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I Mean …

Oomph. This has been the longest, strangest week. And it’s only Wednesday. Everything has seemed off—both at practice and at work. Are the tides changing?

Happy National Running Day!


Just being a model (again) and hamming it up at work.

If using a crockpot during the summer is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.


Chicken has returned to the rotation thanks to this recipe. I made some swaps—chicken breasts instead of thighs, one can of black beans and one cup of quinoa instead of two cups of black beans, all the sweet potatoes, etc.—and I highly recommend this meal if you like Mexican/Latin flavors. So good.

Speaking of food, almond butter and jelly has been my, erm, jam. Before every bike workout, I toast a waffle and layer on this combo. I’m a little kid at heart.

… and I’m a little kid who can’t count. During swim workouts, I can keep track of laps up to 200 yards, but then all is lost. If the actual swimmers have any tips, then I’m all ears. #wannabeswimmer

Somehow, I end up in charge during workouts. Even though I got bumped up a cycling group, I’m definitely on the brink—meaning I’m the slowest and hanging on for dear life—but everyone turns to me: “Carrie, what’s the workout? Carrie, when do we attack? Carrie, should we be sitting or standing for these climbs?” It’s amusing because (1) I’m the youngest, and (2) I’m the least experienced. Yes, this happens during swim and run too, but who would’ve thought I’d be captaining my bike group? Certainly not me.

All I want is a maxi dress that actually touches the floor. I went shopping on Thursday and tried on all the clothes, but could not find one acceptable dress. You’re to blame, swimming shoulders and cycling legs.

I don’t blog about work a ton, but it’s going well. However, in recent weeks, I’ve been struggling to maintain a work/life balance. My schedule is unique (I’m off Thursdays and Sundays), which makes it tough to leave work at work, especially during the week. When I was the editor of my college’s newspaper, I trouble pressing “stop”—signing off email, taking a break from editing articles, and leaving the computer suite even though the InDesign layout wasn’t complete. I’m hardwired to work hard—if you’re going to do it, then really do it and give it 150 percent—and this is a blessing and a curse. I need to figure out how to “power down,” and I hope changing my work schedule will help.

How do you “unplug” after work?

Happy National Running Day!

Good morning and Happy National Running Day, friends!


I totally spaced on this healthy holiday until I read Tina’s blog post after my jog, but I celebrated like a runnerd nonetheless.  Who is celebrating National Running Day?


I woke up at 6 a.m., drowsed for an hour, got out of bed at 7 a.m., and kicked off the morning with an easy 2.75 mile jog.  My legs felt much better than they did yesterday, probably because I wasn’t sprinting for an extended period of time.  Even though it can be a bit chilly (around 50 degrees today), I love morning workouts; penciling in an a.m. sweat session gives you a reason to wake up and start your day off on the right (read: healthy, energized, you name it) foot.  Plus, for me, working out in the morning means I only need to take one shower.  It’s all about going green, folks.


I had half of a banana and a glass of water before heading out, so I wanted to incorporate the remaining portion into this morning’s meal.

It was cool outside during my run, so I decided on a warm breakfast of Kashi oatmeal, half a banana, and a sprinkle of chia seeds.  I also had a hot mug of coffee. (This is my second cup; I drank my first serving while I read blogs and got caught up on emails.)

I’m off to take Zelda the greyhound for a walk.  Toodles!