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Triathlon Training Log – Week of February 24 (Phase One, Week Eight)

Lookie here—two consecutive days of posts!


My mom sent me this picture.  My roak bike actually matches the color scheme in my bathroom …

How was your weekend?  My dad visited, and even though we both had packed schedules, we went out to eat a few times.  Having good food with great company was a great way to end recovery week!

General training notes:  Aside from Monday’s swimming time trial, I eased off the gas and focused on recovering (and sleeping) this week.  These down weeks make me sleepy; between Thursday and Friday, I napped four hours—which is four more than normal, ha.  I even had my first sports/deep tissue massage.  Right now, I feel great and can’t wait to crank up the intensity tomorrow.  T-minus 34 days until South Beach!

Monday – a.m. swim and run

Dun, dun, dun—500-yard time trial day!


Here’s how it went down:  we were separated into heats based on current lane assignments, and most folks wore wetsuits; some (including me) went full-sleeved, others did sleeveless, and some even did pants.  Anyway, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.  My coach set an aggressive goal (sub-seven minutes), and honestly, I thought it would be a stretch to break it; seven and change seemed more realistic.  But there’s a reason he’s the coach.  We talked beforehand, and I also consulted one of my friends from work, and both said to be aggressive on the opening 100, then settle in, and hang on.  So my first 100 clocked in at 1:12—woah, Young C!  After seeing that split, I decided to stop looking at the clock:  one, because I can’t do math that quickly, and two, I didn’t want to know how fast I was going and psyche myself out.  My final time?  6:41!  Not impressive for the actual swimmers, but I’ll take it as a wannabe swimmer—and seeing as how I did not flip turn once.  I was still on cloud nine during the steady five miler too.

Tuesday – a.m. indoor cycle and strength train

The mantra for this ride was “sweat not suffer,” so there isn’t anything too exciting to report:  just a steady 80 minutes with some out-of-saddle and aero efforts.  Our strength training was on the short side, too, and focused on corework.

Wednesday – a.m. run and swim

Honestly, this run felt somewhat challenging for recovery week:  one mile warm-up, three miles alternating between steady and tempo (shift gears every half mile), and one mile cool down.  Our swim workout tallied 2,200 yards and contained too many hypoxic breathing sets.  This is one drill I really struggle with; I’m not the best puller, and taking away my normal breathing pattern really messes up my rhythm.

Thursday – a.m. long-course swim; p.m. CompuTrainer ride at Tailwind Endurance

… and the hypoxic breathing continues, but it went a lot better this time.  I asked the same work friend for advice, and he suggested slowing down, focusing on technique, and basically thinking about everything except the breathing.  And it worked—I survived a 400 pull breathing every five strokes!

The afternoon power hour at Tailwind was tough, and we did a variety of drills: hill work, lactate threshold to VO2 max builds, sprints, and tabata intervals.  That afternoon, I also had my first sports/deep tissue massage, and it was awesome.  NYCers athletes, definitely go see Isang—she’s great!

Friday – a.m. indoor cycle and yoga

To end recovery week, we completed an easy 80-minute spin and a yoga class.  Well, FTE sort of took over the yoga class.  In the world of triathletes, I’m pretty flexible, so the practice wasn’t strenuous.  However, based on the amount of guttural outbursts, it’s safe to say some folks really struggled.  And I almost cried from laughing.

Saturday – off

Sunday – a.m. CompuTrainer ride at Tailwind Endurance

Two hours of nonstop Sunday morning fun?  Sign me up!  In preparation for outdoor riding (totally can’t wait and totally not holding my breath), Tailwind classes will focus on hill work for the next few weeks.  After warming up, we rode one loop of Central Park and did some high cadence and single-leg drills before moving to the main set:  3×20 minutes on a pre-loaded hill that progressively got steeper every mile with the goal of maintaining a steady output.  Each set alternated between endurance and lactate threshold wattages.  It was a tough session, and it made me feel better about my biking in terms of SoBe.

What are some of your go-to tools for recovery—massage, foam rolling, etc.?

Random Training Notes From Feb. 24 (Phase One, Week Eight)

Hiya, friends—happy Saturday!  Look who’s blogging yet again.  I know; it surprises me too.  I haven’t done one of these random training thoughts posts in a while, and seeing as I’ve officially survived phase one, this occasion calls for some spillage.


