Triathlon Training Log – Week 22 (April 25)

Well, I didn’t run around Seneca Lake this weekend.


A little #latergram action. I’ll get around to writing the race report … eventually, ha.

But Saturday saw my first brick of the season, and it went really well!

General training notes: all in all, this was another solid and uneventful training week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday’s workouts were easier due to Sunday’s Seneca7 mileage, but my body recovered pretty quickly. I had a great progression run Thursday, and my first brick went really well. Also, Tailwind Endurance is up and running at its new location, and I can’t wait to get back to smashing watts with my people!

Monday – p.m. run

After Sunday’s race, we immediately drove back to New York City, and it was a late night/early morning to say the least. However, in an effort to jumpstart the recovery process, I met up with a friend and fellow Seneca7er for an easy shakeout run.

Tuesday – a.m. run

Another easy outing: six miles along the West Side Highway

Wednesday – a.m. indoor trainer ride; p.m. run

I’ve been digging this workout lately: 6×3 minutes “on” and three minutes “off.” After work, I hit the Bridal Path in Central Park for an easy four miles.

Thursday – a.m. run

This workout keeps getting better and better: 4×8-minute intervals with two minutes rest. I started at endurance pace and worked down to half-marathon, 10-K, and 5-K. My legs felt great after Wednesday’s run, and I was able to tap into Seneca7 experience when they started to burn.

Friday – a.m. indoor trainer ride and p.m. strength train

I opted for a little more sleep, so I did my 15×1-minute “on”/ “off” bike workout in the morning and waited until after work to strength train. Since my basketball days, I’ve become used to lifting immediately after a workout—whether it’s basketball or now, swimming, biking, or running—and it was weird to pick up weights (and set them down) feeling fresh.

Saturday – a.m. brick (indoor trainer ride and outdoor run); p.m. swim with Bearcat masters

Woohoo for sportz Saturdays—and woohoo for my first brick of the season! I’m still without health insurance until June 1, so I hopped on my indoor trainer for the first part of this workout. It was tough to stay focused for the 1:45 ride, but watching Nashville helped. Immediately after, I laced up and hit the West Side Highway for a 20-minute endurance run—and it went well. My legs felt “normal” after about seven minutes of running, and even though it was supposed to be an easy run, I settled into pace that felt smooth.

After a shower and a quick power nap, I headed to the pool. It was a smaller group due to Masters Spring National Championship in North Carolina, but it was still a great workout with lots of tech work and a 5×200 main set that contained different intervals. In total, I swam about 3,650m. (I say “about” because we did a five-minute kick set, and no one got the definitive distance on that.)

Sunday – a.m. run

This was an interesting long-ish run. After a four-ish-mile warm-up in Central Park, I had a few distance endurance intervals to tackle. First, I did a loop of the reservoir and then a loop of the Bridal Path—with the goal of running them in the same amount of time. Then it was back to the reservoir for a few pick-ups. In total, I covered about eight miles; I hoped for a longer run (does this mean I’m a runner?!), but I cut the warm-up and cool-down a bit short.

How have your workouts been going?

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  1. It sounds like you had a super busy week with workouts and work. I’m glad you were able to get everything done and that’s exciting you’re craving a run! HA

  2. A loop of the reservoir and a loop of the Bridal Path in the same amount of time? Tricky! I love that concept. Great week of workouts! 🙂

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