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My First Wipe Out

A rainy day in New York City (and a day off from work at JackRabbit Sports) calls for baking and napping.


I made a loaf of Paleo chocolate chip banana bread and enjoyed a brief siesta this afternoon.  After a late night JRab shoe biomechanics class and an early morning brick workout, I needed a nap.

So switching gears a bit, remember way back when I blogged about my Chinese horoscope?  Remember the injury projection and how I predicted a bike wipe out?


Well, it happened yesterday morning.

Our bike session in Central Park started off great.  My coach led one pace line and told me to take the front spot on the other—progress!  Anyway, as we made our way through the park, he told me to try moving into aero.  Riding this way makes me nervous, and honestly, I haven’t been able to hold this position on the road yet.


Being in aero while my bike’s hooked up to an indoor trainer is fine.  On the road, though, I can place only one arm on the aerobars; when I try to shift the other, things feel unstable, and I always chicken out.  But he’s my coach, and I trust him, so I gave it a shot, slowing moving my right hand and arm from the handlebars to the aerobars.

When I made the adjustment on the left, my bike drifted that way, and I panicked and overcompensated:  I steered too far to the right, which caused my bike and my coach’s bike to collide.  He’s an experienced cyclist, so he rode through it, but I went down and took another teammate with me.

Thankfully, everyone is fine.  I’m a little cut up on my knee (I’ll spare you pictures), but nothing serious.  The actual wipe out didn’t hurt, but I felt really bad:  My rookieness caused practice to stop and created an unsafe environment.

Even though I felt so frustrated and defeated, I got back in the saddle and finished the ride.  I wasn’t in a great place mentality, and my coach definitely noticed and gave me a pep talk.  My teammates were great too, checking in throughout the day and making sure I was feeling OK.

On the bright side, I couldn’t have asked for a better (?) first wipe out.  After all, I was riding with my coach and teammates, so I wasn’t alone, and we were in a familiar location.  Plus, no one was seriously injured.  And it’s the nature of the sport too.  As my Twitter buddy Chris so eloquently says:


How do you pick yourself up after you’ve been knocked down?

Being a Horse in the Year of the Snake

Good morning, friends, and happy Tuesday!  I kicked off my day with a run and strength training session in my new Sauconys.


So far, so good!  I wore them for the warm up and technique drills at yesterday’s Full Throttle Endurance run workout and slipped into my Mizunos for the 40 minutes of tempo work.  (We completed the same workout as last week, alternating between tempo pace on the track and tempo pace on the ‘mill with hills.  It still kicked my butt, but not as much as it did last week.  It’s all about progress.) Anyway, I’m slowly breaking in the new sneakers, so I’ll keep you posted.  The feel a little heavier than the Mizuno Wave Elixirs, but they offer more support, which is a fair tradeoff.

On the walk home from practice, I received a lovely notification via my countdown app.


Six months and counting!

So, at work yesterday, I was doing work-y things when I found a story about the Chinese New Year.  Basically, we’re now in the year of the snake, so I obviously needed to see what my Chinese horoscope projected for 2013.  Umm, this reading is dead on. (As you’ll see below, I’m a horse.)


Guilty as charged.  As a type-A person, I thrive off organizing, planning, scheming, moving, socializing, you name it; I’m always moving full force ahead, and I totally have trouble sitting still, slowing down, and stopping to smell the flowers—or switching from a gallop to a walk, according to my horoscope.

Next, there’s this injury projection.


Does triathloning count as an extreme sport?  In all seriousness, though, a bike wipeout could totally happen.  I’ve been really lucky on that front—even though I anticipated it, I didn’t get up close and personal with the pavement when I got clipless shoes and pedals—so I almost feel like a crash is inevitable.  If I had to guess, I’d say it will probably occur during one of my first few rides outside when I go aero. (On a semi-related note–triathletes, do you have any recommendations for an aerobars-compatible saddle?  I definitely need to get one installed this weekend.)

Let’s talk travel.


Miami here I come!

Like the previous sections, this next paragraph is totally true.


Even though there were classes and classmates and professors I didn’t always enjoy, I really loved college and had a great experience; I definitely miss the academic/intellectual side of it—reading theory, doing analysis, and having critical discussions.  At least it says biking can help keep “depression at bay”—yikes.

And with Valentine’s Day coming up, this horoscope couldn’t overlook love.


Yeah, I’ll admit I’m critical and have high expectations—hello, type-A!—and patience isn’t exactly my virtue.  This stems from the fact that I hold myself to very high standards, so I expect the same from others.

Good news ahead, though!


Does this allude to my now full-time big-girl internship?  Or maybe I’ll find an official big-girl job!

Oh, and I have this clause somewhat under control.


In college, I took three economics classes:  I convinced my adviser to let the introductory course count as my math requirement (remember my powers of persuasion?), and I took two upper-level courses as a senior—Introduction to Investments and Portfolio Analysis.  I learned a ton about navigating the stock market, investing wisely, and building a balanced portfolio.

Please check the original link and let me know if your horoscope is as accurate as mine!

Do you check your horoscope often?  What does your Chinese horoscope say about you?  Have you ever been read by a psychic?