Downton Abbey throwback.  Too much (because I got my blogging swagga back)?

Guess who did yoga yesterday?  This girl!  After our indoor cycling workout, my team ended recovery week with a restorative class.  Even though it felt great to stretch out, I was in the minority; watching and hearing my coach and teammates during the session proved to be one of the highpoints of the week.  I’m relatively flexible for a triathlete, but that isn’t the case for everyone.  And let’s just say I almost cried from laughing about five times.

As you read, we’ve officially completed phase one of training.  This blows my mind because the next four weeks will be the final build before South Beach—and the next recovery week will effectively be tapering.  Gahhh!  I so want to race, but so don’t feel prepared.

My 500-yard time trial still shocks me.


Complete recap coming Sunday, but for now, I will say I shattered my coach’s aggressive goal time (and snapped my goggles).

Speaking of swimming, remember how the doggie paddle was my nemesis last year?  Well, now it’s hypoxic breathing sets.  I’m fine with bilateral breathing (every three strokes), but once it’s five or seven, things get ugly.  Not to mention these sets involve pulling, and I’m much better at kicking.

My work and triathlon worlds (positively and successfully) collided on Tuesday.


I can’t get into details, but there was a meeting that made me anxious—and thankfully, it went really, really well.

Have a great weekend!

Triathlon Training Log – Week of January 20 (Phase One, Week Three)

Happy Sunday, friends!  How’s your weekend been so far?  I worked yesterday and went to a CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance this morning.  It was my third CompuTrainer ride this week—the other two were time trials.


So many watts, so much pain.

General training notes:  As the final build week of phase one, we continued to increase volume.  Physically, I felt great, but I’m struggling mentally.  Patience is not my virtue, and I want to dive in and start pushing—but luckily, I have coaches and teammates who hold me back at the right times.  Next week is a recovery week (our training cycle consists of three weeks “on” and one week “off”), so this mental battle will probably continue.

Monday – a.m. swim and run

With two weeks of training complete, we’ve started logging longer sets in the pool.  After warming up and doing some tech work, we tackled a descending ladder:  500, 400, etc. with the goal of negative splitting (or progressively getting faster) each 100.  Bottom line, my lane did not execute this set well; for the 500, we planned to hit a conservative 1:50/100 and work our way down, but we clocked in at 1:35 instead.  Whoops.

Nothing too notable to report regarding the run:  just a steady five miler, and we alternated between the treadmill and indoor track.

Tuesday – a.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance

Holy efff.  Sorry, but this was our time trial day.  And as with all triathlon-related tests, my goal was simple:  improve my power output, or increase my average number of watts.  Perhaps this wasn’t the best goal because I completed the first test on my road bike, and power output tends to be greater on roadies (as compared to a triathlon bikes because of the position).  Anyway, for the five-minute “blow out” effort, I averaged 285, which trumps the 270 I posted four weeks ago.  We then recovered for ten minutes before the main 20-minute time trial effort.  This one didn’t go as well.  I broke the 20 minutes into “mini-efforts” of five, 10, 15, and 18 and simply focused on building, then maintaining until the 15-minute mark.  At minute 18, I hit the pain train, and my average wattage was 225.  Even though I didn’t increase my functional threshold power number (it’s around 215-220), I need to remember being in aero will hopefully translate to going faster.

Wednesday – a.m. run and swim

Ah, the return of speedwork.  Three miles of intensity were sandwiched between a one-mile warm-up and cooldown:  400m steady, 400m solid/tempo, repeat.  Alternating paces helped break up the miles mentally because we were running on the indoor track.  And like I mentioned above, this is when the mental battle became prevalent; as the second-fastest runner in the pace group, I wanted to push and catch the faster group in front of us, but my teammates did a good job of holding me back.

The post-run swim wasn’t too intense:  lots of longer pulling sets for a total of 2,700 yards.

