Training Log – Week of Nov. 17 (Week 45)

Spoiler alert: This was one of the best weekends ever.


Friends, family, running … what more could you want? A PR perhaps? Got that too.

General training notes:  Woohoo for “race” week! Even though Philly isn’t a goal race, my workouts did change a bit in preparation—no true speedwork, no normal Thursday long run, and no Friday bike ride—so my legs would feel fresh on Sunday.

Monday – a.m. run

Four-and-a-half unofficial miles with BoMF, plus four miles easy

Tuesday – a.m. run

On the bright side, I got this bad run out of my system. After a 10-minute warm-up, Coach Pat had me log five miles with some pick-ups, but the West Side Highway wind was unrelenting. Everything progressed as planned through mile four, but then the wind chill became too much. Still got in seven miles, but didn’t feel great doing it.

Wednesday – a.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance

I loved this class! On the bike, I struggle with maintaining an even power output, which means big wattage swings. Long story short, power spikes are not good, and this workout focused on dialing into specific efforts: slightly over threshold, then slightly under threshold. During this “over/under” session, I focused on making cadence changes (rather than shifting), and my numbers were pretty steady. Progress!

Thursday – a.m. swim

Yes, I’m finally swimming regularly again (and by regularly, once a week), but the last time I went to the pool during the morning? Aug. 25. Wowza. Nothing too exciting: my usual 500 warm-up, 5×100 solid, and 500 cool-down. I’m still about three seconds off my in-season 100 times, but I’ll deal with the damage.

Friday – a.m. run

Easy four miles. The hay is in the barn!

Saturday – off

Sunday – Philadelphia Half-Marathon

Any day you can go out and run 13.1 miles is a good day—and when your family and friends are there too … I’m one lucky girl. Race recap to come later this week, but I executed the pace plan and PR’ed (1:49:26), so mission accomplished. Hope I made you proud, Coach Pat!

So what’s next? A local yokel Thanksgiving Turkey Trot! What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

3 responses to “Training Log – Week of Nov. 17 (Week 45)

  1. WOAH huge congrats on that PR!!! I can’t wait to read your recap 🙂 This has been such an awesome year of PRs for you!

  2. WAHOO congrats on the PR! How was the race? I’ve considered running it!

  3. I’m glad you had such a great race. You should def come down and do Broad Street!

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