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Top Health and Fitness Blogs Award

Happy Hump Day!  I hope you’re staying warm; it’s crazy cold here.


Since I’m from the tundra Central New York, I should be used to this weather and shouldn’t be complaining.  On the bright side, at least there’s no snow.  Anyway, I have some exciting news to share today:  Fitness and Frozen Grapes won an award!


eCollegeFinder recently released its list of the best “wellness, health, and fitness blogs on the Internet,” which it calls the “greatest resources in the health and fitness blogging community,” and someone (thank you!) nominated me!  If you want to add more blogs to your reader, then definitely check out the other winners, including Alex and Hollie!

Workout #1 – Biking

Another Wednesday, another Full Throttle Endurance indoor cycling session.  During our 10-minute warm-up, Andrew confirmed this week is our last big push for the month, meaning we’ll back off the intensity on Monday.  With that in mind, we completed a killer workout today that focused on increasing cadence and building strength.  It wasn’t exactly like Monday’s “shorter, shorter, quicker, quicker” workout, though.  We started off with some high turnover rate drills (one minute greater than 110 RPM, then one minute at 90 RMP; repeat four times).  Next, we increased resistance and maintained cadence, and finally we completed four intervals at 80-90 percent effort.  Whew!

Workout #2 – Swimming

Next, I hopped in the pool for a reverse-brick workout. (The training schedule called for a swim, but a few of my teammates brought sneakers so they could practice running off the bike, which I plan to do next week.) Let’s just say it’s a good thing the bike comes after the swim during an actual triathlon.  I tried to work through the drills and maintain good technique, but I felt totally gassed after 20 minutes.  I wanted to push through and swim for half an hour, but I could feel my form going down the tubes, so I called it a day.


After having my hair freeze walking back to my apartment, I wanted oatmeal and not my usual breakfast sandwich.  Since I have a few super ripe bananas, I figured “oatless” oatmeal would be perfect.


And it was indeed—with some strawberries and almond butter.  So not only did my breakfast choice prove surprising, but so did my luck shopping for big-girl internship clothes!


The Gap came through—dot legging jeans, print denim top, navy blazer, and three pairs of socks.  I guess navy/denim is in right now?  Ha!  Would it be bad to say another purchase made me just as excited?


The indoor cycling studio at Chelsea Piers has a state-of-the-art Suunto heart rate training system, so people can wear compatible heart rate monitors that track and display data on three huge screens located at the front of the room. (The system also emails the wearer stats at the end of each workout, so they can track improvement.) During our spin sessions, Andrew relays target heart rate percentages for each drill (70 percent, 80 percent, etc.), so this Suunto monitor ensures I’ll be on track.


More leftover spicy black bean quinoa.


There’s some wilted spinach underneath the avocado and quinoa, promise.

Would you rather shop for “real”/work clothes or fitness apparel?

So Much Snow

Happy Thursday, friends!  I hope you had a great holiday and have started to recover accordingly.  My family and I spent the day hanging out, reading, and organizing Christmas leftovers.  The first order of business included putting cookies in Tupperware and burying them in the freezer.


Out of sight, out of mind, right?


I haven’t broken into these frozen stashes yet, but I did eat wayyy too many of my grandma’s Italian venetian cookies.  So many, in fact, that they’re all gone, which means no picture.  Whoops.  Anyway, we also laid low yesterday because of a winter storm warning for Central New York; we got easily 10 inches of snow last night, and it’s still coming down.  Plus, the lake finally froze over.


The bad weather even caused my local pool/fitness center to close, which I discovered after digging my car out of the snow and driving there.  Oh well.  Fingers crossed it’s open tomorrow.


My breakfast started off with an unpictured banana I ate before going to the pool, and after coming back home, I made “oatless” oatmeal an hour or so later.


I followed the recipe, except I substituted almond extract for vanilla.  I didn’t taste a difference, but that’s probably because of the huge glob of Justin’s chocolate almond butter.  Would you believe Santa put a jar in my stocking?  He knows me well! (And there’s no way it will last more than a few days!)

Workout – Running

After letting my breakfast digest, I headed outside to run.  This wasn’t the greatest idea—the temperature notched 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and the snow continued to fall—but I will do anything (and run in anything) to avoid the dreadmill.


One of my go-to routes takes about 45 minutes to complete, but it took me an hour to run it today.  Yeah, it took my body about 40 minutes to warm up (ha!), but the roads desperately needed to be plowed again—no sign of pavement.


Please note the snowbank on the left; it reached my hip!  I would’ve been better off running in snowshoes!


After showering, I heated up a bowl of homemade shrimp bisque.


Mmmm!  I was still hungry, so I put together a plate of Christmas leftovers for round two.


