Triathlon Training Log – Week of Jan. 12 (Week 2)

Three feelings I’m feeling right now? Sleepy, hungry … and incredibly motivated. All valid, by the way—because it’s the second week of official training.


Mannequin graveyard at work—because only the strong survive

General training notes: Honestly, swimming and biking didn’t get me super psyched this week. As you know, swimming and I have a complicated relationship. Finding motivation to get to the pool has become easier since the season started, but I just don’t get the endorphin rush from crushing swim workouts—and chasing that feeling is a big reason I love triathlon. In terms of the bike, it’s been touch-and-go, and this stems from the lack of emphasis/volume. I can’t run and bike all the miles, but I do need to find a balance—ASAP.

Monday – a.m. swim with Full Throttle Endurance and run

I don’t remember doing the butterfly this time last year, but whatever: 3,000 yards in the pool with lots of butterflying and breast-stroking, plus an easy 4.5 miles on the ‘mill while listening to the #RRP.

Tuesday – a.m. run and strength train

Dun-dun-duuuun: 8x600s for speedwork. Since I’m ramping up the swimming and biking, Coach Pat said we’ll have to back off the running just a bit. That being said, the workout went well as far as executing and hitting paces goes. But I need to remember if and when run progress slows, it’s OK; it’s about the process.

Wednesday – a.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance

After a mildly disappointing power test last week (it’s fine—I’ve moved on), I really wanted to get after it. While a few folks did the test, I completed an overgear/hill workout, which was perfect for building leg strength. And that also happens to be exactly what I need to do throughout the next few months. Thanks to running, the endurance is there, but I need to get my cycling legs back. Anyway, I was not happy about the ordered 65 RPMs (depending on who you ask, 90 RPM is ideal, and I’m a 93-95 RPM girl), but it was actually OK.

Thursday – a.m. run and p.m. swim

Decent 8.5-mile long run in Central Park, plus an easy 1,500 yards in the pool after work.

Friday – a.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance

About those cycling legs … maybe they’re coming back. I mean, the coach asked if I plan to do any bike races in Central Park, which is probably a good sign. Anyway, we did an interval pyramid of sorts: three minutes, two-and-a-half, two, etc. all the way down to three seconds. After these sprints (I hit 535 watts!), we increased the efforts in increments back to three minutes. The shorter the effort, the more intense it became. And erg mode kept me honest; I hung on until the second-to-last effort, hit the wall, and somehow managed to get back on track for the final one.

Saturday – a.m. swim with Full Throttle Endurance, run, and strength train

BIG training day that began with an unexpected time trial in the pool. After a longer warm-up, we raced 100 yards all-out, rested one minute, then did a 400-yard time trial. This format resembles the bike power test (five minutes all-out, 10 minutes rest, 20-min. time trial), so I knew how to pace it—and how much it would hurt. In a surprise to no one, I have the top-end speed (1:10 for 100 yards), but I need to work on the endurance (5:40 for 400 yards). But, I’ll take those results for swimming a total of 14 times during the off-season.

Next up came a 45-min. steady run on the treadmill, which went well, plus some upper-body strength training and corework. And hoops—I shot some hoops too.

Sunday – off

Who you rather have top-end speed and be super fast or have endless endurance and be able to go long?

6 responses to “Triathlon Training Log – Week of Jan. 12 (Week 2)

  1. I have the opposite problem – no top end speed but I can go forever (my half marathon pace and marathon pace are the same. 10k pace is barely faster. fail.)

  2. I’m with Victoria and have the opposite problem. I’m glad your training has been going well though. It looks like a really solid week.

    • With the few few months of base building, I hope to increase endurance and then figure out just how fast I can go–as long as its sustainable.

  3. Can I go super fast for the half marathon distance? 😉 I think going fast is fun so I’d probably pick speed if it was an either/or!

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