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Happy 77th Birthday, Grandma!

Last night, we celebrated my grandma’s 77th birthday with dinner at Canal View and a delicious chocolate cake from Wegmans.

That’s our version of 77—“76 plus 1.”

What a great evening!

Workout – Bike-Run Brick Run

Originally, a bike-run brick workout was on the docket for today, but the weather had other ideas.  With showers all morning and afternoon plus a tornado watch beginning at 3 p.m., a ride wasn’t going to happen. (Note to self: Get bike trainer ASAP.) Instead, I swapped today’s multisport workout for Thursday’s 30-minute run; I’ll complete the brick tomorrow and bump my final pre-DeRuyter Lake Triathlon OWS to Thursday.  Anyway, I hopped on the treadmill for half an hour this morning, and it wasn’t bad.  Definitely not my best run ever, but far from the worst.


Soaking in sweat, I knew a cold morning meal would hit the spot; after rummaging around the fridge and freezer, I compiled a yogurt bowl.

Come to think of it, this mess looks more like a deconstructed parfait.

Banana slices and frozen blueberries lined the bottom, Greek yogurt comprised the middle layer, and Fiber One cereal, Seitenbacher muesli, and more banana slices topped the mixture.


My mom and I met my dad at Zabroso’s this afternoon.  I’ve been to this Spanish eatery once before—many, many years ago, and I loved it—so I had high hopes.  Unfortunately, though, lunch was a bust.

All three of us ordered the chicken and rice special, but it wasn’t good.  Chicken and I are acquaintances—I don’t love it, but I’ll eat it if no other health options and/or protein sources are available—but this dish didn’t exactly help our trying friendship.  There was barely any meat on the bones, and the chicken that was present lacked flavor.  I ate two pieces and half of the rice before throwing in the towel; it just wasn’t worth it.

Afternoon Snack

After a disappointing lunch, a more substantial snack was in order.

First, I sliced an apple and microwaved it for one minute.  Next, I added some cinnamon and 1/4 cup instant oats, 1/2 cup water, and zapped the combo for another minute.  Topped with a heaping spoonful of peanut butter, this hit the spot.

OK, so changing gears a bit, you know how I found a big-girl apartment in New York City this weekend? (Here are the recaps, part one and two.) So, I received more paperwork this morning via email, and one of the forms listed restricted dog breeds.

No joke.

Luckily, the building is greyhound friendly, which means Zelda can visit.

Do you have any pets?  Did you have any growing up?  Does your building allow pets? (Is this list normal for an NYC apartment?  Just curious.)

Trip to New York City, Part Two

Part One left off at Friday night after two days filled with traveling, interviewing, apartment hunting, and eating some delicious food.  Time for part deux!


My morning began at 5:10 a.m.  No, it wasn’t for a workout.  Well, it kind of was—I went to Chelsea Piers to observe a Full Throttle Endurance (FTE) swim practice!

Before leaving for New York City, I emailed Scott Berlinger, the head coach of this triathlon club, said I would be in town, and asked if I could watch a practice.  He invited me to his Monday morning swim session, but since I would be gone by then, I tagged along to Coach Danny Viera’s practice.  I liked Coach Danny immediately.  He’s young, fit, and very knowledgeable about all things triathlon.  Everything about the practice—the facilities, the atmosphere, the athletes—I loved (more detailed blog post to come!), so it’s safe to say I found my NYC triathlon training club.

Next, my parents and I went to Made Fresh Daily for brunch.

We had to work for brunch because it took some walking to find this café.  By staying in the Financial District, we experienced firsthand how the neighborhood essentially shuts down during the weekend; nearly every bar, restaurant, and most convenience stores closed Saturday and Sunday or kept very strange, abbreviated hours.  Made Fresh Daily, however, was quite busy, and the food was fantastic.  I ordered the summer veggie frittata.

Stuffed to the brim with mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, and cheese, it totally hit the spot.

