Training Log – Week of Dec. 29 (Week 52)

‘I’m at the base of the mountain running uphill.


‘You’re either running for the top, coming down, or you stand still …


‘The way up, the way on, the way up, on, and over.’

General training notes: As the last week of the off-season, these past seven days have been bittersweet. Overall, I’ve really enjoyed doing my own thing throughout the past four months—especially focusing on the run—but I am ready to officially start training for 2015 races. (Post coming soon!) For the first few weeks of January, I’ll be playing with what has become my normal off-season training schedule. The run volume seems to be at a sweet spot, but the swimming and biking need to gradually increase.

Monday – a.m. run

Four miles with BoMF, plus four easy official ones

Tuesday – a.m. run

Coach Pat’s speedwork took the form of some difficult 4x1200s. I hit the first two, deviated by a few seconds on the third, and totally blew up on the fourth. Womp, womp. But as he pointed out, I’m not a machine—but we’re working on changing that. Ha!

Wednesday – a.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance

Our “resolution ride” contained an interval countdown: five minutes at endurance, four minutes at tempo, three minutes at threshold, two minutes at VO2 max, and one minute all-out. I’m coming for you, 2015!

Thursday – p.m. run

Fun, peaceful, and perfect trail run in New Paltz with some friends.


It was painful to wake up after “sleeping” for four hours (hey, it was New Year’s Eve!), but it was totally worth it. I took it easy and did 7.5 miles. And I only say “easy” because most people logged double-digit runs. You know you work for a running store when …

Friday – a.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance

The coach split up the long- and short-course athletes for this ride, and I almost jumped ship because they rode the Ironman Lake Placid course! Instead, I took on the Rev3 Quassy Olympic course, which is known for being extremely hilly and challenging. This ride served as a final check-in point before doing FTP tests this upcoming week; the goal was to ride based on effort and see what numbers we put up. For the 26.3-mi. course (not sure where the extra two-ish miles come from), I averaged 220 watts and 20 MPH, which blows my mind because (a) 220 watts felt extremely manageable and (b) I’ve never averaged above 19 MPH during a race—you know, when I was actually racing. This is a huge confidence boost going into in-season training; even though the bike has not been my primary focus during the off-season, I’m already starting at a stronger, more efficient spot.

Saturday – a.m. swim and strength train

Easy 1,700 yards in the pool, plus upper-body strength training and corework

Sunday – a.m. run

Steady 45 minutes along the dark and dreary West Side Highway. Where is the sun?

Does a new year mark a fresh start for your fitness goals? When’s your first 2015 race?

4 responses to “Training Log – Week of Dec. 29 (Week 52)

  1. Nice job. How are you liking the saucony triumph? I’ve walked around in them and am currently favoring the update a lot.

    • I’m a fan of the update! It feels like a slipper when you’re walking around, but it’s responsive when you’re running. Two thumbs up from me!

  2. It feels so weird that I’m mid-training at the beginning of the new year! My first goal race (and the only one on my calendar so far) is Super Bowl Sunday 🙂

    Love the idea of a resolution ride! I was so excited to be able to leave work before sunset and run while watching the sun go down on 2014.

    • I get what you mean–I’m coming into this season so much fitter and stronger than I was at this point last year. It’s almost like there wasn’t an off-season–ha!

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