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Last Day at Home

Hi, everyone—Happy Hump Day!  Was today your first workday of 2013?  Sadly, it’s my last 24 hours at home.  I’ve had so much fun spending time with my family, celebrating Christmas, and ringing in the new year, but I’m ready to head back to the Big Apple.  Don’t get me wrong; I’ve loved being at home, but it’s time to go back—my big-girl internship starts next week!


Last night marked my second-to-last dinner at home, and we had spicy shrimp with cilantro and lime, plus jasmine rice and steamed snow peas.


I mixed the spice blend, so I made sure the entire 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper made it in—love the heat!

Workout – Swimming

On Tuesday, I called the pool hotline about eight times, hoping to hear the updated hours, but last week’s message kept playing.  Even without confirmation, I headed over at 6:30 a.m. this morning:  It was pool or bust—I was determined to swim.  Thankfully, it was open (woohoo!), and my 45 minutes of drill work passed quickly.  If I counted my final set of 5x100s correctly, then I set a new record, but since it was about 1:30 faster than the times I’ve been clocking at Chelsea Piers, I’m going to assume I messed up.  We all know how much I like math—ha!


I was obviously ravenous after swimming, so I quickly cooked up a breakfast sandwich.


I usually use egg whites, but there was only the equivalent of one left in the carton; if I’m being honest, I was too hungry to walk to our fridge in the garage to get a new container, so I just added an egg.  It worked.

After breakfast, I drove to the Pewter Spoon Café to get coffee with MB.


It’s my hometown’s newest (and only true) coffee shop, and even though it opened about three months ago, I hadn’t been before today. The menu looked impressive—lots of breakfast sandwiches/wraps, soups, and salads—and the coffee comes from a local company, too.  Anyway, MB and I caught up and talked triathlons for more than an hour.  I had some questions for her, and it was great to discuss the upcoming season.  My first task when I get back to NYC?  Buying and getting fitted for aero-bars so I go faster and really look legit! (For the non-triathletes, aero-bars basically move your body into a more aerodynamic position, making you faster and more efficient.)

What I want to look like:



(70.3 and Ironman World Champion Leanda Cave.)

What I actually look like:


Girl can dream, right?

My mom, sister, and I ran some errands and went shopping this afternoon, and I stocked up on running shorts, and I finally found a new swimsuit.


Since I’m on the taller side, I’ve been struggling to find a swimsuit that’s “long” enough.  The first one I bought ended up being too big, and the one I wear now has stretched out quite a bit, yet somehow doesn’t stay up.  I hope this TYR one works! (Oh, and Craig Alexander is a TYR athlete, so I have high expectations.)


After shopping, we stopped at Cantina Laredo for lunch.


Yummy chicken tacos!

What’s your go-to brand of athletic apparel?  Do you have a hard time finding shoes, shorts, swimsuits, etc. that fit?

Seven Things

Hey, everyone—Happy Thursday!  I have a ton of information to share today, so I figured a list would keep everything clear and concise. (More for my benefit, really!)  Here we go!

1.  My mom and I went to Cantina Laredo for lunch yesterday.

I hoped our journey to the mall would lead us there!  Chips and salsa to start.

I ordered the vegetarian and gluten-free avocado enchiladas.

They were just OK; nothing to write home about.

2.  I purchased my blog domain:  Fitnessandfrozengrapes.com.


For $18, plus an additional $8 for “private registration,” it’s well worth the price tag.

3.  I have a big-girl interview in New York City next week for a paid editorial internship at a diet and fitness publication—woohoo!

Gerard Butler, feel free to crash on my couch anytime.

4.  Today’s tempo run kicked my booty.


On the bright side, I definitely earned tomorrow’s rest day.

5.  A cool bowl of overnight 60-plus-minute oats made it better.

I let the mixture—half of a banana (ate the first half before running), strawberries, Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup old fashioned oats, 1/3 cup almond milk, cinnamon, and chia seeds—sit in the fridge while I trudged along on the dreadmill.

6.  My bike underwent its first tune-up, and I picked it up at Syracuse Bicycle.

Don’t let the empty-looking parking lot fool you; I strategically planned my visit to avoid both the morning and lunchtime rushes, so I arrived at 11:40 a.m.  In addition to the tune-up, I also asked if the guys could install a second water bottle cage and a wireless computer, the Bontrager Trip 5W.

Because I’m trying to be as legit as possible; fake it ‘til you make it, right?

Plus a pleasant surprise—regripped handlebars!

So long, dirty and sweaty bike handlebar tape!

7.  When in doubt, make a salad.

Today’s blend included spinach, celery, carrots, apple slices, red pepper, and a homemade black bean burger.


Your turn:  Share seven things!

Lunch at Cantina Laredo

Hi, everyone!  I hope your Tuesday was great!  We’ve been shopping and running errands all day, so I’m totally exhausted; here are a few highlights.

Workout – Running

Today’s workout plan had a 40-minute on the calendar, but once I stepped outside, the chilly temperature immediately greeted me and seemed to say “fall is here”—frost covered the ground, and I saw my breath.  I refused to believe summer has left, so I started my run without long-sleeves, Under Armour, or any warmer clothing.  Big mistake.  I still didn’t feel warmed up after 30 minutes of running, so I called it a day.  Thursday’s workout was a 30-minute run, so I’ll complete a 40-minute one then.  No big deal.


When I prepped overnight oats last night, I had no idea it would be a chilly morning.  I definitely wasn’t craving a cold meal, but I devoured it anyway.

This bowl included strawberries, Greek yogurt, 1/3 cup of old fashioned oats, 1/3 cup of almond milk, cinnamon, and chia seeds.

Lunch at Catina Laredo

For the somewhat local readers, have you heard of Destiny USA?


Once known as Carousel Center, the four-story shopping and entertainment hub underwent a total renovation, which has been about 12 years in the making. (I’m going to date myself here and say I remember talking about Destiny USA in my 5th grade RLA class.) Progress is finally visible—like a new color scheme and more parking lots—and one of the new wings contains a slew of new-to-Syracuse restaurants, one of which is Cantina Laredo.  Mexican food sounded like the perfect break from back-to-college shopping, so my mom, sisters, and I decided to try it.  We started with some chips and salsa.

The spread included two bowls of salsa, and luckily, I had the spicy one all to myself.  What can I say?  The spicier, the better.  For my entrée, I debated between the fish tacos and chicken and avocado fajitas, and I ultimately went with the fajitas.

I’d like to draw your attention to the scoop of black beans—absolutely delicious.  Thanks to their perfectly ripe avocados, the fajitas tasted great, too.  My sister Ellen ordered chicken enchiladas, which were even better than my fajitas.

Mid-Afternoon Snack

I didn’t do so well on the photo front today in terms of snacks:  I had a Starbucks iced coffee with soy milk after lunch (just like yesterday, and unfortunately, the cute barista wasn’t working), and I inhaled a handful of almonds and some cantaloupe when I got home.  Whoops.


A certain greyhound was pretty excited about tonight’s meal.

Can you blame her?

Tofu on the grill plus roasted broccoli and mushrooms.

And a bowl of frozen grapes.

What’s your favorite type of ethnic food?