Triathlon Training Log – Off-Season, Week 8 (Oct. 24)

Fall is my favorite time of the year: the colors, the food (full disclosure: I am so not a pumpkin person), and of course, the extremely run-able weather.


Dawn patrol along the Reservoir

General training notes: in summary, I did all the running and all the swimming this week. I’m feeling good on the pavement and really good in the water so I’m going with it until we return to structured training sometime in December.  That is probably when my bike will make its grand reappearance too.

Monday – off

Tuesday – a.m. run

Set up for the TCS NYC Marathon has begun: I spotted the grandstands during my easy loop of Central Park.

Wednesday – a.m. swim with Bearcat masters; p.m. run

Though they require a wake-up alarm in the fours (how in the world do we do this during the season?), I’ve been digging these morning swims. In total, I logged 3,100m in 70 minutes that was a mix of freestyle and choice strokes. After work, I met up with a friend for 3.6 easy miles through the park.

Thursday – a.m. run

Easy 5.6-miler to start the day. Running has been feeling really good these days—I’m sure the fall temperatures are to credit—and I’ve actually begun sprinkling in fartleks, gradually speeding up for a minute or so and then easing off the pedal.

Friday – a.m. swim with Bearcat masters

This 3,600m practice (woof!) packed plenty of stroke work with a focus on backstroke. Right now, I struggle to execute these flip-turns properly—come cleanly off the wall on my back and throw down some strong kicks without taking in all the water.

Saturday – a.m. run; p.m. swim with Bearcat masters

It’s been a while, but Sportz Saturdays returned this week with an easy five-mile run in the morning and monster 4,600m swim in the afternoon. Running has been feeling really good lately, and I actually had to force myself to shut it down at the five-mile mark because I knew the afternoon swim would be tough. It was distance freestyle day at the pool, and I was super proud of myself for surviving the 2×500 pull set with paddles. (I can’t seem to get the water entry angle right.)

Sunday – a.m. run

Easy eight miles in the park with one of my tri buds. Our outing coincided with the NYRR Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff, and I can’t believe marathon week has begun. Although it’s still an event for us at work, the marathon doesn’t carry the same intensity, craziness, and madness it did when I was living #TheRabbitLife. Of course, it’s still an exciting time of year, but it will be a difference experience this time around.

What is your go-to workout these days?

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  1. I like actually pumpkins but pumpkin everything? Not so much…people get too obsessed. Do you have any races coming in the area coming up?

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