Taking a Breath

Hi, hi! Just me popping in for an update. As per usual, it’s all over the place, and that’s indicative of my life right now.

For the first time since the holidays, my entire family spent some time together. The troops rallied for a last-minute Mother’s Day celebration, and we hung out for a few hours and enjoyed a delicious brunch.


Smashed avocado toast for the win!

And in the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll add this “meal” served as my appetizer. Hey, I biked 50 miles. Toast—even with deliciously creamy avocado—was not going to cut it.

My team goes to Italy for a four-day cycling trip every year, so a few coaches and teammates were absent from practice last week—and my coach sort of left me in charge. No, I wasn’t coaching workouts yet, but I was dealing with all Full Throttle Endurance logistical matters: answering random questions, sending emails to confirm practice, etc. Basically, all the day-to-day operations. And after working in this capacity for one week, I have even more respect for my coach. Seriously.

Speaking of logistical concerns, this past week centered on the Brooklyn Half expo. You know how it takes a village to raise a child? Well it takes a store to facilitate a successful expo showing.


The entire week felt surreal: hanging out in Dumbo, working at an expo for the largest half-marathon in the country … was this real life?

Do you ever have work meetings where you brainstorm creative ideas and leave feeling energized and ready to tackle anything? That was me on Wednesday. It reminded me of an endorphin rush that follows killer bike sessions and brutal speedwork. Minus the sweat.

I got my teeth cleaned Friday morning. After looking at my not-so pearly whites, the dental hygienist asked if I drink a lot of coffee—and red wine. Woah. I mean, yes … but for health benefits.

In addition to my FTE responsibilities, my party warlord status meant I also needed to make brunch reservations and organize a team drink up meet up post-Brooklyn Half. Everything worked itself out, but there was some added stress—sending emails, waiting for responses, and deciphering emails in an attempt to figure out if someone was actually coming. Since I’m a type-A person, I can roll with these punches, but I’m grateful my next party-planning shindig isn’t until the New York City Triathlon in August.

One highpoint from my workday? Doing tricep dips during a conference call. Hey, it’s called multitasking.

Do you multitask during meetings?

6 responses to “Taking a Breath

  1. Have you seen this before? http://www.buzzfeed.com/maycie/this-is-what-a-conference-call-would-look-like-in-real-life It’s freakin’ hilarious. I just got a wireless headset so I can be found standing up and twirling, pacing, you know…

  2. I can always be found multitasking during conference calls. What else are they good for?? 😉

  3. Ha I multitask for mostly all phone calls honestly. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  4. You have been busy! I want to put the Brooklyn Half on my bucket list. I think that would be an incredible race! P.S. I think you should tell them you want to go to Italy next year 🙂

  5. Busy lady! And I’m so glad your family was able to get together for Mother’s Day. I haven’t seen my parents since Christmas, and won’t until our Ironman in August.

  6. I want to do that Brooklyn Half one day! Us busy bees rule!

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