My uncle’s girlfriend made these delicious jalapeno-stuffed peppers with cream cheese, sausage, and cheese, and I also had a little wild rice.  I’m thinking an apple with some chocolate nut butter is in order!

How are you recovering from the holidays?  Have you taken down Christmas decorations yet?  What about your tree?  Would you ever run in the snow?

I Think I Swam Next to Vince Vaughn

Hey, friends!  Might as well address this post’s title ASAP:  Yeah, I think I swam next to Vince Vaughn at Chelsea Piers this afternoon. (I also did a quick 45-minute tempo run at 75 percent effort this morning as per my pre-season triathlon plan.) Obviously, it was tough to confirm if the guy in the neighboring lane was the real deal or just a doppelganger, but he looked like the actor.  He seemed tall, too, but again it was tough to tell because he was in the water.  Here’s the kicker, though:  The real Vince Vaughn is currently in New York City filming a movie.  Hmmm.  Oh, and there were ladies in the locker room talking about what it was like when Beyoncé visited the facility.  Coincidence?


I planned to make a spinach and egg white sandwich after my run, but my toaster mysteriously broke, so I made “oatless” oatmeal instead.


I lined the bottom of the bowl with frozen strawberries for some extra sweetness—mmm!


After my potential celebrity sighting, I whipped up a protein smoothie.


The NYC weather has been all over the place—it was 50 degrees during my run, and it’s close to 60 now—so a cool meal sounded appealing.  This drink contained one frozen banana, frozen blueberries, frozen kale, almond milk, and one scoop of Jay Robb egg white protein powder.

OK, back to writing and editing, but first, congratulations to Fleet Feet Syracuse (my people!) for its recognition as the top running store in America—woohoo!

Have you ever seen a celebrity? (Or a celebrity lookalike?)

Cleaning Out the Fridge

Happy, happy Friday!  This week seemed to drag by, huh?  Probably because Thanksgiving is next week.  Although I love New York City, I’ve definitely experiencing some “cabin fever,” and a few days back home will be a nice change.


In an effort to eat all my perishable food before heading home for Thanksgiving, I’ve started to base my meals on one ingredient.  Somehow, I’ve overlooked a package of Swiss cheese in the fridge, so last night’s meal needed to incorporate it.  Hello, pesto tilapia.

Plus some roasted peppers, broccoli, and mushrooms on the side.  Since I have about five slices of cheese left, there’s a good chance tonight’s dinner will be a repeat.


Again, it’s all about using food before it goes bad.  This morning’s ingredient?  A banana. (Why yes, I do have exactly enough bananas to consume one each day before I head home.  Have I mentioned I’m type A?) “Oatless” oatmeal came to mind, and for good measure, I poured the warm mixture into an almost-empty PB jar. (My mom actually brought up this jar last weekend when she visited; she knows me so well.)

Oh my goodness.  Warm, melted PB is life changing.  That is all.  Moving on.

After breakfast, I got dressed for my big-girl job internship interview.

In hindsight, I probably should’ve taken a selfie, but I’m so not good at those.  Anyway, overall, the interview went really well!  Out of all three I’ve had so far, this one definitely went the best, and it’s also the most favorable offer (read:  paid).  Time to cross my fingers and toes!


So what else do I have to eat?  Leftover roasted veggies and turkey.  Sounds like a perfect salad base.

I also had an apple and some carrots.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Back in the Groove

Hey, there—Happy Hump Day!  Did you watch the presidential debate last night?

During my run this morning, I spotted this advertisement.  It’s relevant and share-worthy, but there will be no more talk about politics.  Promise.

On a lighter note, I’ve officially sucked the funk out of my system, and I’m feeling like my normal self.  My highjinx with Gabby and Connie definitely helped, and now that I’ve been living in New York City for two weeks, I’ve settled into a groove, which thankfully includes yoga; I had a great class with Hilaria at Yoga Vida yesterday afternoon.

Home is where the mat is.


After a restorative practice, I made blackened tofu and green beans.

Once the protein blocks were coated with extra-virgin olive oil, I rubbed on the spice mixture and cooked the strips on the stovetop.

Workout – Running

For a scenery change, I ran on the High Line this morning.

Built on an historic freight rail line that’s elevated above the city’s streets on the west side, this public park spans 1.45 miles.  Another green space in Manhattan is never a bad thing.  I ran the path twice, and my workout flew by!  It was a perfect low-key run.

Note to self:  Swing by for the food!


Why, hello, first batch of NYC “oatless” oatmeal.

It turned out really well; I mashed an entire banana and lined the bottom of the bowl with frozen blueberries.  Yummy!

After breakfast, I headed to the Union Square Greenmarket to pick up some produce.

And I almost got these festive cookies–so cute!