With our bellies full, we took the subway to Chelsea and met Alex at the apartment (“the one”) my mom and I loved.  My dad ended up loving it, too.  Although we were ready to say yes then and there, we discussed a few additional options Alex found.  We vetoed places two immediately, but decided to see the third apartment, which was located way over on 11th Avenue.  I knew it was too far away from everything—subway, grocery stores, etc.—but both my parents and I wanted to see one more to ensure our favorite was “the one.”  Twenty-minutes later, we entered the posh building—it felt like a hotel turned dance club—and basically went through the motions (looking, asking the right questions, etc.).  Not surprisingly, it didn’t top “the one.”

During the 40-minute round trip, Alex and I bonded and “broed out.”  He’s three years older than me and went to a Big East school, so we had a ton to talk about in terms of Big East Sports, basketball rivalries, and other general NYC sports stuff. (Remember my obsession with Syracuse Basketball and March Madness?) I’ll tell ya, I can be a bro.

Anyway, as we filled out paperwork for “the one,” I noticed the management company’s name on the top of the forms; it’s the name of the boathouse at my alma mater’s campus.  After some quick Googling, I discovered the management company individual donated the money for the boathouse.  What’s more, the individual is on the board of trustees—what a small world!  So, folks, this means I officially have a big-girl apartment!

After taking care of all the logistical stuff, my parents and I went to Tarallucci e Vino for a celebratory drink.  Being a lightweight, I decided it would be best to bypass the booze until dinnertime, so I ordered tea instead.

This pot, called Chaucer’s Cup, contained apple, spices, ginger, and mango; fresh and light, it was a perfect late-afternoon pick-me-up.

And with Rosa Mexicano conveniently located next door, picking where to eat dinner was a no-brainer.

At the bar, we started with a pitcher of sangria and guacamole.

I tend to order the same dish here time and time again, but I looked at the menu away.

A few options sounded good, but I really wanted salmon.

Anytime salmon, pineapple, and black beans appear on one plate, I’m a happy girl.

Since we were in the area, we hit up Soft Serve Fruit Co. one last time, too.

I went with apple again, and added Barbara’s Puffins.

It was the perfect blend of cold, creamy, and crunchy.


On Sunday, we packed up and shipped out.  Breakfast came from the Dunkin’ Donuts at Penn Station.

Veggie egg-white flat bread. (As I ate it, I tried not to think about The American Way of Eating; I knew it wasn’t freshly prepared and littered with preservatives.)

Our train was late getting into Rhinecliff, so as soon as we arrived, we picked up my sister Margaret and headed to the Me-Oh-My Pie Shop in Red Hook.

Craving eggs and spiting the study, I ordered the scramble with mushrooms, onions, and red peppers.

My sister and I also split a side of multigrain toast.

After taking Margaret grocery shopping and seeing her dorm, we headed home.  Dinner was Thai takeout.

Chicken with sautéed vegetables and peanut sauce.

Whew, what a whirlwind trip!  It passed super quickly, yet it seemed like I was there forever.  Either way, I can’t wait to make the move!

Trip to New York City, Part One

Since I spent four days in New York City, I’m writing two recaps.  So much happened, and I think breaking up everything into two parts will be easier.  Here we go!


On Thursday morning, my mom and I drove to Rhinecliff, NY to catch an afternoon train bound for Penn Station.  When I go to NYC, I always take the train from Utica, but since my sister Margaret goes to school near Rhinecliff, we wanted to see her after our trip.  From the Syracuse-area, the drive took about two and a half hours, and we arrived in plenty of time to catch our 12:50 p.m. train.

The station itself was a little sketchy.  There were no road signs to the station, and it was difficult to find the long-term parking lots.  After driving around for a few minutes, though, we found the lot and headed to tracks.

After boarding, it was lunchtime!

I packed a turkey and red pepper wrap and also snacked on some green beans and red peppers, an apple, and a Chobani yogurt.  Traveling works up quite an appetite!  About an hour and twenty minutes later, we arrive at Penn Station, headed to our hotel in the Financial District, and started exploring.  As we headed toward Battery Park and walked along the water, I noticed how the area was open and sunny; it was quite a change of pace from the usual concrete jungle.  Before long, we wandered to the South Street Seaport and discovered a Yankees store—score!

