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Guest Post: The Many Benefits of Indoor and Outdoor Exercise

Happy Saturday, everyone!  Since I’m spending the day moving into my big-girl apartment–so exciting!–I thought a guest post about moving and being active would be perfect.  Below, Jim Rollince writes about exercising indoors and outdoors.  Enjoy!

Exercise is the best gift anyone can give to his or her body. Their bodies, after all, help them get through each day, help them to get where they need to go, do what they need to do, and their bodies allow them to create and care for their families. With all the good stuff bodies do for their owners, it’s only fair that people treat their bodies to a little something good from time to time. That something good is exercise; and people only need 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day to maintain the best possible health.

[source 35th Annual Tromptown Run.  See me in the middle with the purple tank and white visor?]

Exercise is great. Exercise helps to prevent certain types of cancer, it helps to prevent heart disease and diabetes, and it helps to prevent osteoporosis. It also prevents obesity and weight gain, improves a person’s sleep, their mood, and their symptoms of depression. With all that in mind, people should be jumping up and down with excitement to get started on their own personal exercise program.

[Jumping for joy at the Seneca7.  This was BFFG, or Before Fitness and Frozen Grapes.  The Seneca7 was one of the top-two races I’ve ever run and one of the best days ever.]

When people exercise, their body releases a hormone called serotonin, which is extremely beneficial. This hormone replaces bad hormones in a person’s body that cause stress and anxiety. After a good workout, most people feel much better than they did before. Exercise not only relieves stress and anxiety, it also helps relieve symptoms of depression. While it won’t cure depression, it can help to fight the disease.

[After my first CNY Triathlon Club training series.  Totally hooked.]

People who exercise live longer. They have healthier bodies, better brain function, and helps to approve a person’s cognitive abilities. Overall, people who exercise have a much better quality of life than those who do not. People whose quality of life is improved live longer, are sick less often, and live better lives. Unfortunately, too many people think they don’t have time to exercise or they say they hate exercise. It’s true that it is difficult for people to exercise when they hate going to the gym and find themselves bored lifting weights. However, that is not the only way to get fit and get plenty of exercise.

[Girl-down after a tempo run.]

Exercising Inside At Home

Home gym equipment is a great way to exercise for many people. Busy parents can walk on the treadmill while their kids are napping, and they can use their ellipticals while they catch up on their favorite television shows after the kids go to bed. Multitasking is often the only way busy working people and parents can find time to exercise, and doing it at home makes it much easier.

Additionally, people can exercise at home by running up and down their stairs, if they have a two story home. They can dance to zumba DVDs and relax with yoga DVDs, all from the comfort of their own living rooms.

Outdoor Exercise

Exercise does not have to feel like work. In fact, it should feel like fun because that means people will do it over and over again. People can take a walk around the neighborhood every night or every morning, or both. People with a pool can go for a swim. Those who have bikes can take a long ride in the evenings or explore new places around their city by biking to them.

[Tuesdays on the Towpath with Syracuse Bicycle.]

In fact, if more people made it a habit to bike to their favorite coffee shop every weekend morning for a cup of coffee and a few minutes time to read the paper, they’d be far healthier than they are now. Additionally, people who don’t really like to exercise can forgo the gym and the bikes and grab a ball and their kids and head out to the backyard. Throwing the baseball, playing a game of flag football, challenging the kids to a game of basketball, and golfing are all great ways to get plenty of exercise. They’re also much more fun than other methods of exercise, which means people are more likely to do them repeatedly.

[High school basketball throwback–circa 2007.]

When people decide to get healthy, they can do it on their own terms. As long as they are up and moving, they are exercising. People can add little bits of exercise into their day by taking the stairs instead of the elevator at the office, at the mall, and anywhere they can. Anything goes when it comes to exercise.

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