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Thanksgiving Preparations and a Walk with Zelda

Happy almost-Thanksgiving, friends!  If your Turkey Day celebrations involve cooking, baking, or traveling, I hope you have a delicious and safe journey.

With “only 17” people coming tomorrow, we have plenty to do!

I need to start cleaning and organizing, so it’s a quick post today!


Yesterday involved a lot of food prep, so it was a takeout kind of night.  Hello, Chinese!

I ordered hot and spicy baby shrimp—mmm.  I would definitely get it again.  Prior to last night, I don’t even remember the last time I had Chinese, so I’m sure that added to its tastiness.

I had to Instagram my fortune cookie, too.

Workout – Running

I took a rest day Monday (two days before a race, I always take a day off), and I set out this morning for an easy, 20-minute shakeout run.  The cold weather made it quite difficult to warm up—thanks a lot, 35 degrees—so I’ll have to keep that in mind during tomorrow’s turkey trot.


After my run, I made a spinach and egg-white open-faced breakfast sandwich.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve been having a hard time cooking food in a pan; between yesterday’s “pancake” and today’s “omelet,” it’s struggle city big time.

As I ate my breakfast, a certain greyhound refused to leave my side.

Someone wanted a w-a-l-k. (Zelda recognizes the word “walk,” so we have to spell it out or simply abbreviate it to “w.”) How could I say no to that face?  The cold weather called for a coat—for both of us.

For greyhounds, the general rule of thumb states whenever you wear a jacket, they need one, too.  Anyway, we drove into town and set off!

Zelda loves stalking squirrels, which is funny because as a former racer, she had to chase a fake rabbit around the track.  She wasn’t a great competitor—she “retired early”—but I’m sure if she had to chase squirrels she would be a champion.  But then she’d probably still be racing and not living here.

Did you have any pets growing up?  How about now?  Are you a cat or dog person?

Greetings From Central New York


That’s right—I’m back in CNY for Turkey Day.

The past few days have revolved around organizing, packing, and doing laundry, and I took the train home yesterday.  One of the benefits of freelancing/not having a full-time “big-girl” job includes getting a jump-start on holiday travel, so I beat the rush.  No complaints here!  Oh, and in somewhat-related news, operation clean out the fridge went pretty well.

Two things:  First, that is not my can of Dr. Diet Pepper.  Someone (*cough* mom *cough*) left it when they visited.  Second, I craved and had to buy more almond milk.  I almost had a one-trip-to-the-grocery-store week.


My mom asked what I wanted for my first meal back home, and there was no hesitation—spicy shrimp with cilantro and lime.



I tried to make a modified two-ingredient pancake this morning and failed miserably.

Whoops.  It still tasted good, though.


I ate an early lunch today of leftover chicken and green beans, plus an unpictured apple.

Aside from the food front, I don’t have too much to report.  I spent the afternoon running some Thanksgiving-related errands; nothing too exciting.  We host Turkey Day every year, and we have 17 people coming.  Actually, in the words of my mom we “have only 17 people” attending; most years, we get more than 20!  Thank you, large Irish-Italian-Roman-Catholic family.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?