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Triathlon Training Log – Week of June 29 (Week 26)

Although far too short, my Fourth of July weekend in good ole Upstate was filled with delicious food, quality family time, and a handful of good workouts.


And now, I’m sitting on the train en route to NYC. Wahhhh.

General training notes: It’s all about progress, and I continue to feel better, fitter, and stronger each week. My swim and bike feel pretty on point right now, and I’m having more of those moments on the run where everything lines up and feels effortless. (I associate those instances with last year’s Philly Half training because running simply felt awesome.) My only shortcoming this week was getting in the water once. Full disclosure: I brought home my wetsuit for the 4th of July weekend, but never made it into the water. Family time always takes precedence.

Monday – off

Tuesday – a.m. run and strength training; p.m. swim with Bearcat masters

The speed is coming back! Six miles along the West Side Highway with pickups sprinkled in, plus a ton of corework and some upper body strength training. After work (and again, fueled with an afternoon iced coffee), I met up with the Bearcat masters for an 8 p.m. workout. Worlds collided because my old coworker/work friend who originally got me to join the team was coaching the swim. I heckled him a little bit (that’s how I show I care), but I was honestly more concerned about making the 12x100m intervals. Brutal. Twenty-six hundred meters total, though.

Wednesday – a.m. brick (CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance and run at Finish Line PT)

For my first “fun” bike-run-bike-run-bike-run brick in a while, this workout went really well. I was able to hit and hold my projected race wattage for the 10-minute blocks in the saddle, and I was also able to negative split each of my mile runs on the treadmill. And I saw Abby in action, which totally made my morning!

Thursday – a.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance

It blows my mind how bike adjustments can positively affect power numbers. Even though this was a tough workout—FTP sets, plus VO2 max one-minute and two-minute blocks—I was consistently hitting wattages that were 10-20 watts higher than normal.

Friday – a.m. run

Long and relaxing nine miles and change around my hometown lake. The highlight of the run was easily running into my high school basketball coach during the final mile. Surprisingly, he did not yell at me to finish strong, but he did tell me to pick up the pace. Some things never change!

Saturday – a.m. run (Cazenovia 4th of July Foot Races 5-K)

Coach Pat told me to see how my legs felt after the first mile and go from there, and I was pleasantly surprised how easily I was able to lock into a decent pace and cruise along. Due to not doing speedwork for a month or so, I did not have the top-end speed/leg strength/turnover to go “into the red,” but I was able to run slightly faster than my projected off-the-bike pace. Overall, though, it was a good, confidence-boosting run; I finished feeling fresh and strong (23:30) and secured 3rd place in my age group. Gotta love the local yokel races!

Sunday – a.m. run

Thanks to Independence Day debauchery—my aunts brought an industrial-sized Margaritator, and my grandma made creampuffs—this run was not great. Unsurprisingly, I felt like I consumed too may margaritas and creampuffs and watermelon cookies and s’mores. When things didn’t improve after three miles, I shut it down. You win some, you lose some.

What did you do for the holiday weekend?

Home For The 4th (and 5th) of July

Hiya, friends!  I hope your long holiday weekend is going great so far!  On Wednesday, I hopped on a flight home to Syracuse, and I’ve been fully enjoying Central New York.


A little different than New York City, right?

My first stop after the airport was Wegmans.  Obviously.


I have yet to find sushi that even comes close to this in NYC.

While home, I needed to complete a tempo run, so I signed up for my hometown’s 4th of July 5-K.


I debated whether or not I should write a race recap, but honestly, there isn’t too much to say.  I did a quick warm-up mile on the high school track, and excluding two big hills at mile one and two-ish where my pace creeped up to 8:1X, I hit and held my tempo pace.  Official finishing time was 23:36 (7:36), which I’ll take for not “racing.”  Shortly after, I took Zelda for a “recovery jog.”


Good news—the Mizuno Wave Sayonaras can withstand both road racing and greyhound walking!

Anyway, later that afternoon, my entire family—aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents—came over for 4th of July festivities.


My uncle’s girlfriend’s mother made this patriotic fruit salad, and I had to try really, really hard not to put away the entire spread.  The fruit was delicious, but it was the dip that proved to be my demise: fluff and cream cheese.  Yum!


Other shenanigans ensued.

And yesterday, I completed a five-mile recovery run before hitting the pool.  I mean LAKE!


Words cannot begin to describe how much I missed open-water swimming here.


My 20-minute “workout” consisted of a 10-minute warm up and 10-minutes of intervals.  I swam steady to a predetermined point, then swam hard back, and repeated this cycle.  My mom and dad spotted me, and this was the first time since last year they’ve seen me swim, bike, or run—and they were floored.  They said I looked like a completely different swimmer.  Woohoo for progress!

The rest of my day consisted of napping outside and trying not to get sunburned.


My extended family eventually visited for round two of festivities.  No pictures, but I will say we polished off a bottle of limoncello and citrus-flavored vodka.

How did you celebrate the 4th of July?

Will Run (Long) for Overnight Oats (in a Jar)

It’s no surprise I have a handful of go-to breakfast staples.  You’ve seen the main players that comprise my morning meal arsenal—whether it’s a veggie scramble, Kashi waffles with PB and banana slices, or my pre-race oatmeal, I love starting the day off with a filling and healthy meal.  Although I do my best to have each staple on a regular basis, I must confess, I do have a favorite:  if I were stuck on a deserted island and could have only one breakfast for the rest of my life, I know exactly what I’d choose.  This pick, however, usually has strings attached—an intense sweat session.


A 10-mile run around the lake was on today’s calendar.  I’m running the 10-mile 4th of July Foot Race around Cazenovia Lake, and I want to practice this course as much as possible.  There are unexpected twists and turns, plus some hills, and I want to know this route like the back of my hand come raceday.  I completed the run once before in May, but I wanted to give it a go at least one time before Independence Day.

At 6 a.m., my alarm went off, and I considered scaling down the run:  It was raining, I was sore from yesterday’s lift, the excuses just kept coming.  However, rainy weather isn’t the worst for running—strangely enough, I run pretty well when there’s precipitation—so I got dressed, ate a banana, chugged a few glasses of water, and headed out the door.

When I run, it takes me a while to warm-up thoroughly—usually 2.5-3 miles—and today was no exception.  Around mile two, my calves tightened up, my legs felt like a ton of bricks, and I questioned whether I could make it around the lake.  Luckily, I know this is normal, so I told myself to run through it, and I started setting mini-goals to make the 10 miles seem more feasible:  Run the mile you’re in; let’s get through mile three; now focus on mile four.  I tackled the first five miles in this fashion, and finally found my stride when I hit 5.5 miles.

Then, it started to pour.  Yuck!

I could feel myself closing in on a “hitting-the-wall” feeling, so I ripped open my GU Energy Gel and slugged it down.

(post-run photo)

Fifteen minutes later, my energy returned … and then my dad appeared in his car and asked if I wanted a ride home.  Ha!  Although it was tempting, I had already passed the seven-mile mark and knew I was nearing the homestretch.  The final mile seemed endless, but I finished the run at Lakeland Park and immediately checked my phone—I completed the 10-mile loop in 1:30!  This equates to 9:00/miles, but I’ll take it!  More importantly, I didn’t feel completely drained at the end, which is great because I have a half-marathon in August; I definitely could’ve pushed through three more miles.


Now back to the deserted island comrade.

Nestled in a cashew butter jar, you’ll find Chobani apple cinnamon yogurt, Kashi oatmeal, almond milk, and chia seeds.  Best breakfast ever.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and could have only one breakfast, what would it be?