Anyway, I’ve been trying to decide where to do the bulk of my grocery shopping, and the two players include Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.  However, this market took me by surprise.  Compared to the chains, its produce is fresher and cheaper, which isn’t surprising given the “food mile” concept.  Plus, absolutely everything comes from local sources, which also makes it totally seasonal.  Check out today’s haul.

One tomato, two zucchinis, two red peppers, and five apples for about $8—success!  Until the market closes in November, I plan to get my fruits and veggies from there and use Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods to supplement my finds.


Shortly before 1 p.m., I whipped up a protein smoothie that included one frozen banana, frozen kale, frozen blueberries, almond milk, and one scoop of Jay Robb egg white protein powder.

I’m still a little hungry, though, so it’s back to the kitchen; Chobani and/or almonds sound pretty tasty.

Where do you go grocery shopping?  Is there a farmers market near you?

Special Talents

Hey, hey—Happy Saturday!  I’m up and blogging at ‘em early because my mom and I are off to the mall.  Anthropologie, here I come!


Say hello to tempeh, my new favorite vegetarian protein.  Sorry, tofu; we had a great run, but this nutty and grainy option has become my go-to.

Thirty minutes marinating and 10 minutes grilling.  Can’t get much easier, right?  Paired with roasted broccoli, mushrooms, and red pepper—plus some of my uncle’s homegrown peppers—this meal was solid all around.  Including in the dessert department.


Armed with liquid egg whites, I prepared “oatless” oatmeal this morning.  Shopping requires some serious fuel.

To the usual base, I added banana slices and frozen blueberries.

According to this week’s workout plan, Saturday was going to be an easy run or a rest day, and I chose the latter.  Yesterday’s 7.25-mile outing was the longest and farthest I’ve run since my half-marathon in August.  And although I don’t mind running in the rain, my right knee thinks precipitation is less than ideal:  I had reconstructive meniscus and ACL surgery the summer before my junior year of high school, and even though my right leg is totally fine now (actually stronger than it was pre-surgery), it has the tendency to “predict” when it’s going to rain. (The change in barometric pressure causes it to swell and sometimes hurt.) Basically, I’m like Karen from Mean Girls.

Anyway, since I’m feeling the effects from yesterday’s “forecast,” and especially since it’s raining now, I’m going to list to my body and rest up.

During my high school AP Language class senior year, my weatherwoman tendencies proved to be quite funny, especially because my teacher (a fellow William Smith alumna) also had ACL surgery.  Class discussions seamlessly transitioned from a lecture on direct objects to a weather forecast.  Good times.

Do you have any “special talents”?

“Oatless” Oatmeal

OK, friends.  I’m a girl of my word, and I promised to share my version of Paleo-friendly, “oatless” oatmeal.

If you love grainy old-school oatmeal, then you may have a difficult time adjusting to the smooth, creamy texture of this “oatless” version.

It has an acquired taste, and it’s definitely worth the trying exposure period.

Plus, it does a much better job of keeping you satisfied until your next meal.

It’s time to channel your inner caveperson and jump spoon-first into this Paleo dishhere’s how to make “Oatless” Oatmeal.


1/4 cup liquid egg whites

1/2 cup almond milk

2 tbsp. flaxseed

1 tbsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 tbsp. chia seeds

1/2 banana mashed


1.  In a small bowl, whisk together liquid egg whites and almond milk.  Add flaxseed, cinnamon, vanilla, chia seeds, and mashed banana.  Mix well. (If you don’t want “lumpy” oats, make sure you mash the banana really well.)

2.  Spray a small saucepan with non-stick cooking spray. (I used PAM.) Cook mixture on low heat and stir frequently until it reaches oatmeal-like consistency. (This should take about three-five minutes.)

3.  Remove from heat and add desired toppings. (I usually slice up the other half of the banana and sprinkle blueberries on top.)

Taking Inventory

Happy Hump Day, everyone!  How’s it going?  For me, today epitomized the middle-of-the-week funk.

This is so a Wednesday picture, right?  Lots of cleaning, organizing, and taking inventory for my move to New York City—yaya!


After spending four jam-packed days in the Big Apple and eating out for my grandma’s birthday, I was more than ready for a home-cooked meal.  Last night, we went with an old favorite.

Spicy shrimp with cilantro and lime plus roasted broccoli and mushrooms left me feeling satisfied.  But not stuffed to the brim so I couldn’t enjoy a bowl of frozen grapes.

It had been far too long.