Although tempting, I refrained from buying any glassware.

Once I have a kitchen/apartment, though, these are fair game.  Ready for an early dinner at 5 p.m., my mom and I made our way back toward the hotel and kept our eyes peeled for a good restaurant.  Here’s where we found our answer.

This narrow cobblestone street contained a bunch of bars and restaurants—and Wall Streeters!  Thursday’s stock market saw record highs, so hundreds of brokers hit the town to celebrate; it was packed!

We ultimately decided on Mad Dog and Beans and quickly ordered some wine and chips to take the edge off.

As we sipped and nibbled, I studied my surroundings and tried to keep myself from staring at the, er, scenery.  Tables of eight- or ten-men deep lined the street, and the male-to-female ratio was easily 10:1.  Why didn’t I major in Economics?!  Anyway, for my entrée, I ordered a shrimp and vegetable dish that came with Mexican rice and black beans.

It was good, but not great.  In this area, though, you’re paying for the atmosphere, not the food.  Back at the hotel, my mom and I broke into one of the complimentary cookies we received at check-in.

Perfect way to end the evening!


With my internship interview scheduled for 10 a.m., I woke up around 7 a.m. to track down a Starbucks.  Hey, a girl’s gotta have her caffeine.

From home, I brought a protein bar for breakfast.

Since the interview was less than a five-minute walk from the hotel, I enjoyed a leisurely morning before heading over.  The interview itself went well.  My interviewer was young—only one year older than me—so we hit it off, and there were no unexpected questions.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed it works out!

Afterwards, my mom and I headed to Chelsea to look around and grab a bite to eat.  I’ve spent a little time in the area before, and it was nice to take in what would hopefully be my neighborhood.  We wandered around the 20th to 25th Street area between 6th, 7th, and 8th Avenues before heading to Energy Kitchen for lunch.

I first discovered this eatery when I interned in NYC two summers ago—it was relatively close to my dorm—and at least one of my weekend meals would come from Energy Kitchen.  The chain has a great philosophy:  Everything on the menu is less than 500 calories, and it’s all grilled, baked or steamed.

Talk about super healthy and super good for you.  I went with an old favorite:  chicken fajita wrap.

And it was just as delicious as I remembered.

After lunch, my mom and I met Alex, our real-estate agent. (One of my former collegiate basketball teammates recommended him.) That afternoon, we went to two different buildings and saw a total of four apartments.  The first building, in which we looked at two apartments, wasn’t great; my mom and I knew right away it was a no-go.  As we walked to the second building, I started to get nervous; what if we didn’t find anything?  Luckily, though, as soon as we entered the second building, I had a good feeling.  Michael, the on-site agent, gave us a tour of the building—fitness center, laundry room, etc.—and took us up to the two apartments.  Holy cow—very spacious with modern finishes, plus a carpeted bedroom.

The only differences between the two included space (one was about 100 sq. feet larger), location (east vs. west windows), price, and move-in dates.  After seeing these options, my mom and I knew this building was the one to beat, and we decided to come back Saturday afternoon so my dad could see it.

After parting ways with Alex, my mom and I walked to Soft Serve Fruit Co., another one of my NYC favorites.

Basically, soft serve fruit is a better-for-you alternative to both ice-cream and frozen yogurt; it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, and contains only three ingredients (fruit, filtered water, and a touch of organic cane sugar).  The flavors available rotate—apple, banana, tangerine, and dark chocolate were our choices—and there are a ton of healthy toppings like fresh fruit, nuts, and granola.  For my afternoon snack, I selected apple with sliced almonds and dark chocolate chips.

Yummy!  As long as we were in the Union Square area, I swung by JackRabbit Sports, which Athlete Again said was an awesome running, cycling, and triathloning store.

Fleet Feet and Syracuse Bicycle will always have places in my heart, but this will most likely be my go-to store in the city.

