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Triathlon Training Log – Week of Aug. 3 (Week 31)

Race week, RACE WEEK!


These decorative bikes lined the streets of Milwaukee. Good omen for race day? Meh.

General training notes: For as sloth-like as I felt last week, I turned a corner on the taper front this week. All my workouts felt great, and I could feel the pop in my legs. The hay was in the barn and ready to be set on fire!

Monday – a.m. run and strength train

Easy four miles, plus some pushups and corework

Tuesday – p.m. swim with Bearcat masters

Ten hours of sleep (yahtzee!) and 2,400m with the Bearcats after work. Our main set included 10x100m of varying speeds (odds were 25m underwater, 50m build, 25m fast while evens were 50m at 200m pace and 50m fast). Finding these different gears was a great last swim before Milwaukee.

Wednesday – a.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance

#TaperCrazies: my main set for 3×4 minutes at race wattage. That was it.

Thursday – off

Unintentional day off due to travel, bike pick-up, etc.

Friday – a.m. run

Easy 20-minute shake-out run

SaturdayUSAT Age Group National Championships

Any day you can toe the line of a national championship is a great day, but this was not the race I hoped for. I had a solid swim and decent bike given the unrelenting headwind, but I couldn’t hold it together on the run. And even though my swim and bike were faster than last year’s splits, I barely eked out a faster time overall due to the run. Sigh. Train, race, and learn—and it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

Sunday – off

How do you bounce back from an unsettling race?