Thursday – a.m. CompuTrainer ride and run

Ah, time trial number two.  This one was officially associated with my team and structured differently:  instead of riding for time, we hammered for three miles, rested for 10 minutes, and then completed the same flat, three-mile course again.  Unfortunately, I positive split these like a champ:  8:06 and 244 average wattage for the first and 8:11 and 239 watts for the second.  Meh.  On the bright side, this test further proved my FTP is in the 215-220 ballpark.

And after hanging out recovering for a few minutes, I ran an extremely easy two miles with a teammate.

Friday – a.m. indoor cycling and strength training

Not going to like, the spin bike feels super weird these days.  Anyway, for this workout, we focused on pushing a “big gear” (aka increasing resistance) and building leg strength—and embracing the suffering.  Being outside will be totally different, and we know it’s necessary to hurt now so we don’t get gassed immediately when we start doing loops in the park.  The strength portion of practice included walking lunges, air squats, and a ton of corework.

Saturday – off

Sunday – a.m. CompuTrainer ride at Tailwind Endurance

This ride went really, really well.  Since this was a two-hour workout, we spent the first hour warming up, doing single-leg and high-cadence drills, plus some shorter build efforts.  For the final hour, we completed longer intervals at our endurance and tempo wattages, plus a tempo set with hills.  It still shocks me when coaches and fellow riders comment on my output and strength; I’m like, “who—me?”

Overall, this was another solid week, and I plan to embrace this upcoming recovery period.  Pedicures are good for recuperating, right?

Do you reward yourself after a productive training block or race?

2013 Race Calendar Updates

Happy Hump Day, friends!  It’s an absolutely gorgeous day in New York City today—plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures.  Dare I say spring has finally arrived?  But this favorable weather doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy warm beverages, right?


Say hello to the city’s best hot chocolate.  I met Jen at The City Bakery this morning for a super-secret brainstorming meeting.  We have an exciting announcement to share tomorrow!

And in unrelated news, I officially added two more races to my calendar:  the Stamford KIC It Triathlon on June 30, another Olympic-distance event.


And the USAT Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Yikes!  Honestly, it still feels somewhat surreal, but signing up confirmed the facts:  It’s real, it’s happening, and I’m determined to show up on race day prepared to the best of my abilities.  I know I have a lot of work ahead of me, which was further confirmed when our official Race of Truth times were released.  Five groups were formed based on the results of the six-mile time trial in Central Park (group one being the fastest riders, group two the next fastest, etc.), and yours truly will be riding in group four.  You have to start somewhere, right?

When it’s warm outside, do you stick with cold beverages?  Or will you still order warm drinks?

What Not To Eat Before a Time Trial

Hey, hey!  How’s your Monday been so far?  I can’t wait to share the recap from Saturday’s MuckFest MS Mud Run, but I’m still waiting on more pictures.  But posting one won’t hurt, right?


Yes, running through mud and tackling 20 obstacles totally calls for some serious muscle flexing.  Woohoo for Team Mighty Mucks!

Workout #1 – Running

Well, recovery week is definitely over:  a new Full Throttle Endurance training cycle officially started this morning—with a two-mile time trial on the indoor track.  OK, by now, I should be used to this TT business—I’ve done it not once, but twice—so you’d think I’d have it somewhat figured out.  Clearly, the knowledge isn’t the problem; it’s the execution.  Case in point:  eating pizza for not one, but two meals yesterday probably wasn’t the best idea.


Yes, this is leftover from Saturday night’s dinner.  Yes, this is a picture from Sunday’s on-the-go breakfast.  Yes, it was delicious.

So I probably didn’t fuel as well as I should have the day before, but what can you do?  Life happens.  Even with the sub-par pre-TT nutrition, I still shaved 30 seconds off my previous two mile time and finished in a respectable 14:0X.  Success!


During high school, I used to be obsessed with the breakfast sandwiches from Dunkin’ Donuts.  I actually had one Saturday before the mud run (again, not fueling adequately), but it didn’t live up to expectations.  Sadness.  So this morning called for my favorite, an egg white breakfast sandwich.


Mmmm, missed this big time.

