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Foodie Friday – Chelsea Market

Happy Friday, everyone!  I’m currently en route to Montauk for Saturday’s triathlon, but I want to share some escapades from my mommy’s visit last week.


My mom met me after my shift ended at work, and we wandered around Union Square and went to The Strand until it was time for dinner.  This was a no-brainer:  Rosa Mexicano, here we come!


We polished off some guac, chips, and one pitcher of red sangria, plus our delicious chicken enchilada entrees. (She totally copied me.) Everything tasted so delicious, but not going to lie, my stomach was not happy the next few days.  You win some, you lose some.


Since I had a double-off day (no work and no workout), my mom signed us up for a Foods of New York walking tour of Chelsea Market.


Fourteen people comprised our three-hour long tour, and our guide Darryl was hilarious.  He’s an actor, so he’d randomly start singing and dancing.  Anyway, our first stop of the day was Eleni’s, a bakery that fuses sweet treats with graphic art.


The Chelsea Market shop was huge and had a ton of delicious looking cookies.


And cupcakes.


Nothing like a mini-red velvet cupcake at 10 a.m.  And I know Tim O’Donnell and Mirinda Carfrae would approve!

Next, we took a quick peek inside Chelsea Wine Vault, and I loved seeing a few CNY bottles.


Woohoo for hometown pride!  No tastings unfortunately, but the store does offer classes, and my mom and I decided we’ll do one next time—with my dad, too, of course.

A quick chocolate milk break at Ronnybrook Milk Bar followed, and then we looked around Spices and Tease and Nutbox.


You’re not a healthy living blogging unless you photograph various nutbutters, right?


We visited Lucy’s Whey for cheddar cheese and a sinful grilled cheese panini.


I’m not a huge cheese person (so weird, I know), but I easily polished off this comfort food favorite.

During our break, we had time to browse a bit, and I found this chipotle extra virgin olive oil at The Filling Station.


Yes, chipotle EVOO.  How good does that sound?

Farther into this store area, there was a book exchange.


Too funny!

Anyway, even though I started to feel full, I powered a quiche-like sampling at Buon Italia, a sausage roll, and some chocolate at Jacques Torres.




Our final stop in Chelsea Market was Sarabeth’s where we tasted a scone with jam and marmalade.


The tour then took us outside to the High Line, and we walked further into the Meatpacking District to Marcelleria for some pasta.



And later that night, my mom and I saw The Book of Mormon on Broadway.


Two words:  hilariously obscene!

What’s your favorite way to explore a city?  Have you been on a walking tour?

Trip to New York City, Part Two

Part One left off at Friday night after two days filled with traveling, interviewing, apartment hunting, and eating some delicious food.  Time for part deux!


My morning began at 5:10 a.m.  No, it wasn’t for a workout.  Well, it kind of was—I went to Chelsea Piers to observe a Full Throttle Endurance (FTE) swim practice!

Before leaving for New York City, I emailed Scott Berlinger, the head coach of this triathlon club, said I would be in town, and asked if I could watch a practice.  He invited me to his Monday morning swim session, but since I would be gone by then, I tagged along to Coach Danny Viera’s practice.  I liked Coach Danny immediately.  He’s young, fit, and very knowledgeable about all things triathlon.  Everything about the practice—the facilities, the atmosphere, the athletes—I loved (more detailed blog post to come!), so it’s safe to say I found my NYC triathlon training club.

Next, my parents and I went to Made Fresh Daily for brunch.

We had to work for brunch because it took some walking to find this café.  By staying in the Financial District, we experienced firsthand how the neighborhood essentially shuts down during the weekend; nearly every bar, restaurant, and most convenience stores closed Saturday and Sunday or kept very strange, abbreviated hours.  Made Fresh Daily, however, was quite busy, and the food was fantastic.  I ordered the summer veggie frittata.

Stuffed to the brim with mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, and cheese, it totally hit the spot.

With our bellies full, we took the subway to Chelsea and met Alex at the apartment (“the one”) my mom and I loved.  My dad ended up loving it, too.  Although we were ready to say yes then and there, we discussed a few additional options Alex found.  We vetoed places two immediately, but decided to see the third apartment, which was located way over on 11th Avenue.  I knew it was too far away from everything—subway, grocery stores, etc.—but both my parents and I wanted to see one more to ensure our favorite was “the one.”  Twenty-minutes later, we entered the posh building—it felt like a hotel turned dance club—and basically went through the motions (looking, asking the right questions, etc.).  Not surprisingly, it didn’t top “the one.”

During the 40-minute round trip, Alex and I bonded and “broed out.”  He’s three years older than me and went to a Big East school, so we had a ton to talk about in terms of Big East Sports, basketball rivalries, and other general NYC sports stuff. (Remember my obsession with Syracuse Basketball and March Madness?) I’ll tell ya, I can be a bro.

Anyway, as we filled out paperwork for “the one,” I noticed the management company’s name on the top of the forms; it’s the name of the boathouse at my alma mater’s campus.  After some quick Googling, I discovered the management company individual donated the money for the boathouse.  What’s more, the individual is on the board of trustees—what a small world!  So, folks, this means I officially have a big-girl apartment!

After taking care of all the logistical stuff, my parents and I went to Tarallucci e Vino for a celebratory drink.  Being a lightweight, I decided it would be best to bypass the booze until dinnertime, so I ordered tea instead.

This pot, called Chaucer’s Cup, contained apple, spices, ginger, and mango; fresh and light, it was a perfect late-afternoon pick-me-up.

And with Rosa Mexicano conveniently located next door, picking where to eat dinner was a no-brainer.

At the bar, we started with a pitcher of sangria and guacamole.

I tend to order the same dish here time and time again, but I looked at the menu away.

A few options sounded good, but I really wanted salmon.

Anytime salmon, pineapple, and black beans appear on one plate, I’m a happy girl.

Since we were in the area, we hit up Soft Serve Fruit Co. one last time, too.

I went with apple again, and added Barbara’s Puffins.

It was the perfect blend of cold, creamy, and crunchy.


On Sunday, we packed up and shipped out.  Breakfast came from the Dunkin’ Donuts at Penn Station.

Veggie egg-white flat bread. (As I ate it, I tried not to think about The American Way of Eating; I knew it wasn’t freshly prepared and littered with preservatives.)

Our train was late getting into Rhinecliff, so as soon as we arrived, we picked up my sister Margaret and headed to the Me-Oh-My Pie Shop in Red Hook.

Craving eggs and spiting the study, I ordered the scramble with mushrooms, onions, and red peppers.

My sister and I also split a side of multigrain toast.

After taking Margaret grocery shopping and seeing her dorm, we headed home.  Dinner was Thai takeout.

Chicken with sautéed vegetables and peanut sauce.

Whew, what a whirlwind trip!  It passed super quickly, yet it seemed like I was there forever.  Either way, I can’t wait to make the move!