Triathlon Training Log – Base Building, Week Six (Jan. 4)

So 2016 is looking and feeling pretty good so far.


Central Park bliss

I really hope I didn’t jinx myself.

General training notes: Even though I’m still in the base building phase, this week saw some quality efforts across the disciplines. We’re slowly introducing more sweet spot/FTP work on the bike, and we’re continuing to build strength on the run by focusing on hills. We’re also upping the volume of the strength training work too.

Monday – a.m. CompuTrainer workout at Tailwind Endurance

While my Ironman-distance training buddies did another power test, I tackled the “Goldilocks” workout. After a 15-minute warm-up and about 10 minutes of single-leg drills, I faced three blocks: “too fast,” which equated to high RPMs (120); “too hard,” which equaled VO2 max (120 percent); and “just right,” which meant sweet spot (88-92 percent of FTP). The work-to-recovery ratio started off equally and slowly shifted toward more work and less recovery: one minute on, and one minute off; 1:10 on, 50 seconds off; 1:20 on, 40 seconds off; 1:30 on, 30 seconds off. I loved, loved, loved this workout! It had all of my favorite things: higher cadence (my natural is 93-95 RPMs), VO2 max intervals, and sweet spot fun. It was also a huge confidence booster because for the first time since August, I felt like my legs had some pop during the VO2 max blocks, and the sweet spot efforts felt incredibly sustainable.

Tuesday – a.m. strength training and p.m. run

Although I planned to run outside during the morning, the 12-degree Fahrenheit reading prompted me to postpone until later in the day when it would be warmer. I completed my normal full-body strength training session anyway and ran after work.


I’ve been digging these after-work runs lately; it’s such a nice way to end a day.

Wednesday – a.m. CompuTrainer workout at Tailwind Endurance

Another workout I enjoyed: five-minute blocks of endurance, tempo, sweet spot, and FTP work, and one three-minute block at VO2 max. Like Monday, I felt incredibly smooth and strong.

Thursday – p.m. run

This marked my first official hill/speed workout of the triathlon season. (After all, hills are speed work in disguise.) After a 10-minute warm-up, I tackled three Cat Hill repeats: cruise on the first; cruise halfway up the hill and then attack; and attack from the get-go. Then repeat for a total of six. This ended up being more of a strength/leg-busting workout as opposed to a cardio/lung-busting one, but that’s nothing new. When I do speedwork, I tend to feel it in my legs first. Also, for what it’s worth, I felt the smoothest and most in control when I was chasing another girl on the hill. Having that rabbit made a ton of difference, so perhaps it’s time to start running with other people.

Friday – a.m. strength training

Full-body routine that left my arms and legs feeling like jello. I’m still doing low weight and high reps, and the extra set this week provided a challenge.

Saturday – a.m. CompuTrainer workout at Tailwind Endurance

Two hours in the saddle consisting of high-cadence work, quality zone two time, plus a hill workout. Two (older) elite women completed this ride too, and it was both motivating and humbling to see their numbers.

Sunday – a.m. run

My days of zoning out during long runs may be over: ninety minutes of sustained speedwork. My main set was 2×20 minutes at my marathon pace, and it coincided nicely with a race that was going on in Central Park. One of my coworkers was there working, and since I was doing a looped course, I got to see him a few times. That’s the best motivation!  Other solid motivation: keeping up with the super cute guy who’s running next to you. Except I forgot to, you know, talk to him. *Sigh*

Do you prefer working out in the morning or evening?

6 responses to “Triathlon Training Log – Base Building, Week Six (Jan. 4)

  1. That Goldilocks workout sounds like fun, and what a cute name!

    • Friend, you would love it! And yeah, my coach is really good at coming up with fitting/super cute names for workouts … except the one called “blitzkrieg” that had a ton of hill/VO2 max work. Wowza!

  2. No more sleeping through long runs!? Ha, I somewhat understand your pain. It sounds like you are having quality workouts and getting in the mileage, while building a lot of strength. I can’t wait to see how the season unfolds for you!

    • Ha! More like letting my mind wander during long runs. I love getting that headspace, but I understand these efforts need to more focused now.

  3. I can only imagine how awesome/inspiring it would be to work out near an elite! I definitely prefer late afternoon/early evening runs, but I sadly can’t do them any time but the summer…

    • It definitely puts things into perspective–and illustrates where I can be (hopefully!) in a few years or so. It’s all about sticking to the process. 🙂

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