Food Questions

What is your food/diet philosophy?

Like my fitness philosophy, it’s taken a while to hone my current food outlook.  As a 22-year-old, I know the food habits I form now will influence the rest of my life, so I do my best to eat healthy—think eating colors, opting for whole foods, and listening to my body.  Overall, I follow an 80-20 approach:  Eat healthy 80 percent of the time, and enjoy the occasional chocolate dessert or glass of wine the other 20 percent.

Do you count calories?  How many calories do you eat per day?

No, I do not count calories.  Math is not my strong suit, and for me, I know counting, adding, and subtracting would take up way too much time everyday.  I know it works for some people, but it’s a habit I cannot sustain long-term.  Even though I don’t keep a monetized tally, I probably eat around 2,000 calories each day.

What is one of your guilty pleasure foods?

I have a serious weakness for anything chocolate.  Dark chocolate is even better!

What do you drink every day?

Every morning, I have two cups of coffee, and then start “watering” myself down and switch to water for the rest of the day.  During the summer, I sometimes have an iced coffee after lunch, and if I’m meeting up with friends for drinks, I’ll have a glass or two of wine.

What do you eat for snacks?  Do you eat a snack before bed?

Some of my favorite snacks include almonds, Greek yogurt, fruit (apple or banana) with peanut butter, and veggies and hummus.  I usually have mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks, but I don’t normally eat right before bed. (The sound of my stomach digesting makes it difficult for me to sleep!) In most cases, after I have frozen grapes for dessert, my tummy and taste buds are satisfied.

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