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Triathlon Training Log – Week of Aug. 18 (Week 32)

Let’s jump right in, shall we? This has been a week that couldn’t end soon enough.


When in doubt, turn to NYC chalkboards for inspiration.

Thanks to marathon training, I’ve entered the busy, chaotic season at work, so I’ve been refamiliarizing myself with this pace. In addition to this adjustment, I’ve also stopped “official” triathlon training. As you’ll see below, I’m still swimming, biking, and running, but both volume and intensity have decreased. That’s totally fine and needs to happen, but the combination of increased work stress and decreased training load have made me feel so off this week.

General training notes: So if “farting around” described last week’s workouts, then I’ll use the phrase “structured farting around” for this week. Since training started in January, I’ve followed a rigid schedule, and it feels good to do what I want—within reason. If I’m being honest, I’m completely over swimming right now, so biking and running have become my workouts of choice. And tomorrow, I have exciting news to share regarding off-season training.

Monday – a.m. swim and run

I have not been feeling the swimming lately. I went through the motions, logged 3,600 yards, and then did an easy five miler outside.

Tuesday – a.m. bike

When in doubt, pedal it out: Thirty-five solo miles in Central Park. This was the first entirely solo ride I’ve done in the park—and it was liberating.

Wednesday – a.m. bike

Another Central Park ride: Thirty-three miles with teammates.

Thursday – a.m. run

You guys. I still can’t believe this happened: I ran 9.5 miles! Who am I?! This was my longest run of the season, and it felt great!

Friday – a.m. run and strength train

That’s right—two days of running in a row. I did slightly less than four miles and some strength training and corework.

Saturday – a.m. run and bike

Note to self: do not go running before biking. Honestly, I didn’t think it would be a big deal—just an easy 40-minute shakeout—but my legs were not happy about riding immediately after even though it was a chill, 45-mile ride. Never again.

Sunday – off

All right, Monday–I’m coming for you.  How have your workouts been going lately?