escape to the Palisades 5-K, and then biked some more, and we’re doing it again this weekend.

What’s new with you?

11 responses to “I’m a Triathlon Model

  1. Sounds like you are training up a storm! You look great in those pics, nice colorful gear.

    • carriestevens

      It really has become a second job, but I love it. And I was relieved to see the pictures look legit; I was so nervous!

  2. OMG! You look so legit! I love those goggles! Ugh, trying to figure out if I want to invest in a wetsuit. I am thinking I may wait to see if tri sticks, but on the same hand…will it help? #tridilemma

    • carriestevens

      Thanks! My coworkers said I look like a legit warrior and bada**. 🙂 Also, I love those TYR goggles; they’re my everyday training pair.

      You should see if there are any local shops that rent wetsuits. That way, you’ll have one for the race, and it will help with efficiency, buoyancy, etc. And if you decide to do triathlons (which you will!), then you know which suit works well.

  3. It sounds to me like your training is going so well! I couldn’t be more happy for you. You look great modeling the stuff and like a total baddie.

  4. Look at you, superstar! That is really cool! Have fun at the race this weekend. Sounds like a great workout!

    • carriestevens

      My sister saw the pictures in the store today, and she freaked out–in a good way. I think a video has gone viral too …

  5. AHHHH look at you!!!! Sweet! That’s amazing! And, I’m glad you are alive 😉

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