Later this morning, I met Jen for coffee—and for a trip to Dashing Diva to get our nails done!  Even though there’s an unofficial blogger commandment that says multiple photographs and posts to social media outlets are required for an event to truly happen, our morning went entirely undocumented.  We had so much fun chatting away and getting manis (for her) and pedis (for me).  I always enjoy hanging out with Jen because one, she’s super fun, and two, she reminds me it isn’t totally taboo for a young, 20-something to be active and training for events.  We hope to go to a yoga class sometime soon!


After a quick trip to Trader Joe’s, I made a wrap with mustard, spinach, turkey, avocado, and pepper jack cheese.


Plus a ton of carrots while I worked on MuckFest donation thank you notes.


Multitasking at its finest.

Workout #2 – Strength Training

I originally planned to lift this morning after running, but my teammates and I ended up talking about tri bikes for 40 minutes (#trigeek).  At this point, the tri bike may happen this season, especially in light of recent news, but we’ll see.  Anyway, I hit the weights this afternoon for a full-body workout.

Post-Workout Snack

My workout ended around 5 p.m., and I didn’t want to eat a huge snack before dinner, so I made a mini protein smoothie with one frozen banana, a little bit of frozen kale and spinach, plus a few blueberries for good measure and half a scoop of Jay Robb egg white protein powder.


And now it’s time to get dinner in the oven.

Without getting too graphic, is there anything you can’t eat before workouts or races?

Race of Truth

Good morning, everyone!  TGIF!  Any fun plans for the weekend?  I head to Boston today for the MuckFest MS Mud Run, which takes place tomorrow.  I’m so excited!



Also, thanks for the positive comments on yesterday’s post.  Now that the USAT Age Group Nationals has a spot on my race calendar, it changes my outlook and training goals this season; as my “A-plus” race, I will train with the intention of peaking in August.  Obviously, I want to do work at my other events, too, but doing well at this race will be my primary goal.  My coach and I exchanged a few emails yesterday, and moving forward, I need to get my act together and get my butt on my bike—and improve my run off the bike too.  My swim seems to be at a good spot (even though it will always be a work in progress), but I can and need to make some serious gains in terms of my bike and run.

And that process started this morning.

Remember Trial By Fire, the swim-run event?  This morning, Full Throttle Endurance invaded Central Park at 5:30 a.m. for another competitive training session–Race of Truth. (Yes, that’s the name.  When I first saw the email, I started laughing hysterically—these names kill me, ha!) Since spring is hopefully here to stay, we’ll have organized team rides outside at least two days a week; during these outings, we’ll ride in groups of eight, and everyone in each pack should be about the same speed.  To determine the pace groups, we had a one-loop (about six miles) time trial in Central Park, and the coaches will use the finishing times to form training groups.  Because everyone rides the same course, we can’t argue with the times—hence the name Race of Truth.

Anyway, my time trial went OK.  My bike computer didn’t work, so I essentially rode the course blind in terms of distance, time, and speed. (The tech fail was totally my fault. Wednesday night, one of my teammates hosted a tire-changing clinic at her apartment, and after plenty of hor d’oeuvres and glasses of Prosecco, we got around to figuring out how to fix flats.  I brought my front tire to her apartment, and in total newbie fashion, I put it back on the wrong way, so my bike computer’s sensor didn’t work obviously.) One of the coaches said anything sub-20 minutes was acceptable, and I think my unofficial time was 19:XX; good starting point with lots of room for improvement.


Hey, it’s not a breakfast sandwich (only because I’m out of spinach)!


Instant oats, plus protein powder, one mashed banana, and plenty of peanut butter.  Hopefully this keeps me full on the train.

Have a great weekend, friends, and talk to you Sunday!

Eight Updates

Good morning, everyone!  Happy Hump Day!


This is why I love waking up early—pajamas and coffee.  I’m also rocking glasses and Medusa-like curls, but no one needs to see that.

First, thanks for your thoughtful comments on Monday’s post.  Doing the indoor triathlon was so much fun, and I loved putting my training to the test.  Needless to say, I experienced an exercise high for the rest of the weekend.  Those endorphins are the best, right?

Anyway, I have lots of updates, so it’s list time:

1.  I received a package this past week from Boxtera, a healthy snack delivery service.


So many noms!  Even though I have virtually no willpower, I’ve been pacing myself and not housing everything in one sitting.  My review should go live next week.