Workout – Bike-Run Brick

Clear skies and no precipitation meant all systems were go for my final pre-DeRuyter Lake Triathlon brick workout.  Both segments were relatively uneventful, except for this morning’s cooler temperatures.  It wasn’t freezing, but it definitely felt (and smelled) like fall, which got me thinking about how a chillier race-day forecast could affect my performance.  All summer, I’ve been training in warm conditions (obviously), and with temperatures starting to cool down, I haven’t practiced as much as I would’ve liked prior to Saturday’s triathlon.  For example, on the bike today, I never truly warmed up; it didn’t hinder the ride too much, but I definitely noticed a difference when it came time to run:  “Jell-O-legs” feel heavier when it’s chilly.  I can only control the controllables—like my training and nutrition—and I’m hoping the thermometer hits Saturday’s projected high of 67 degrees by 9 a.m.  On the bright side, I probably don’t have to worry about the triathlon being wetsuit-legal.


Following the chilly brick, a warm meal sounded perfect.  I attempted to make almond “oatless” oatmeal, but the almond extract proved to be too overpowering.

Speaking of Paleo-friendly oatmeal, I’ll post my go-to recipe tomorrow morning.  Let me know what you think!


I ran some errands with my mom this morning, so I enjoyed a late-for-me 2 p.m. lunch of quick ravioli and spinach soup.

Plus last night’s leftover roasted veggies.

And a peach for dessert.

Fueled by soup and veggies, I tackled the remains of my college glory days.

Yikes!  Bag by bag, bin by bin, I took inventory of what needed to be thrown out, what could be donated to the Salvation Army, and what was acceptable to bring to my big-girl apartment. (“This is a grown-up apartment now.” SATC the Movie anymore?)

Since I’m a type-A person, I thrive on organizing, so it was this process was quite therapeutic.  Weird, I know.

Even though the mess has reduced to a more organized form of chaos, I’m also a little overwhelmed; I’m planning to purchase a lot of household goods once I get to NYC, but there’s a bunch of stuff I should get beforehand.  A vacuum cleaner is on the top of the list.

Do you like cleaning and organizing?  Do you find any household chores strangely therapeutic?

Recovering from New York City

Hiya!  How’s your Monday been?  I feel like I’m playing major catch-up from my trip to New York City.  Four days of interviewing and apartment hunting can really exhaust a girl.

Workout – Swim-Bike Brick

I’m not going to lie:  Although I was tired, I was pumped to zip up my wetsuit and hit the open water this morning.  After walking and exploring—without proper hydration—my calves have been screaming for three days, so I knew swimming would feel good.  And it did.  After thirty minutes of OWS, my calves felt like new.  Until I hopped on my bike.  I made sure to drink more water than usual during my ride, but lower-body was beat. (Interesting, I held a faster pace than normal during this routine loop.) Until further notice, I’ll be rocking my trusty compression sleeves.

The glamour is just too much; I know.


After my ride, I made a bowl of “oatless” oatmeal.

I’ll share the recipe this week—promise!


After tweeting, emailing, and blogging the morning away, I broke at 1:30 p.m. for a simple midday meal.

First, I wilted spinach in the microwave, and then added some rice and beans before warming up the entire mixture.  I also snacked on some unpictured grapes for dessert.

We’re off to Canal View for dinner to celebrate my grandma’s birthday.  Have a great night!

After traveling, do you usually get tired?  How do you bounce back and readjust to your normal routine?

Never Forget

Eleven years ago today, as I sat in Mrs. Webber’s 6th grade RLA class, our world changed forever.


My classmates and I were diligently working on a grammar assignment when Mrs. Webber turned on the TV. (Later, I discovered our principal and administration debated whether or not to tell us about the horrific events, and if they should let us watch live coverage.) Saying I was shocked would be an understatement; I couldn’t process or wrap my head around it.


9/11—never forget.


For yesterday’s Meatless Monday, my mom marinated tofu, and my dad cooked it on the grill.

Plus roasted broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms, and red peppers on the side.  Delicious and nutritious.

Workout – Bike-Run Brick

Another day, another brick workout.  With temperatures hovering around 45 degrees Fahrenheit this morning, my old friend Under Armour and I reunited. (I guess fall is really here!) Even with this extra layer, my body refused to warm-up as I set off on my bike—tight quads, freezing fingers, and numb toes comprised my first loop around Cazenovia Lake.  About 30 minutes later, I felt warmer (warmer being relative!) and even clocked a negative-split on the second loop.  Following a quick wardrobe change, I hit the road for a 30-minute run.  I’m not sure if it’s the motivation from Sunday’s #runchat or my body becoming accustomed to brick workouts, but the run was great; I actually covered my usual 30-minute route in 20 minutes, which I didn’t discover until I got home and checked my watch.  It’s all about progress.


A chilly morning called for a warm meal, and “oatless” oatmeal fit the bill.

The proportions are almost perfect, and I topped my serving with blueberries and banana slices.


Leftovers from last night made lunch a no-brainer.

Reheated tofu and roasted veggies on a bed of spinach.  I’m going to track down an apple for dessert.  Have a great day!