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Random Training Notes From Feb. 24 (Phase One, Week Eight)

Hiya, friends—happy Saturday!  Look who’s blogging yet again.  I know; it surprises me too.  I haven’t done one of these random training thoughts posts in a while, and seeing as I’ve officially survived phase one, this occasion calls for some spillage.


Downton Abbey throwback.  Too much (because I got my blogging swagga back)?

Guess who did yoga yesterday?  This girl!  After our indoor cycling workout, my team ended recovery week with a restorative class.  Even though it felt great to stretch out, I was in the minority; watching and hearing my coach and teammates during the session proved to be one of the highpoints of the week.  I’m relatively flexible for a triathlete, but that isn’t the case for everyone.  And let’s just say I almost cried from laughing about five times.

As you read, we’ve officially completed phase one of training.  This blows my mind because the next four weeks will be the final build before South Beach—and the next recovery week will effectively be tapering.  Gahhh!  I so want to race, but so don’t feel prepared.

My 500-yard time trial still shocks me.


Complete recap coming Sunday, but for now, I will say I shattered my coach’s aggressive goal time (and snapped my goggles).

Speaking of swimming, remember how the doggie paddle was my nemesis last year?  Well, now it’s hypoxic breathing sets.  I’m fine with bilateral breathing (every three strokes), but once it’s five or seven, things get ugly.  Not to mention these sets involve pulling, and I’m much better at kicking.

My work and triathlon worlds (positively and successfully) collided on Tuesday.


I can’t get into details, but there was a meeting that made me anxious—and thankfully, it went really, really well.

Have a great weekend!

What I Do When I’m Not Training

… because swimming, biking, and running have taken over my life.  And I wouldn’t want it any other way.  But let’s be real:  The running, triathloning, and healthy living communities constantly surround me.  After all, I go to practice and then head to work and help others discover this lifestyle too.  With that being said, here’s how I spend my time when I’m not working or working out.

When I’m not training …

… I’m drinking coffee.


I am not a verb!

Please don’t tell me this surprises you.  Early-morning wake-up calls demand pre-workout java, and there’s no way I can ride the subsequent endorphin high all day.  However, I have discovered I can make it to 3:30 p.m. or so before crashing. (Which also means if there are evening plans on the agenda, then I need my second cup around this time.)

… I’m cooking and meal-prepping.  Again, this shouldn’t be a surprise.  Whenever I have 30-45 minutes at home, it’s likely broccoli, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, and/or sweet potatoes are roasting.

… I’m watching Downton Abbey and/or Parks and Recreation.


Seriously two of the best TV shows ever.  Speaking of, happy Galentine’s Day!


… I’m hanging out with coworkers, a.k.a. work friends.


Whether it’s watching them race, grabbing drinks on the weekend, or simply supporting their non-JRab endeavors, I’m so grateful to call them friends.

And eventually, I will write one of those “day in the life” posts.

How do you balance fitness with other activities?  What do you do when you’re not working out?