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Protein Smoothie Mishap

Thursday afternoon got a little messy thanks to a protein smoothie mishap.

During the process of pouring her concoction from the blender into a glass, Margaret managed to spill three-quarters of her smoothie all over herself, some cupboards, and the kitchen floor.  Zelda was all over this green mess.  Can you blame her?  After all, she just took what the defense gave her.


Once Zelda we cleaned up, Margaret and I started preparing dinner.  While I cut and seasoned veggies for roasting, she made a homemade BBQ sauce, which we used to marinate seitan (say-tahn) kabobs.

A wheat-based source of protein, seitan works well in dishes that center on meat, making it perfect for this vegetarian-friendly meal.  I’ve had it only a handful of times—I vividly remember first meeting seitan in the form of vegetarian sloppy joes—and it’s fairly easy to prepare.  Interestingly enough, a lot of vegetarians don’t like its “meaty” texture, which makes sense:  these BBQ seitan bites tasted similar to popcorn chicken.  Margaret and I even convinced our meat-loving dad to try a piece.  He didn’t exactly enjoy it, but we’re proud of him for giving it a shot. (We can’t get him to try tofu, though.)


Since today is my rest day, I had a leisurely morning and fixed myself breakfast later than usual.  I really wanted to incorporate banana into my morning meal—Kodiak Cakes with banana slices sounded perfect—but since we’re out, I settled for a veggie scramble.

Two scrambled eggs with spinach and red peppers, plus a slice of Ezekiel bread.

After breakfast, I headed outside to do some reading.

I started The American Way of Eating by Tracie McMillan two days ago, and I can’t put it down.  Look for a book review within the next few days!


After yesterday’s trip to Chipotle, I really wanted to visit the chain again, but I settled for a panini.

Ezekiel bread made another appearance, this time accompanied by turkey, spinach, hummus, and some red pepper slices.  I also had a bowl of watermelon.

Plans for the rest of the afternoon include visiting The Great New York State Fair, and a fried Oreo might be in order.

Are you a vegetarian?  Do you like vegetarian sources of protein?  Have you ever tried seitan?