After eating and discussing the apartments, my mom and I headed back to the hotel to meet my dad.  We filled him in on the options we saw, and we decided to go to an evening open house Alex mentioned earlier that afternoon.  It was nice to see another apartment just for comparison, but it wasn’t in the running.  Since we had one strong potential option, we asked Alex to expand the search and see if there was anything available farther west. (An apartment in that direction would be closer to Chelsea Piers, the site of the triathlon club I plan to join—post coming soon!) We agreed to meet at 2 p.m. the next day so my dad could see “the (potential) one” before seeing options from the extended search.

For dinner, my parents and I headed to Markt, a Belgian restaurant and one of our city go-to’s.  My pictures didn’t come out well thanks to the lack of light, but the food was delicious.  We started with some oysters and a shrimp and pomegranate salad.

I ordered poached salmon, which was delicious, but didn’t photograph well.  The three of us split chocolate mouse for dessert, too.  Alright, that’s it for the first recap!

Seven Things

Hey, everyone—Happy Thursday!  I have a ton of information to share today, so I figured a list would keep everything clear and concise. (More for my benefit, really!)  Here we go!

1.  My mom and I went to Cantina Laredo for lunch yesterday.

I hoped our journey to the mall would lead us there!  Chips and salsa to start.

I ordered the vegetarian and gluten-free avocado enchiladas.

They were just OK; nothing to write home about.

2.  I purchased my blog domain:


For $18, plus an additional $8 for “private registration,” it’s well worth the price tag.

3.  I have a big-girl interview in New York City next week for a paid editorial internship at a diet and fitness publication—woohoo!

Gerard Butler, feel free to crash on my couch anytime.

4.  Today’s tempo run kicked my booty.


On the bright side, I definitely earned tomorrow’s rest day.

5.  A cool bowl of overnight 60-plus-minute oats made it better.

I let the mixture—half of a banana (ate the first half before running), strawberries, Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup old fashioned oats, 1/3 cup almond milk, cinnamon, and chia seeds—sit in the fridge while I trudged along on the dreadmill.

6.  My bike underwent its first tune-up, and I picked it up at Syracuse Bicycle.

Don’t let the empty-looking parking lot fool you; I strategically planned my visit to avoid both the morning and lunchtime rushes, so I arrived at 11:40 a.m.  In addition to the tune-up, I also asked if the guys could install a second water bottle cage and a wireless computer, the Bontrager Trip 5W.

Because I’m trying to be as legit as possible; fake it ‘til you make it, right?

Plus a pleasant surprise—regripped handlebars!

So long, dirty and sweaty bike handlebar tape!

7.  When in doubt, make a salad.

Today’s blend included spinach, celery, carrots, apple slices, red pepper, and a homemade black bean burger.


Your turn:  Share seven things!

Skinnyman Triathlon Bike Course Changed—Again

Hiya, friends!  I hope your final week of summer (wow!) is going great so far.  Let’s zip through some food highlights because I have important news to share:  Remember how race directors changed Saturday’s Skinnyman Triathlon bike course? (They created an alternate route due to road construction, which is totally understandable.) Well, the route has been changed, yet again.  More on this in a second.


Yesterday’s eats were uneventful—another 2-ingredient pancake for breakfast and a leftover black bean enchilada for lunch—except for evening fare.  My sister Margaret returns to college on Friday to begin her sophomore year (yikes!), so we went out to celebrate her second-to-last-dinner at The Brewster Inn.


We were running late, so I didn’t snap any original pictures of the restaurant.


I haven’t been to the Brewster in two or three years, so it was nice to revisit.  The lively atmosphere, coupled with good wine and great company, made for a fun meal.  Since all entrees came with house salads, I upgraded mine to an avocado and lobster creation.

Maybe the phrase “work of art” would be more accurate.  Check out this presentation!  And yes, standing tall in the middle is crispy piece of bacon.  Delicious!  For my main meal, I ordered the cedar smoked salmon, which came with an English cucumber salad and mashed potatoes.

