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Hurricane Sandy—Keep on Keepin’ On

Greetings from Starbucks!

(Can we please note the festive cup?  When I camped out here yesterday, Starbucks didn’t hand out these holiday ones.  Maybe Nov. 1 marks the start of winter festivities?  Too soon?)

Friends, thank you so much for your texts, tweets, and comments; I feel so loved and lucky you’re concerned about me and my fellow New York City Hurricane Sandy warriors.  So how are things?  Well, I’m keepin’ on—still no power, but luckily, there’s a vacant apartment in my building that has running water, so my grunginess has been resolved. (City officials say power should be restored Friday, so keep your fingers crossed!) I’ve also been enjoying some romantic candlelight dinners.

Taking food photos hasn’t been a high priority at this point, but I am working on a couple “upbeat” Hurricane Sandy-related posts.  Oh, and my workouts have also fallen to the wayside—Chelsea Piers is closed indefinitely, and I haven’t been running since Monday—so I’m not sure if I’ll do Saturday’s Dash to the Finish Line 5-K.  I hope to run this afternoon, and I plan to make a decision regarding the race Friday night/Saturday morning.  Actually, holding the NYC Marathon has been a hotly debated topic.  Hurricane Sandy successfully destroyed the city’s marathon fever, but according to race officials, Sunday’s 26.2 mile event will go on as planned.  Even though I don’t have power, I still want everyone (who can) to run the marathon.  After all, they’ve trained hard and logged the miles, so as long as the city and course pass safety precautions, I say take on the 26.2 trek!  That being said, though, I think race officials should offer runners the option of transferring their registration to next year (if that’s logistically possible, of course).

Updated to edit:  I just found out Saturday’s NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5-K has been cancelled.  Race officials want Sunday’s marathon to be their “sole focus,” which is totally understandable.

Given Hurricane Sandy’s damage, would you run a race on Saturday?  How about the marathon on Sunday?

Write It Down, Do It Up – Week of Oct. 28

Hey, hey!  Guess who signed up for her first New York City race?  This girl!

That’s right—on Saturday morning, I’ll be running the NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5-K.  Not only will this be my first event of any kind in more than one month, but it will also be my first “straight up” roadrace (no swimming or biking beforehand) since … August’s half-marathon?  Wow.  Even though I want to do well, I need to keep a few things in mind when I toe the start line:

-Since this will be my first time being in a “competitive” (read:  race) environment in two months, I will inevitably be rusty, and it’s likely the pre-run jitters will seem more intense than usual.

-I’ve logged miles, but I haven’t truly trained for this 5-K race:  no tempo runs, no intervals, and no speedwork (unless sporadic fartleks count).  Therefore, I can’t go into the event with the expectation to “race” it.

-My mom and sister will be visiting—yaya!—and I have plans the night before the race, so I definitely won’t be hitting the hay at my usual grandma/pre-race bedtime; fatigue will most likely be a factor on Saturday morning.

Full Throttle Endurance (FTE) off-season training begins the next day. (Yes!) I want to make a good first impression, and it wouldn’t be great if I showed up sore, injured, etc.


I’ll go into my race plan later this week, but basically, I will not be “racing” this event.  Rather, I’m using it as an opportunity to run some miles in a competitive environment.  Yes, I still want to do well, but setting a new PR (personal record) will not be a priority.  Speaking of, I’m meeting with Andrew of FTE two times this week to swim and bike.  Aside from those scheduled workouts, though, everything below is tentative depending on when/if/how hard Hurricane Sandy hits.  Here’s the latest edition of Write It Down, Do It Up! (If you’re new to WIDDIU, here’s how it works:  Every Sunday evening, I’ll post my workout schedule for the week, and I invite you to do the same.  This way, we can motivate each other and hold ourselves accountable.  Sounds like a win-win, right?)

Monday – swim workout with Andrew; run; strength train

Tuesday – a.m. bike; p.m. yoga

Wednesday – bike workout with Andrew; run

Thursday – run; strength train; swim

Friday – shakeout run

SaturdayNYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5-K

Sunday – off/easy run (and spectate the ING NYC Marathon, obviously!)

For those of you who raced this weekend (*cough* Gina *cough*), how did it go?  Anyone else doing the Dash to the Finish Line?  How about the NYC Marathon this Sunday?

My Potential New York City Race Calendar

Did you know Active.com named the Big Apple its top city for running?  Pretty cool, right?

Since triathlon season has ended, and my last true roadrace was my disastrous half-marathon, I’m itching to add some “straight up” running events to my fall/winter calendar.  And since Kristen and I have been talking about races, I created a tentative race calendar.  Here are a few runs I’m eying, and even though I haven’t registered for any yet, I hope to participate in most of these.

NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5-K


Even though I’m not running the world-famous ING New York City Marathon this year, I definitely want in on the 26.2 mayhem.

Date:  Saturday, Nov. 3

Distance:  5-K

Jingle Bell Jog


‘Tis the running season!  Held at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, this race is all about holiday cheer.  Plus, proceeds benefit NYRR’s Youth Programs.

Date:  Saturday, Dec. 8

Distance:  4 miles

NYCRUNS Hot Chocolate 5-/10-K


Running and chocolate—need I say more?

Date:  Sunday, Dec. 16

Distance:  5-/10-K

Emerald Nuts Midnight Run


OK, so running a race on New Year’s Eve is nuts, but it could also be the best idea ever.  What better way to begin 2013 than with a resolution run?  It would totally set the tempo for the next 365 days, and there will be fireworks and a costume parade.

Date:  Monday, Dec. 31

Distance:  4 miles

Which races are you running this fall and winter?  Have any NYC runners completed any of these races?  Anyone want to run one with me?