Triathlon Training Log – Week of June 2 (Week 22)

Bizarre. That’s the word that most accurately describes this week. Everything—and everyone—at work and training seemed out of sync. And honestly, I don’t remember the last time I felt this off for a longer (i.e. more than one day) stretch of time. If you read my most recent post, then you know all about it.


When in doubt, pedal it out.

Moving on.

General training notes: Even though I felt drunk/delirious during 85 percent of this week’s workouts, I nailed key sessions, followed my coach’s instructions, and overall gained confidence going into Pat Griskus. This was by no means a taper week, but that’s what it felt like mentally. Maybe the taper crazies are out of my system so I won’t be a total headcase next week?

Monday – a.m. swim and run

As I mentioned, I felt out of sorts during the swim—like a combination of being drunk/delirious—and I took in a ton of water. A lot of my teammates expressed similar feelings. Anyway, the run after went much better; I dialed into my steady pace, listened to music, and enjoyed the sunny morning.

Tuesday – a.m. brick (bike and run)

Another Tuesday, another outdoor brick. We were instructed to ride easy, complete two Harlem Hill repeats, and run steady off the bike. The pace was frustrating because I wanted to push, but I trust my coach and the process and know there’s a reason he wanted the ride to be easy. The hill repeats ended up being solid efforts, and I even did one standing—and chicked so many dudes, ha! The run went well, too. My coach said to focus on the negative split, so I started off steady and progressed to what will hopefully be my 10-K-off-the-bike-pace. It felt good, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold that pace for 6.2 miles. I guess we’ll see next weekend!

Wednesday – a.m. run and swim

I knew this tempo run would be killer—4×8 minutes at tempo/4 minutes at steady—and it was one of those key workouts I needed to execute. Again, I felt lethargic/inebriated, but everything clicked after the warm-up mile; I hit and held a pace on the fast-end of my tempo range, which gives me confidence for next weekend. Yes, running off the bike is totally different, but if I can make it hurt (check) and be comfortable with being uncomfortable (check), then this bodes well for race day. It ended up being a long-for-me run too at 6.6 miles.

Nothing too interesting to report on the swimming front: Just 2,100 yards with some solid swimming and pulling efforts. And I’m still not the best at counting laps.

Thursday – a.m. swim and recovery run; p.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance

Even though my morning workouts went well, I felt so out of it—could not shake the hungover feeling. The yardage got logged (3,150), and I had a good four-mile recovery run too. Thankfully, things turned around during the power hour class at Tailwind Endurance. As usual, it was a sufferfest—12x 2 minutes at VO2 max and 2 minutes recovery on erg mode—but I felt much more like myself after the class ended.

Friday – a.m. bike

This was a fun ride: We did one warm-up loop, and then rode in a single-file pace line, and the person on the front chose when to attack, coast, etc. (No one could attack from behind the peloton.) Somehow, I ended up pulling on most of the hills, but that worked to my advantage; I’d rather hammer up hills than on flats. Totally mileage clocked in at 34.

Saturday – off

Sunday – p.m. bike

Wow, these Sunday rides have become my favorite part of the week. A few teammates and I drove to our coach’s house in Connecticut for a hilly, 40-mile ride. Since it was our last solid ride before Pat Griskus, we really cranked it. At one point, we hit a flat, five-mile section, and the five of us took turns pulling. Three cheers for broing out and not getting dropped! Oh, and my coach told me I rode like a guy, which I guess is a compliment? Ha!

How do you bounce back from feeling “off”?

6 responses to “Triathlon Training Log – Week of June 2 (Week 22)

  1. I have been feeling off-ish this week, and I’m not sure why either. If you learn something new, let me know! Otherwise, good luck this weekend!

    • carriestevens

      I think Hollie’s onto something–the humidity. It’s been stuffy and gross here the past two weeks. And it’s not good for the hair either. 😉

  2. I think the heat and humidity has gotten to a lot of people. Our temperatures really got pretty bad this week. I am really hoping that is the case since that is what I’m blaming it on.

    • carriestevens

      That makes so much sense. When we did our Central Park bike ride on Tuesday, I was dripping from riding three miles to the park. So gross, lol.

  3. I’ve definitely had some weeks during Ironman training where I have felt off. I’m sorry you had sympathy taper crazies, that sucks! I didn’t really feel them last week, but I guess I did a little bit, with tapering for the 100 mile tri. I hope your race goes well!

    • carriestevens

      The sympathy taper crazies were unlike anything I’ve experienced. I felt emotionally attached to the race, which was so incredibly bizarre, especially since I’m not training for the distance. This week was much better. 🙂

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