I order seafood whenever I eat out, and I’ll be the first to admit I’m a fish snob. (Probably because it’s my go-to meal when I’m cooking for myself.) With that said, this salmon tasted outstanding—cooked perfectly and lacked the super sweetness I was anticipating. (Its sauce contained maple syrup.) I also had a few nibbles of Margaret’s vegetarian-friendly ravioli (“orgasmically good” in her words) and Ellen’s chicken francaise (super tender), and overall, our meals were delicious.


I just can’t get enough of two-ingredient pancakes.

The original version (one medium banana and one large egg) doesn’t have a lot of staying power, so I added a scoop of Jay Robb protein powder.  Adding another dry ingredient makes the flapjack less moist (and dries it out, big surprise), but it’s nothing some blueberries and PB can’t fix.  In the future, I might try adding an egg white or maybe a little almond milk for more moisture.

Skinnyman Triathlon Bike Course

OK, onto the bike course update.  On Monday, I learned about the first route change, which occurred due to road construction.  After hearing this news, several members of the CNY Triathlon Club Facebook group biked the new course and shared their insight with the digital community:  It contained lots of climbing, and overall, it was a very technical course that would challenge newbies (gulp); one experienced triathlete even said it would be impossible to take advantage of the two downhills because both were followed by hot-turns.

(Everyone suggested riding these portions very conservatively and feathering the brakes, or breaking lightly, on the pitch down.  “Make sure your front and rear brakes work,” one triathlete wrote.)  Overall, everyone who rode the route encouraged others to do so before race-day, and they also urged all participants to exercise extreme caution; several club members predicted this technical course would lead to more crashes than usual.  Here’s an elevation map of the 15-mile course.

Luckily, race officials heard from triathletes who practiced the course and decided to revise it again.  Basically, the hilly and technical four-mile section was cut out, so the course now looks like this:

Much better!  Everyone in the Facebook group seems very pleased with these changes, and I have to hand it to the race officials:  They listened to feedback and responded accordingly.  Granted, I know this can’t happen for every triathlon, but it says a lot that organizers were open to input so close to race-day.

Anyway, I’m off to test-ride the course, and then I’m heading to Syracuse Bicycle to pick up my race packet.  Have a great day!

First Trip To Chipotle

Hi, everyone!  First off, I loved reading your comments on yesterday’s post about Ryan Gosling; I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s slightly obsessed.

OK, so back to regularly scheduled programming.  Before talking about the awesomeness that is Chipotle, let’s wiz through the past few hours.


Last night, my parents, sister, and I went to Circa.  Since the restaurant changes its menu every week or so—which ensures both seasonality and true locality—we try to go a few times a month to try ever-changing entrees.  I hoped the menu would feature salmon, and I got my wish.

This was my first time having the ivory version of this fish, and the tomato and cilantro sauce complemented the salmon’s mild, buttery flavor.  Perfectly crisp, the corn cakes were also delicious.  Last night’s dinner is easily one of my top meals I’ve had there.


Even though I went to bed relatively early, I had a difficult time waking up this morning.  Knowing temperatures would only continue to rise—today’s projected high is 80 degrees Fahrenheit—I bribed myself out of bed with some java.  Never underestimate the power of two cups of coffee and a baller playlist (very similar to my half-marathon one.) Once I had some caffeine in my system and synched my iPod shuffle, I laced up my sneakers and hit the road.  I ran for time today—about 40 minutes—and covered 5.25 miles.


After a sweaty run, overnight oats in a jar sounded perfect. (And luckily, I did the prep work last night.)

Plain Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup of old fashioned oats, 1/3 cup of almond milk, cinnamon, blueberries, and chia seeds went into the jar.


Onto the moment you’ve all been anxiously awaiting.

And Ellen with the photobomb.  We had quite a few errands to run today—Bed, Bath & Beyond, Office Max, Barnes and Noble—so when lunchtime rolled around, we decided to go to Chipotle.  I honestly don’t know how I’ve never eaten at this Mexican chain; this branch opened a few years ago, and when I studied abroad in London, I managed to make it inside a Chipotle without ordering anything.  And now that I’ve enjoyed a meal, I can see that was a huge mistake.

