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Home For The 4th (and 5th) of July

Hiya, friends!  I hope your long holiday weekend is going great so far!  On Wednesday, I hopped on a flight home to Syracuse, and I’ve been fully enjoying Central New York.


A little different than New York City, right?

My first stop after the airport was Wegmans.  Obviously.


I have yet to find sushi that even comes close to this in NYC.

While home, I needed to complete a tempo run, so I signed up for my hometown’s 4th of July 5-K.


I debated whether or not I should write a race recap, but honestly, there isn’t too much to say.  I did a quick warm-up mile on the high school track, and excluding two big hills at mile one and two-ish where my pace creeped up to 8:1X, I hit and held my tempo pace.  Official finishing time was 23:36 (7:36), which I’ll take for not “racing.”  Shortly after, I took Zelda for a “recovery jog.”


Good news—the Mizuno Wave Sayonaras can withstand both road racing and greyhound walking!

Anyway, later that afternoon, my entire family—aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents—came over for 4th of July festivities.


My uncle’s girlfriend’s mother made this patriotic fruit salad, and I had to try really, really hard not to put away the entire spread.  The fruit was delicious, but it was the dip that proved to be my demise: fluff and cream cheese.  Yum!


Other shenanigans ensued.

And yesterday, I completed a five-mile recovery run before hitting the pool.  I mean LAKE!


Words cannot begin to describe how much I missed open-water swimming here.


My 20-minute “workout” consisted of a 10-minute warm up and 10-minutes of intervals.  I swam steady to a predetermined point, then swam hard back, and repeated this cycle.  My mom and dad spotted me, and this was the first time since last year they’ve seen me swim, bike, or run—and they were floored.  They said I looked like a completely different swimmer.  Woohoo for progress!

The rest of my day consisted of napping outside and trying not to get sunburned.


My extended family eventually visited for round two of festivities.  No pictures, but I will say we polished off a bottle of limoncello and citrus-flavored vodka.

How did you celebrate the 4th of July?

Mizuno Wave Sayonara Review

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Mizuno.

Thanks to my big-girl job at the running store, I’ve become a big-time shoe geek.  During my shifts on the floor, I’m encouraged to wear the sneakers we sell so I can speak knowledgeably about important characteristics, defining differences, and general fit, feel, and function.  So when I found out I had the opportunity to review the Mizuno Wave Sayonara (it hits stores today, July 5!) I was pumped!


For my fellow shoe/Mizuno geeks, the Sayonara fuses elements from both the Elixir and Precision, resulting in a neutral, super-light sneaker that’s designed for performance and road racing. (The Sayonara weighs less than both the Elixir and Precision; the women’s version is 7.1 oz, and the men’s model is 8.1 oz.  I tested the men’s shoe because my feet are huge.)


Let me #shoegeek out for a second and talk about the Sayonara’s structure.  Following the brand’s signature design, it holds the ankle/heel area tightly, begins to widen out toward the mid-foot, and offers plenty of wiggle room in the toe box.  Think of it like a pyramid.  This fit works for me because I like a sneaker that straps me in, but doesn’t suffocate my foot.


Ignore the mud–the finish area of my local 5-K ended in a swamp-like area.

And now a quick ode to heel technology:  I love a shoe with a foam heel.  Not only does it weigh less than gel, but to me, it seems springy and more responsive.  All Mizunos have foam heels, and the Sayonara is no exception.  Plus, the shoe has a 10mm heel-to-toe drop, so it contains less cushioning than traditional, 12mm drop sneakers.  This reduction in padding makes for a light, springy ride that’s closer to the ground.  During my first test run, in which I ran off the bike, my legs obviously weren’t 100 percent fresh, and the Sayonara, specifically its heel, worked to propel me forward.


Since this initial run, I’ve rocked these shoes for more bricks and tempo runs, including yesterday’s 4th of July 5-K.


Mizuno describes the Sayonara as a light, everyday training shoe, and I definitely agree.  It’s a perfect sneaker for short, quick runs—think tempo, speedwork, and intervals.  Even though I love these structured workouts, I also enjoyed wearing the Sayonaras during my five-, six-, and seven-miler training runs:  along the West Side Highway, through Central Park, and (for the next few days) in my tiny hometown in Upstate New York.  Having the opportunity to decompress, zone out, and push your body to give 100 percent of what it can are my Mezamashii running moments.

What does Mezamashii running mean to you?

Full disclosure:  Through FitFluential, I received a pair of Mizuno Wave Sayonara sneakers to review.  This post is compensated, and as always, all opinions expressed are my own.