Triathlon Training Log – Week 21 (April 18)

Right now, I’m off running a 77.7-mile relay race in Central New York. Maybe you’ve heard of it: The Seneca7. I did this race in 2012—wow, that feels like a lifetime ago—and I’m pumped it was able to fit into training/life this year!

Did this week seem like a gritty grind to anyone else? The weekend couldn’t come soon enough!


Not CNY, but beautiful

General training notes: same old, same old here. Hey, uneventful training is good. Unfortunately, Tailwind Endurance’s new facility will now open May 1; this means, I’ll keep pedaling away solo for a little while longer. Swimming and I have entered the “love” dynamic of our love-hate relationship, and starting next week, I’ll be increasing my pool workouts from two to three per week. And *knock on wood* my body is absorbing and adapting to the increase in run volume well. In fact, I ran twice within 12 hours this week, and the second run felt normal—no signs of fatigue or tightness. Huzzah!

Monday – a.m. indoor trainer ride

Solo VO2 max fun in the form of 15×1-minute efforts with one minute rest between

Tuesday – a.m. run; p.m. swim with Bearcat masters

Cruise intervals progressing from endurance pace to half-marathon to 10-K to 5-K. This was the best I’ve execute this workout yet, but there wasn’t a ton of difference between my 10- and 5-K paces—maybe five or 10 seconds.

After work—and after fueling with three bananas throughout the course of the day—I hit the pool for some fast intervals. Our main set included 8x100m with sprints sprinkled in: 25 sprint, 75 easy; 50 sprint, 50 easy; 75 sprint, 25 easy; and 100 sprint. (We had two minutes of full recovery after the first four, and then we repeated the progression.)

Wednesday – a.m. indoor trainer ride; p.m. run

Another VO2 max leg buster: 6×3 minutes with one minute rest. I did the first three at natural cadence (93-95 RPMs) and overgeared (55-65 RPMs) for the final three. After work, my coworker ran along Central Park’s Bridal Path for 40 minutes. It was the perfect way to end the day!

Thursday – a.m. run

Here’s a new one: recovery hill run. Right? Per Earl’s instructions, I ran four repeats of Cat Hill at the “slowest, easiest pace possible.” Better yet, my legs felt great; there were no signs of yesterday’s run even though it occurred less than 12 hours ago.

Friday – a.m. indoor trainer ride and strength train

Easy, hour-long spin with lots of high cadence work to keep the legs fresh for the weekend. I followed it up with my normal strength training circuit and corework.

Saturday – off (travel day to Geneva, NY)

Sunday – Seneca7

I’m covering 12.4 miles today! Full “race” recap to come.

Have you ever done a relay race?

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  1. Last week felt so long, I seriously thought it might never end. It sounds like you had a great time though. I’m glad to hear you felt strong and confident executing those intervals.

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