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Brooklyn Highjinx

Hiya!  As if you couldn’t guess from this post’s title, guess where I went today!

Hello, BK!  After my workout this morning—running and strength training; nothing to write home blog about—I met up with Gabby and Connie, two fabulous William Smith women and feminist activists to check off a few items on my NYC Bucket List.  First stop?  Brooklyn Cupcake!

Holy cow—just check out all these options.

Each of the ten-plus flavors seemed to stare back at me from the display case.  And each flavor—from the coconut to the chocolate cheesecake to the tres leches—seemed to say, not so subtlety, “pick me!”  Hello, red velvet.

And hello, homemade cream cheese frosting.

From the first not-so-graceful bite—did you see the mound of frosting?—I knew this would easily be one of the top three cupcakes I’ve ever had.  The cake tasted perfectly moist, and it was the cream cheese frosting that stole the show.  And I don’t even like frosting.  Since Brooklyn Cupcake changes its menu often—it even offers special weekend options like tiramisu and apple pie—I will definitely be back.

After our afternoon indulgence, the girls and I headed to the Williamsburg Bridge.

Sure, a stroll across the bridge would help burn off those sinfully delicious cupcake calories, but we also had another destination—Bluestockings, a bookstore, fair trade cafe, and activist center in the Lower East Side, aka feminist heaven!

So much room for activist activities–activism and social justice books lined these shelves. (Michele, come visit ASAP!)

And obviously, there was room for Ryan Gosling.  Love me some Feminist Ryan Gosling.

Would you believe me if I said some of us even got tattoos?  Well, we did!  No, not me, and no pictures.  You’ll have to head over to Gabby’s post to see the ink.  I will say this:  it’s very rhetorical.  Thanks for a great day, Gabby and Connie!

Edited to add link to Gabby’s post.

How was your Monday?  Did you do anything fun?

One Long Day

Happy October, everyone!  Today has been the longest day ever.  Hopefully, I can string together complete thoughts for this post.  Just to give you a sense of my current state, I’m blogging in my PJ’s.  It’s 6 p.m.

Workout – Running

Thirty minutes on the pavement plus body-weight exercises like push-ups squats, and single-leg squats.


In addition to the protein-packed pumpkin bread I baked yesterday, I also made a batch of pumpkin crunch granola.  Meghan posted her recipe a few days ago, which I altered a bit, and this stuff tastes great.  It’s dangerously good. (I’ll post my version soon!) It needed to be incorporated into this morning’s meal, so a yogurt parfait proved perfect.

Frozen strawberries and blueberries comprised the fruit layers.  Then came plain Greek yogurt and a generous sprinkle of the granola.  For good measure, I also drizzled some almond butter on top.



My mom and I shopped away the morning and took a lunch break around 1:30 p.m.  For Meatless Monday, I made a salad with scrambled eggs, red and green peppers, celery, and apple slices.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a salad, so it totally hit the spot.  I satisfied my sweet tooth with a slice of pumpkin bread.

To use a sports metaphor, lunch served as halftime of today’s shopping spree.  Following lunch, more of the same ensued.  Basically, this is what I wanted to buy.

And this is what I ended up buying.

Contents of this organized chaos include (but aren’t limited to) plates, bowls, wine glasses, plus a duvet and shower curtain.  And we’re going shopping again tomorrow.

To end this post on a positive note, how about some Ryan Gosling?

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which Ryan took the liberty of reminding us.  I saw this graphic on Facebook (thanks, Annie and Michele!), and since I love Ryan Gosling, I thought I’d pass it around.

How was your Monday?  Do you love Ryan Gosling as much as I do?

Feminist Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling?!  Where?!

I’ve had a crush on this silver screen cutie since his days in Remember the Titans, so when I heard about Feminist Ryan Gosling, I was all over it.

I took my fair share of Women’s Studies courses at college, and I’ve read 40-50 percent of the theorists mentioned, so I appreciate the witty academic humor that underlies these “flashcards.”

Anyway, while shopping with my mom and sisters yesterday, I spotted Feminist Ryan Gosling The Book in Urban Outfitters, and you better believe I bought it!

Since I may have read all of the digital flashcards, I love how the book includes some new ones.

And Ryan Gosling’s face, of course.

Oh yes.


I “slept in” until 6:40 a.m. this morning and enjoyed two leisurely cups of coffee before making my morning meal.  Since a bike ride was on the schedule, I went the waffles-bananas-PB route.

Perfect pre-ride fuel.

Workout – Biking

Sunny skies and temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit made it a perfect morning for biking, and I met up with my friend Laura—she actually helped me find a wetsuit way back when—for a leisurely 18 miles.  We chatted about triathlons the entire time, and hopefully, we’ll be able to ride again next week.

Post-Workout Snack

I’m totally slacking on pictures lately.  When I got home, I made a protein smoothie with one frozen banana, one huge scoop of PB, cinnamon, and one scoop of Jay Robb vanilla protein powder.  I then proceeded to inhale it and forgot to take a photo.  Oops.


About an hour later, I made a salad for lunch.

I actually prepared the base yesterday (spinach, edamame, salmon, and red peppers) before we decided to give Catina Laredo a try, so I zapped the salmon and some leftover veggies.  Plus a peach for dessert.

Question of the afternoon:  What’s one funny thing–article, book, bumper sticker–you’ve read lately?

An Ode To Ryan Gosling

Did someone say Ryan Gosling?

I first fell in love with Ryan in the blockbuster hit Remember the Titans.


Who doesn’t love a man in (a football) uniform?  We rendezvous’ed again in the tearjerker The Notebook.


Today, Ryan has become the face of two digital platforms—Feminist Ryan Gosling and Hey Runner Girl.

Ryan’s after my feminist and rhetorician heart.

Anyway, seeing as how I’m off running the Boilermaker 15-K, I thought I would share some of my favorite Ryan running girl memes.  Enjoy!

Happy Sunday!