Triathlon Training Log – Week of May 5 (Phase Two, Week 18)

Exhausted from training and working; we’re all hands on deck for the Brooklyn Half this weekend. Cannot think of a catchy intro. Just keeping it real.

General training notes: As you know, I’ve been focusing on the bike this season, and when I saw this quotation from, it resonated with me.



Not only have I been logging long (for me) weekend rides, but our group outings in Central Park have also helped me interact with teammates I didn’t really know with until this year. When you’re working together in a pace line, putting in some solid miles, and getting extremely dirty (see below), you bond.


Nope, not freckles.

Or at least that helps me form connections with people.

Monday – a.m. swim

Since I ran and biked Sunday, I just swam. Could I have pushed it and hit the pavement? Yes. But would that have been a smart decision? Probably not. And besides, as I neared the end of the 3,500 yards, my legs definitely felt fatigued from the previous day’s mileage.

Tuesday – a.m. brick (bike and run)

Even though I felt great during the brick, the workout ended up being an organized chaos clusterfest. Yes, we did the Race of Truth last week, but each group contained a wide range of paces. So when we started with two steady loops, it was totally subjective. My group’s pace made me frustrated—it felt like a spinout, aka slower than steady—so when two of our teammates passed us on Harlem Hill, I left the group and rode with them for the last three-ish miles. Yes, I know you don’t ditch your group, and I got an earful for doing it, but I felt good and wanted to go faster. And coming off the bike, I felt really good—so I dialed into my tempo pace for the first mile and then eased off the gas a bit for the last 0.7 nugget. Overall, I did not execute this brick according to plan, especially the run portion, but I felt good enough to push it.

Wednesday – a.m. run and swim

Since it’s finally warming up, we’ll be doing speedwork outdoors on a turf field. We cranked out the workout relatively quickly: 2×400, 2×800, 2×400. And like last week, my butt felt like it would fall off, which apparently means I’m doing it right. As per usual, the 3,300-yard swim contained a lot of pulling—and luckily no hypoxic breathing sets.

Thursday – a.m. swim and recovery run; p.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance

Normally, this would be my long-course swim day, but since my team is off biking in Italy (seriously), those of us who stayed behind skipped going to Connecticut. I “bro-ed out” and swam with the boys before I logged a six-mile recovery run in the rain. There’s something therapeutic about running in the rain; I just zoned out and ran easy.

Friday – a.m. bike

Holy cow, this was such a good ride! Logistically, the night before was stressful because we were trying to decide if the ride should happen due to rain/park conditions. It poured all night, so the roads were slick, but you never know what conditions you’ll get on race day, so you need to be ready for anything. Anyway, we had a small group in the park, and one of our coaches moved me up a group and told me to ride with the guys—and I hammered and hung with them!


Now I want to make my cyclocross/XTERRA debut even more!

We basically cranked four loops, and it was awesome; everyone had solid handling skills, everyone took turns pulling, and I didn’t totally get dropped on the hills. And when all was said and done, my ride ended up being 50 miles. Not a bad way to start a Friday!

Saturday – off

Sunday – a.m. bike

You know how some days you can “bro out” and hang with the guys? This was not one of those days. My legs were still fatigued from Friday’s ride, and this 45-mile outing tested me mentally and physically. Simply spinning out seemed tempting, but what if my legs refuse to cooperate during a race—like during Nationals? Even though sticking with the guys was out of the question, I focused on the controllables: my cadence, my breathing, and my mental game. In the words of my high school basketball coach, I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and just play ride.

The workout got logged, and although it could’ve gone a lot, a lot better, it gives me confidence that I can buckle down and get it done even when I don’t feel anywhere close to 100 percent.

Do you have any tips or tricks for staying positive during tough workouts?

11 responses to “Triathlon Training Log – Week of May 5 (Phase Two, Week 18)

  1. I don’t know rules of cycling, etc but you cannot leave your group while riding? That seems crazy to me because someone is bound to feel better or worse!

    I try and tell myself that a race is an end result of workouts going well. I hope you are able to get through. 🙂

    • carriestevens

      I’m still not totally sure of group riding etiquette. I understand why it’s important to stick with the group, but at the same time, if you feel good, then why not push it?

  2. Way to get dirty! That looks like fun 🙂 I always try to tell myself that you’ll be glad you pushed through at the end of a tough workout. Also, I try not to beat myself up too much about it. They’re bound to happen every once in awhile!

  3. In that pic, you seriously look just more freckly lol. When I first saw it I was like “C got a lot of sun?!?” I love working out in the mud/rain. I think I’m secretly a five year old boy inside.

    With tough workouts I usually involve a lot of self bargaining and breaking things up. Things like, “If you still feel REALLY awful at that tree, you can just go home” or “this is actually just like 3 one mile repeats”.

    • carriestevens

      At first, I was like, “Oh, it doesn’t look too bad.” But when I really looked in the mirror, it was clear how much of a hot and wet mess I was. 😉 I bargain with myself all the time when it comes to running; like I’ll give myself two miles to warm up and assess things.

  4. No tips, as you a stronger athlete than me–I got some inspiration from YOUR post, actually! Good work, and looks like you had some fun getting dirty. I did think those were freckles at first! Cute either way! ;]

  5. You’re doing great, Carrie! I’ve had lots of ups and downs during Ironman training and I just try to think of the big goal. Even though I do throw tantrums here and there.

    I’m jealous of your team biking in Italy, and I want to do an XTERRA event too!

    • carriestevens

      I need to start saving for Italy–it was either my tri bike or the trip to Italy. They even had two, 90-mile days, which I cannot wrap my head around. So much biking!

  6. Your training logs always leave me in awe. You are just hitting a home run every week and your results are showing it!! I love that quote. I do feel that I become closer to people who I run with, just because I tend to share a lot more. It’s basically like if you gave me a couple glasses of wine…

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