I went with the vegetarian burrito bowl:  brown rice; black beans; peppers and onions; medium-spicy sauce; guacamole; and lettuce.  Holy yum!

Have you been to Chipotle?  What’s your favorite dish to order?

Edited to add:  I received an email this afternoon that said Fitness and Frozen Grapes is now featured on this site.

Lunch at Cantina Laredo

Hi, everyone!  I hope your Tuesday was great!  We’ve been shopping and running errands all day, so I’m totally exhausted; here are a few highlights.

Workout – Running

Today’s workout plan had a 40-minute on the calendar, but once I stepped outside, the chilly temperature immediately greeted me and seemed to say “fall is here”—frost covered the ground, and I saw my breath.  I refused to believe summer has left, so I started my run without long-sleeves, Under Armour, or any warmer clothing.  Big mistake.  I still didn’t feel warmed up after 30 minutes of running, so I called it a day.  Thursday’s workout was a 30-minute run, so I’ll complete a 40-minute one then.  No big deal.


When I prepped overnight oats last night, I had no idea it would be a chilly morning.  I definitely wasn’t craving a cold meal, but I devoured it anyway.

This bowl included strawberries, Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup of old fashioned oats, 1/3 cup of almond milk, cinnamon, and chia seeds.

Lunch at Catina Laredo

For the somewhat local readers, have you heard of Destiny USA?


Once known as Carousel Center, the four-story shopping and entertainment hub underwent a total renovation, which has been about 12 years in the making. (I’m going to date myself here and say I remember talking about Destiny USA in my 5th grade RLA class.) Progress is finally visible—like a new color scheme and more parking lots—and one of the new wings contains a slew of new-to-Syracuse restaurants, one of which is Cantina Laredo.  Mexican food sounded like the perfect break from back-to-college shopping, so my mom, sisters, and I decided to try it.  We started with some chips and salsa.

The spread included two bowls of salsa, and luckily, I had the spicy one all to myself.  What can I say?  The spicier, the better.  For my entrée, I debated between the fish tacos and chicken and avocado fajitas, and I ultimately went with the fajitas.

I’d like to draw your attention to the scoop of black beans—absolutely delicious.  Thanks to their perfectly ripe avocados, the fajitas tasted great, too.  My sister Ellen ordered chicken enchiladas, which were even better than my fajitas.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

I didn’t do so well on the photo front today in terms of snacks:  I had a Starbucks iced coffee with soy milk after lunch (just like yesterday, and unfortunately, the cute barista wasn’t working), and I inhaled a handful of almonds and some cantaloupe when I got home.  Whoops.


A certain greyhound was pretty excited about tonight’s meal.

Can you blame her?

Tofu on the grill plus roasted broccoli and mushrooms.

And a bowl of frozen grapes.

What’s your favorite type of ethnic food?

One Foggy Morning

There’s no doubt I’m a morning person—waking up with the sun, drinking coffee, and eventually breaking a sweat (most days I’m done working out before 8-8:30a.m.) is my ideal routine.  Unfortunately, this rainy sight greeted me when I awoke.

This fog-drizzle combo made it impossible to see across the lake.  Running long in a drizzle is one thing, but a foggy jog is just dangerous.  Needless to say, today’s 11 miles didn’t happen.  Boo.

Workout – Swimming

This morning’s subpar running conditions called for a workout reshuffle, so I went to the YMCA for some swimming and strength training instead. (The 11-mile long run is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, whichever morning doesn’t bring rain.) My 7:45 a.m. arrival time brought a 10-minute wait because all the lanes were occupied.  Once I got into the pool, I swam a little more than half of a mile and focused on using the freestyle as much as possible.  In the lap pool, I usually swim two or three lengths, switch to the breaststroke for one or two lengths, and then transition back to the front crawl; today, I wanted to challenge myself—I’m definitely guilty of defaulting to the breaststroke for an extended period of time because it’s easier—so I did the breaststroke for half of a length to give myself a shorter breather.  Taking shorter “breaststroke breaks” worked well, and I felt like I cranked out the half mile faster.  After my swim, I completed some upper- and lower-body exercises in the weight room including lunges, Bulgarian lunges, lateral shoulder raises, and bicep curls, among others.


