Daily Archives: November 13, 2016

Triathlon Training Log – Off-Season, Week 10 (Nov. 7)

What a week.


Quiet park, still mind, lots of headspace

General training notes: overall, this was another productive and uneventful seven-day span with a fair amount of swimming and running. Truth be told, I am starting to miss my bike so we’ll bring that back into the rotation after Thanksgiving most likely.

Monday – off

Tuesday – a.m. and p.m. runs

Easy two miles before work (and after voting), plus 3.5 after

Wednesday – a.m. swim with Bearcat masters

It was a somber day at the pool. In total, we logged about 2700m with lots of IM work.

Thursday – a.m. run

Two loops around the Reservoir for 5.6 miles

Friday – a.m. swim with Bearcat masters

Lots of kicking, lots of pulling, and lots of IM work before real work: I logged 3200m before becoming a real person.

Saturday – a.m. run

My long run buddy is out of town for the next few weeks so I tackled this 8.5-mile outing solo. It went well, but these runs definitely go by faster when you chat the entire time.

Sunday – p.m. run

Easy 5.5 miles

How do you pull yourself out of a funky mood?