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Triathlon Training Log – Week of Aug. 25 (Week 33)

Hello, hello!


I’m back in Upstate New York for a few days. Gotta appreciate the Cuse Nation section in Wegmans!

General training notes: Woohoo for the official start of run training! As I mentioned, Coach Pat has put together my plan, and I’m currently entering phrase one, aka base building. The primary goal centers on (slowly and safely) increasing my mileage. (During the season, I was not running enough.  Period.) It’s been tough to run easy, but I’m keeping the larger goal in mind.

Monday – a.m. swim and run

Still not feeling swimming at all. The only reason I made it to the pool was because I planned to meet a teammate. Nice perk of training with other people, right? I essentially pulled 1,500 yards and then ran an easy 3.5 miles outside.

Tuesday – a.m. run and strength train

Easy four miles outside and some upper-body strength training and corework.

Wednesday – a.m. bike

Our team rides are becoming smaller and smaller, but I still got in a solid 40 mile with some teammates. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been running more or biking less, but my legs felt incredibly fresh, and climbing hills seemed easier too. However, I felt much less explosive. Trade-off of running all the miles, probably.

That night, some coworkers and I went to Brooklyn Boulders to scale things.


Bikes, bikes, bikes!

It was awesome, and I can’t wait to climb again!

Thursday – a.m. run

OMG, this was such a great run. Clear skies, no humidity, slightly overcast, upbeat playlist—those eight miles flew by in no time. I felt invincible. I love running!

Friday – a.m. run

I took the train home Thursday afternoon for Labor Day weekend, and since Coach Pat suggested seeking out surfaces other than pavement/concrete, I met up with MB for an easy 40 minutes on the trails at Green Lake State Park. Running on dirt and dodging rocks and roots provided a new challenge to say the least—I’m not quite ready for my XTERRA debut—but it was nice to change it up. MB and I always have a ton to talk about, so it was great to catch up and log some miles.

Saturday – a.m. run

Since all my weekday runs went well—I felt great and followed the distance/pace/time plan—I asked Coach Pat if I could run around the lake, which equates to nine-ish miles. And under two stipulations, he gave me the green light! As per his instructions, I took a gel and 15-minute break halfway through, and I kept the pace extremely easy; if I felt fatigued at any point, I would have to be a responsible athlete and shut it down. Like Thursday’s run, the 9.25 miles passed quickly. And even though the mid-run break was new protocol, it allowed me to break up the outing into two, 4.5-mile shorter runs. For what it’s worth, my second wind kicked at around mile six, and I had to be carefully not to speed up.

Sunday – a.m. run

Easy, 30-minute shakeout on trails. My calves felt a little tight, but that’s probably because I didn’t foam roll the day before. Because I foam roll now because I’m a runner!

In related news, I logged 34 miles this week. That’s a solid start to base building, right?

So what’s going on with you? What did you do for Labor Day? How’s the working out going?