Training Log – Week of Sept. 28 (Week 39)

It’s tough to believe at this time last week, I arrived back in New York City from Colorado.


Not the mountains, but the park is pretty. And about that recap. It’s coming … ?

General training notes: Nothing too noteworthy to report. Running continues to feel better and better (shout out to Coach Pat!), and sadly, my “real person” playtime has ended as we enter the crazy, chaotic marathon season at work. No complaints, though—being busy is good!

Monday – off

Tuesday – a.m. run

Uneventful and steady five miles along the West Side Highway followed up with corework and upper-body strength training

Wednesday – a.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance

As my first ride in weeks, I did not have high expectations, but I still felt unsettled after a brutal FTP-focused workout. “Be confident in your direction, not your performance,” advised Earl. And as always, he’s right. In order to focus on the run, the bike had to be pushed to the backburner.

Thursday – a.m. run

I loved this tempo run: ten-minute warm-up with 10 minutes “on” and 10 minutes easy times five. Breaking up the tempo work, well, worked from a mental standpoint: ‘It’s just 10 minutes. I’ve got this.’ I logged approximately 7.09 miles plus an untimed mile cooldown. (Does running eight miles mid-week make me a real runner? Ha!)

Friday – a.m. November Project workout

I had a blast at the 5280 NP workout … and it’s the off-season … so why not? This workout contained two parts: for part one, we partnered up, and while one person ran up a hill, the other held a plank. (And you kept rotating and changing out.) For part two, one partner alternated between five pushups and five dips, and the other ran down a hill and alternated between lunges and bear crawls. Here’s what blew my mind: part one was great (yaya for corework!), but my legs were toast for part two. I’m talking “VO2 max work on the bike” toast—all from running up hills and doing lunges. You bet I’ll be back!

Saturday – a.m. run

We held our annual Four Jacks run in preparation for the New York City Marathon, and I paced one of the groups for four miles. (The entire run spanned 20.)

Sunday – a.m. run

Absolutely blissful long run. Everything clicked, and I felt like I was flying, and it was awesome.

Total miles: 24.09

How’s your training going?


3 responses to “Training Log – Week of Sept. 28 (Week 39)

  1. It sounds like a really nice week back. Nice job and glad you enjoyed yourself.

  2. I have always wanted to pace. It just seems like so much fun to focus on encouraging others (and running a pace that’s comfortable for you while doing it!).

  3. Ooh Colorado, so fun! I want to go there sometime! Training is going well for me, just getting closer to my 50 miler! EEEK!

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