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Triathlon Training Log – Week 29 (June 13)

Between work and life stuff, this was one roller coaster of a week.


But that’s when I enjoy training the most—when it’s your happy place and your constant amidst the chaos.

General training notes: since we’re still a few weeks out from my next race, we’re continuing to repeat workouts and build volume. Practice makes perfect, and mentally, I really like revisiting specific sessions because it makes it easier to see and feel progress. The building volume component is important because in the short-term, there is the LAKE PLACID training trip coming up, and I fully intend to ride and swim every day. I’ll run, too, but Mirror Lake and that beautifully brutal bike course are unparalleled. In the relative long-term, my “A” race is about two months away. We’ll start fine tuning and locking things in soon enough, but it’s still too far out yet.

Monday – a.m. CompuTrainer ride at Tailwind Endurance

Pushing, pulling, and making watts: similar to last week, we completed two, 15-minute efforts. This time, though, the intervals were switched, and we spent three minutes at 102 percent and two minutes at 90 percent. I felt really good overall.

Tuesday – a.m. run in Central Park and p.m. strength train

It’s crazy how much of a difference humidity—or lack thereof—can make. We expanded on last week’s tempo run, bumping the interval from one mile to 1.5 miles (with the same 3-4 minutes of recovery). I started at Tavern on the Green and worked my way counterclockwise and along the East Side, which meant I hit the West Side Rollers last. I definitely felt the effort there, but I was pleasantly surprised with how smooth, strong, and in control I felt overall.

Wednesday – a.m. brick (CompuTrainer ride at Tailwind Endurance and run in Central Park)

*Knock on wood* my body seems to be figuring out how to run off a VO2 max bike workout. In the saddle, we repeated last week’s VO2 “mix” intervals. (For the tri folks: set one was 2:30 at threshold, 30 seconds at VO2 max; 2 minutes at threshold, 1 minute at VO2 max; 1:30 at threshold, 1:30 at VO2 max with 1:30 recovery between. Set two: 1 minute at threshold, 1 minute at VO2 max, 30 seconds at threshold three times through. Set three: 2 minutes at VO2 max with 1 minute recovery; 1 minute at VO2 max with 2 minutes recovery; 3 minutes at VO2 max.) This time, Earl prompted me to hit the upper side of my VO2 max, so instead of shooting for 105-110 percent, I was locking in to 115-120 percent. The ride felt good—but then I needed to run. Because it was a VO2 max workout, Earl told me to simply “let the run happen,” a.k.a. don’t obsess about hitting a certain pace. I was surprised it only four minutes to so for my legs to adjust, and in the process of “letting it happen,” I worked down to my projected race pace during those 2.5 miles.

Thursday – a.m. run in Central Park

Easy six miles along the West Side Rollers and trails

Friday – a.m. Bearcat masters swim

I was a lost soul because my tri buds weren’t there, but it was a productive 2,600m workout nonetheless. Per usual, I was hanging on for dear life when our sets called for backstroke and breaststroke work, but that’s how you get better.

Saturday – a.m. bike

Like last week, a group of us met at Tailwind Endurance and rode over the bridge together. Once we were on the other side, Earl turned me loose and told me to hammer for 10 miles to the Palisades Swim Club. The dudes I was riding with had it made—guess who did all the work and pulled them along for those 10 miles? … although I dropped two of them … I was a little peeved when we arrived at a descent, and the guys who held on bombed the hill and left me in the dust. You made me do all the work, and then you ditch me on a downhill?! Not cool—ha! In total, I rode about 45 miles.

Sunday – a.m. run and p.m. Bearcat masters swim

“Endurance Sundays” doesn’t have quite the rang as “Sportz Saturdays,” but a lot of quality work got logged. I woke up relatively early to beat the heat and complete my 10.5-mile long run. There was a bike race going on in Central Park, and it was so difficult not to yell, “SQUAD!” every time a pack of dudes flew by. Also, cute dudes who can make watts: why are you riding away from me?! Haha!

Since I missed masters swim yesterday, I went to the pool today. I can’t remember everything we did over the course of 1.5 hours, but there was a lot of IM work. Woof.

When work gets crazy, where do you find solace?