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Triathlon Training Log – Off-Season, Week 12 (Nov. 21)

And just like that, another whirlwind trip home has come and gone.


Hometown lake life

I’ve been home in Central New York since Wednesday—and I’m heading back to NYC this afternoon—but those four days didn’t feel like enough time. We hosted a “modest 21” for Thanksgiving this year (my family is pretty big), and we had our annual extended family Christmas gift exchange yesterday. Now I’m even more excited for the holiday season!

General training notes: this week ended up being all about the run. Originally, I planned to get in a swim before heading home, but I procrastinated packing. (I was also hoping the local pool here would be open, but unfortunately, it’s closed until tomorrow.) Per usual, I kept everything easy and gave myself an extra rest day mostly because running three days in a row is a lot for me. I also clocked in at 34 miles this week, which, again, is a lot for me as a short-course triathlete.

Monday – a.m. run

Although I usually take Mondays off, I decided to shake out Sunday’s long run with a super easy 5.5 miler.

Tuesday – a.m. run

Easy loop of the park with my tri training (long run) bud

Wednesday – off (travel home)

Thursday – a.m. run

Trot early, then eat all day: a lot of the local races were cancelled due to snow, so I ran one of my favorite hometown routes instead around the lake. I love running when I’m at home because it gives me headspace to reflect, and those 10 miles flew by.

Friday – a.m. run

Easy five miles to shake out yesterday’s long run

Saturday – a.m. run

Another easy, mid-distance run at home

Sunday – off (travel back to NYC)

What did you do for Thanksgiving?