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Link Love and Furniture Shopping for New York City, Take Two

Because one spree isn’t enough.

Hey, friends—Happy Friday!  Do you have plans for the weekend?  It’s been raining all afternoon, so it’s going to be a low-key evening.  Tomorrow, though, the fam is going to my cousin’s football game.  I haven’t been to a high school football game in … well, since high school.  Funny how that works.

Yesterday afternoon, I got some serious link love from my friends at Chelsea Piers and Full Throttle Endurance.  We’re talking two social media outlets—Facebook and Twitter.

So cool!

Did you miss the recap of FTE’s swim practice at Chelsea Piers?

Unfortunately, these screenshots were the sole pictures I snapped yesterday.  For lunch, I had more healthy curried chicken salad, which tasted even better leftover; we also had our neighbors over for drinks and hors d’oeuvres, which also went undocumented.  Whoops.  Just picture lots of red wine, cheese and crackers, veggies and dip, plus some tasty finger sandwiches.  No dinner after was required thanks to the copious amount of cheese I ate.

Workout – Running

This morning, I “slept in” and answered some emails before tackling a 7.25-mile run.  For me, this qualifies as a semi-long run, although I know my marathon-training friends would say different. (One day!) Even though it was lightly misting, I still had a great, low-key outing, minus my iPod shuffle dying about 15 minutes in. (I even charged it last night—what the heck!) “Running naked” ended up being a nice treat, and I also left my compression sleeves at home.  The eight-mile threshold is usually when my calves crave compression, but I was still pleasantly surprised there were no tightening issues.  Woohoo!


We go through a lot of peanut butter, which works out perfectly for an overnight-oats-in-a-jar addict like me.

This morning’s mix included one mashed banana, plain Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup old fashioned oats, 1/2 cup almond milk, and plenty of chia seeds.


Before heading to Raymour & Flanigan for furniture shopping round two, I made a veggie scramble.

With a one-egg and one-egg-white base, I added leftover roasted asparagus and red peppers, plus some tofu for extra protein. (Plus Sriracha, obviously!) I also ate a few handfuls of grapes.

Onto some good news:  Guess who has big-girl furniture for her big-girl apartment?

This girl!  I ended up going with the sofa sleeper, accent chair, and ottoman.

This area rug. (And the blurry dining set.)

And a dresser and nightstand I totally forgot to take a picture of, probably because I was so excited!

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I found out today I won a GNC Twitter giveaway.

All I had to do was click “retweet,” so I figured what the heck.

Wow!  First the #RunChat prize package and now a Total Lean Pumpkin Spice Shake?  Heck, maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket.

Have you ever won a prize or giveaway (either virtual or in “real life”)?

Furniture Shopping for New York City

Hello!  I just got home from furniture shopping—well, more like previewing—for my big-girl apartment in New York City. (You can read about the two-part adventure here and here.) Since Raymour & Flanigan has stores in the city, my parents and I decided to shop for furniture here in Central New York and then have it delivered to my apartment.  Before sharing some of my favorite pieces, let’s zip through a few eats.


Last night, we had baked organic and local free-range chicken with roasted broccoli, zucchini, and red peppers.

It was OK (you know how I feel about chicken), and I plan to repurpose and jazz up the leftovers for tonight’s meal.  If my creative juices prove successful, I might have a blog-worthy recipe to share tomorrow.


I woke up wanting bananas and PB, so I didn’t have to think outside the box for today’s morning meal.

Two Kashi waffles with PB and banana slices hit the spot.


Before heading to Raymour & Flanigan with my mom, I had a bowl of quick ravioli and spinach soup.

Plus apple slices with PB for dessert.

Shopping fuel came in the form of a Starbucks soy latte.

As my first-ever soy latte, this drink gets two thumbs up.  It was sweeter than I expected, and my mom told me the barista used vanilla soymilk.  I’m used to unsweetened almond milk, so that explains the surge of sweetness.  Does Starbucks usually use vanilla soymilk?  Just curious.

Anyway, time for the fun stuff—furniture shopping!

My mom and I hit up Raymour & Flanigan this afternoon.  Our main priorities today included a sleeper sofa and area rug; we also briefly looked at three-piece dining sets, and we still need to do some searching on the dresser and nightstand side of things.  Here’s sleeper soft option one.

And option two.

I love the color scheme and print of the second choice; it’s definitely my front-runner so far.  Plus, there’s a really cute matching chair.


In terms of the area rugs, these three jumped out.

(The weird lighting and my iPhone skewed the colors a bit.)

I’m a fan of the third option.  In fact, Henre, the salesperson we worked with, said it used to be on display with the sleeper sofa option two.  Coincidence?  We’re also leaning toward this dining set.

(So blurry–sorry!)

With its two drop leaves, the table can be made smaller to save space; or, like in the picture, one leaf can drop, so the table can go up against a wall.  Next, we briefly looked at mattresses.

I liked this firmness, and I’m still debating which size (full or queen) to get.

What are some of your favorite furniture or home goods stores?  How did you go about selecting pieces and designing a space?