Triathlon Training Log – Week of July (Week 27)

Hello, hello! I’m alive—promise. Still getting used to my new work schedule and playing catch-up from the 4th of July.


And still having absolutely zero complaints. Life is pretty good right now.

General training notes: Fake-out recovery week, you say? Yep. The entire team thought a well deserved down week arrived, but that wasn’t the case. For me personally, this means I’ll have a recovery week followed by two solid training weeks … and then a taper period for Nationals.



Monday – a.m. swim, run, and strength training

As usual, this was a monster swim set (3,675 yards) with plenty of hard efforts. I followed it up with an easy three-mile treadmill run and some upper-body strength training.

Tuesday – a.m. run and swim

Ah, the return of speedwork—and it was brutal. We jogged our mile-ish warm-up to Pier 40’s outdoor turf field, and the humidity instantly became a factor. During the dynamic stretches, I could feel myself becoming increasingly tired and groggy. Suffice to say, the 6x800s didn’t go extremely well. My splits were slower, and it was harder to breathe.

And the swim after didn’t go that well either. In fact, my calves seized up while doing a flip turn (#wannabeswimmer), and I actually had to stop in the middle of the lane because it hurt to move. The takeaway? I need to somehow take in more salt during these ungodly hot workouts.

Wednesday – a.m. bike

This was our second Central Park bike “race.” Same structure as last week—one loop to warm up, two loops to attack at will, and the person who crosses the finish line first win—but I came up with a different strategy with one of my teammates. Long story short, I attacked the second time we hit Cat Hill and dropped everyone—including my teammate who was supposed to relieve me at the top and continue pulling. This all-out sprint created space, which is the goal, but I couldn’t sustain the effort and eventually blew up. Womp, womp. Train, race, learn.

Thursday – a.m. swim, run, and strength train

Boom, boom, boom—get it done! During the swim, I tested Blueseventy’s core shorts. I’m a fan so far. My coach says my body position is already good in the water, so I didn’t notice the extra lift/buoyancy (I don’t notice it when I wear a wetsuit either), but I felt faster. Case in point: I was able to stick with the stronger guys during our pull sets, which I usually struggle to do. A steady five miler followed, and I ended the day with some upper-body strength training.

Friday – a.m. bike

Let’s just talk about it: I had a minor crash in Central Park.


Unpictured:  arm road rash and chipped nail polish

It looks a lot worse than it is, and wiping out is the nature of the sport.

We were working on bike racing tactics and riding in a single-file pace line. No one is to blame; it was just bad luck. As I took a drink from my water bottle, the girl in front of me slowed down, and I didn’t react in time; my front wheel hit her back one, and I went down. Thankfully, we weren’t going fast, I didn’t take anyone down with me, and my coach was riding with us. I have some tough-looking road rash (#wannabecyclist), and my bike was fine. After debriefing for a few minutes with my coach, I got back in the saddle and finished the workout. It’s going to take more than a few scrapes to keep me down!

Saturday – off

The general consensus from my coach, more experienced teammates, and actual cyclists was to take a rest day. And I felt pretty stiff waking up, so taking a day off seemed like a good idea.

Sunday – a.m. bike

Whew, #girldown. I met up with a legit cyclist—like a dude who rides for a team—and we braved the rain, headed over the bridge, and rode 60 miles. Since I do all my bike training with triathletes, it was cool and eye opening to see how an actual biker rides. There’s something to be said for swimming with the swimmers, biking with the bikers, and running with the runners. He took it easy on me, but he totally kicked my butt—although he said I pushed him too. Yeah, right—ha!

6 responses to “Triathlon Training Log – Week of July (Week 27)


    Glad the bike is OK #priorities

    • carriestevens

      Exchange after I wiped out. Coach: “You’re fine. This won’t affect Nationals at all.” Me: “Good. And I’m finishing the workout.” Coach: “And your bike’s fine too.”

  2. Oie. I can relate to a good crash (at least you didn’t sprain/break anything?!) and I’m glad to see you’ve recovered!

    • carriestevens

      It was actually a best-case scenario for a crash: low speed, flat course, and my coach was with me. If it had to happen, then it really couldn’t have been any … better?

  3. I’m glad you and your bike are alright!! (And yes, riding with a real cyclist is WAY different than riding with triathletes, they use weird words and signals haha). Those shorts sound interesting and I’m glad you liked them! I’ve also gotten charlie horses while swimming (after a flip turn) and it is the worst! You try to swim but you instantly have to stop. ugh.

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