Another empty PB jar?  Don’t mind if I do.

Today’s mix included plain Greek yogurt, a mashed banana, and a packet of Kashi oatmeal.  It’s been a while since I’ve used Kashi oatmeal for OOIAJ, and it was just as delicious as I remembered.


My parents, sister, and I ran some errands this afternoon—we stopped at Target and Eastern Mountain Sports—and since we were out, we decided to go to Papa Gallo for lunch.


Although I was craving fish tacos, I chose the fajita wrap, which came with chicken, peppers, onions, black beans, and it included a side of rice.

The chicken tasted super tender, but a little more zip would’ve been perfect.  What can I say—I love spicy.

I’m hanging out for the rest of the day, and my mom and I are heading to the (locally) famous Cazenovia Library Used Book Sale tonight.  The official event on Saturday and Sunday always promises good finds, and as a “friend of the Cazenovia Library,” my mom received an invite for tonight’s exclusive preview.  We’ll sip wine, munch on finger foods, and peruse the shelves packed with every genre imaginable before the general public.  At these previews, I usually pick up five or six gently used books, and that’s with exercising self-control.  So yeah, I’m pretty excited to snag some new reads this evening.

In other news, I’m facing a tough TV dilemma tonight.  At 7:05 p.m., game one of baseball’s greatest rivalry begins.


Go, Yankees!  And the Olympic Opening Ceremonies kick off at 7:30 p.m.


Decisions, decisions.

Foodie Friday

You know that feeling when you prepare and eat a delicious meal?  That’s the best, right?  Well, if you multiple that by three—no numbers involved, I promise—that what I experienced today.  Talk about holy yum!

You saw my bowl of overnight oats, which set the tone for the day.  Shortly after, I went to Wegmans to pick up some produce, and I already knew I would be getting some sushi for lunch.  But not just my standard salmon roll.  This plan was in the cards since yesterday afternoon when I saw this billboard.


Firecracker sounds spicy, which is music to this Tabasco-loving girl’s ears.  Sold.  Well played, Weggies.  Well played.


One Wegmans firecracker roll.

Plus homemade carrot fries.

All together, now!

The firecracker roll tasted delicious, but it’s definitely a “special treat”—crispy fried tempura shrimp tossed in “firecracker” sauce with asparagus, roasted red pepper, and koshihikari rice rolled up in a pineapple-habanero wrap. (It packs 360 calories.) To up this meal’s nutrient profile, I coated carrot sticks with a little extra virgin olive oil and a few dashes of S&P and baked them at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes.


Dining at Circa was on the menu (pun unintended!), and I started off with a glass of New Age wine.

The family split two orders of Curry Mussels.

For my main dish, I ordered the sea bass.

Such a great day of eating!  Have a great night!

Lunch at Canal View

Hi, everyone!  How’s your Wednesday shaping up?  I’ve had a busy couple of days—between running the Boilermaker and going to NYC for my big-girl job interview, I’ve been a girl on-the-go.  Things have returned to normal for the most part, and I’m starting to settle back into my usual routines.


For a special treat, my mom, sister, grandparents, and I went to Canal View.

Located in Sylvan Beach and situated by water, the restaurant is one of our favorite places to visit during the summer months.  I’ve been here so many times I don’t really need a menu anymore …

I picked my go-to and house specialty, the chicken spiedie sandwich.

Yummy!  I ate all of the homemade potato chips and pickle, but passed on the coleslaw and half of the sandwich roll; the bread detracted from the chicken, so I ate around it.  Let’s rewind to breakfast.


Today’s morning meal was familiar.

Two Kashi waffles topped with PB and banana slices.

The CNY Triathlon Club hosts its Wednesday night training series this evening, and I can’t wait to go!

Do you have seasonal favorite restaurants?  Or do you eat out at the same places year-round?