It’s November?

Whew—marathon madness has finally ended, so I can finally come up for a breath. Throughout October and the first week of November, JackRabbit was firing on all cylinders: various events and group training runs, plus a pre-New York City Marathon party and race-day cheer zone. So many 26.2 activities!


Full Throttle Endurance says, “WHOA!”

Marathon week—plus Monday actually (because Meb Keflezighi had a book signing at our Upper West Side store)—centered on stress, semi-organized chaos, and tons of excitement. We live for this time of year and all it encompasses; for me, that meant making sure our Saucony pre-party and Brooklyn cheer zone were successful events.


Behind the scenes–and mission accomplished!

And now, I’m embracing the work “off-season.” Thank GAWD. Here’s what’s going on:

Last week, my fam and I went to Florida to celebrate my dad’s birthday. My grandfather lives there, and my uncle flew in too, and it was great to spend some quality time with everyone. And it wouldn’t be a trip to Sanibel without plenty of beach time (where running, reading, and sunburning occurred).


This weekend, I have my first “race” since Nationals in August: The Philadelphia Half-Marathon. Some of my teammates and (work) friends will be there, plus a few BoMFers and my family. I’m really excited! Not only is it an escape from the city, but it’s also an opportunity to test my training and gauge my progress. Coach Pat and I have talked race strategy, he things I can string together a solid 13.1 miles, race the thing, and shoot for a big PR. A few months ago, I planned to simply go out and run and see what happened; now, though, I feel confident pushing it. Speedwork is coming along, and my long runs have gone pretty well, and this is hands down the most prepared I’ve felt for a “straight up” road race. Fingers crossed I feel good on race day and can hop aboard the pain train for a while!

And then, it’s Thanksgiving, which means even more family time!

In other training news, I ended my 72-day swimming boycott and went to the pool. Honestly, I planned to wait until December, but several knowledgeable individuals—including but not limited to Coach Pat and my tri coach—said getting back in the water sooner may be a good idea. Specifically, “not swimming is totally going to bite you in the a** come January!” according to my tri coach. The race isn’t won during the swim, but one of my friends/Girls’ Club colleagues questioned: “How fast can you run if you’re last out of the water?”


Talk about tough love—and a serious wake-up call.

So two weeks ago—about 12 hours after my endorphin-inducing 11 miler—I walked to the pool after work. On the way over, I visualized myself swimming, flip turning, and doing all the little things right, but I couldn’t shake the insecurity: what if I don’t remember anything? What do my arms do again? How does one execute a flip-turn?

As it turns out, swimming is a lot like riding a bike; you never forget how to do it. When my feet touched the water, I went on autopilot: adjusted my cap, put on my goggles, and just went. Sure, I felt semi-winded 200 yards in, but those 1,500 yards felt OK. And they felt slightly better—and faster—a week later.

To be honest, I’m not sure what will happen after Philly—in terms of training and life. It feels like I’m on the brink, like a breakthrough is right around the corner, but I don’t know what is it or what it will entail. But I just hope I’m ready.

9 responses to “It’s November?

  1. Good luck on Sunday! I can’t wait to see how you do. I’ll be rooting for you from the other coast 🙂 And I love that feeling where you think you’re on the verge of something. It’s both exciting and terrifying.

    • Thanks, friend–fingers crossed for strong legs and favorable weather! I’m nervous and excited to see what happens after mile 11 because that’s the longest I’ve gone during training. And nervous and excited to see what happens next in, ohhhh, life in general. 🙂

  2. Good luck. I wish I was in Philly to support you (since it’s literally 3 miles from my house…). But I have some stuff to take care of in VA.

  3. Good luck! Your running seems like it has been so on-point so I’m sure you’ll do awesome! And, then, soak up that time with your family-it’s precious! 🙂

    • It’s going to be a fun trip! I put one of my sisters on poster duty, and I’m bringing my cowbell for them to use too. 🙂 Stringing together a solid 13.1 miles will be icing on the cake.

  4. ha i love the question about last out of the water, definitely gives you a different perspective on why it matters. kudos for going back

    • I couldn’t believe it! I was like, “I’d never be last out of the water!”–but when you haven’t been in the pool for months, you can’t really defend yourself. 😉

  5. I hope you had a great time yesterday! It is crazy how fast this year is flying by, it will be December soon! Eeek!

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