Goals for Pat Griskus Triathlon

Here we are: race week! It’s been about two months since my last triathlon, and even though there have been some episodes of taper crazies, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m doing my best to trust the process and trust my training.  And I’m excited to see how strong of an Olympic-distance outing (one-mile swim, 25-mile bike, and 6.2-mile run) I can string together.


Your bathroom doesn’t look like transition? Oh.

Before South Beach, I outlined race goals. Instead of focusing on splits—swimming sub-15 minutes, biking sub-1-hr., running sub-32-minutes—I identified specific objectives that could be achieved independent of time. Because I haven’t trained and/or raced on the Pat Griskus course, and because I haven’t raced an Olympic-distance event since Nationals in August, my coach did not give me concrete time goals. Yes, there are still expectations, and with the hope of having a strong performance, I’ve established some goals for Saturday.

Swim solid

Thus far in my triathlon career, there hasn’t been a swim where I’ve laid it all out there and cranked it. Like really cranked it. And honestly, it’s been OK. But based on this season’s training (and #wannabeswimmer status), I can capitalize in the water. It just comes down to dialing into my solid/race pace; swimming steady won’t suffice anymore.

Bike “like a dude”

During Sunday’s ride, my coach told me I looked strong and “biked like a dude.” Before going all feminist on him, I asked what that statement meant. And apparently, it equates to not wussing out and getting dropped. Neither of which happened, by the way.


So brutal. And even though it’s hilly, I’ll race on my Slice.

And it can’t happen here either.

Looking back on SoBe, I rode too conservatively; there was a lot of cruising and not enough stinging. Saturday will be different, though. It’s all about being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Run smart

I mean, duh. Let’s establish a few factors: it’s a two-loop course that promises to be hot and hilly. And even though my run has been slowly improving, it isn’t where I’d like it to be. My fitness is decent, but I don’t know how everything will feel coming off an incredibly hilly bike. The key to these 6.2 miles will be working the negative split—dialing into my pace, then speeding up and trying to hang on.

All right—let’s do it!

Do you set race goals?

8 responses to “Goals for Pat Griskus Triathlon

  1. You are going to have a great race! And I like that, bike like a dude! I need to remember that more often.

    • carriestevens

      Makes some sense, right? I’m all about “bro-ing out” in real life, so why not do it during training? 🙂

  2. Good luck! I think your race goals are solid and completely attainable. P.S. Glad you went all feminist on him for saying that 😉

    • carriestevens

      He didn’t mean it in a sexist way … he even went on to say there are some incredibly solid female riders. He knows how to push my buttons in a good way. 🙂

  3. Good luck at Pat Griskus! It’s going to be really cool to see how your first time on this new course goes. Sending you super good vibes for the tri — especially the run leg!

    • carriestevens

      Thank you, friend! And once life calms down, we need to catch up! I’ll be a “real person” in two weeks. 😉

  4. Wow I cannot believe it has been 2 months since your last tri. Am I just thinking about road races? Anyways good luck!

  5. SET ALL THE GOALS. And rock every one of them, of course! Can’t wait to hear about it!

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