2.  The Chobani fairy visited me too!


I’ve been dying to try the new pear and banana flavors, so the CHO team decided to help a fan out.  I still can’t figure out why the Whole Foods near me doesn’t stock those two options.

3.  At Monday’s Full Throttle Endurance practice, we had a two-mile time trial on the track.  Even though there are some speedsters in my group who clocked in at 11 minutes (crazy, right?), I’m happy with my time of 14:4X (7:2X/mile).  I ran with two teammates, and we took turns sharing the workload and setting the pace.  We went out too fast for the first lap (Andrew said it was a sub-six minutes!), so there was some suffering during the final 400m—but it was totally worth it to finish more than one minute faster than I did eight weeks ago.  It’s all about progress!

4.  Speaking of Monday’s practice, a photographer from New York Road Runners showed up—at 5:45 a.m. nonetheless—to take pictures.  The organization plans to write a feature story about FTE, so he snapped shots of Andrew coaching and us doing work.

5.  My internship is going well—I’ve interviewed some cool ladies and gone to a handful of fun fitness events—but I got word Monday that due to budget concerns my hours will be cut, which means I transition from full-time to part-time this week.  Womp, womp.

6.  On the subway ride home Monday, I saw one of my teammates (small world!) and told her about the cut in hours.  Being positive and supportive, she told me to look on the bright side:  That will give me lots of flexibility to train and travel for races!  It’s highly possible I thought the same thing.

7.  Speaking of training, I’m still in the process of developing a strategy for Thursday’s swim-run “race.”  It turns out I had the distances wrong:  it’s 100 yards in the pool, 0.25 mile on the track, 200 yards, 0.5 mile, 300 yards, 1 mile, 400 yards, 1.5 miles, 500 yards, and 1.75 miles (total of 1500 yards and 5 miles).  I talked to MB on Monday and sent Andrew an email yesterday, and both stressed the importance of pacing and not going out too fast.  One of the biggest challenges will be keeping my heart rate under control when I hop out of the pool and hit the track, and Andrew said the race gets really interesting at the 300-yard mark—that’s when the people who start too fast hit the wall.

8.  My family is visiting this weekend!  We plan to eat our way though Chelsea Market and see Jersey Boys on Broadway (and hopefully watch SU basketball win a game.  Sigh.)

How’s your week going?

Avoiding Nemo

Happy Friday, everyone!  Have anything fun planned for the weekend?  As you might have heard, New York City has issued a blizzard warning in anticipating of Nemo.


I couldn’t resist!  In all seriousness, though, the next 24 hours are all about staying safe and avoiding Nemo.


A bunch of NYC offices closed early today (including mine), and a ton of fitness stores like JackRabbit Sports have cancelled Saturday events.  Even Chelsea Piers has adjusted its hours.


Better safe than sorry, right?


As a former CNYer, I have trouble grasping the fact that 10 inches of snow warrants this amount of precaution—but I do understand the city can’t handle it, and after Hurricane Sandy, I’m not dismissing anything.


I went with an old stand-by for dinner last night—baked salmon with roasted veggies and sweet potatoes.


Lately, I’ve been loving the EVOO, cayenne pepper, garlic salt, and basil combination.

Workout #1 – Swimming

You know it’s time trial day when you’re warming up in the pool and minding your own business when Full Throttle Endurance’s head coach suddenly arrives and starts hooting, hollering, and clapping.  Twice.  Before the actual time trial occurred.  My teammates and I decided the head coach didn’t sleep last night due to sheer excitement—ha!  Anyway, the test went OK.  Andrew assigned us a heat (one, two, or three) and lane number, and I made the cut for the first wave.  Each lane contained two swimmers to help us race and push ourselves, so I shared with another girl.  Honestly, I got a little nervous right before the start, but that’s only because Andrew started counting down from 20 seconds á la Hunger Games.  Since it was a 200-yard test, I used the first 50 to find my stroke, progressed to what is probably my race pace for the next 100, and then tried to lay down the hammer for the final 50—and it burned, but in a good way.  I think my time was in the 2:50 ballpark, and I have no idea if that’s a respectable time.  I do know I was the second girl to finish, though!

Workout #2 – Running

After the rest of swimming practice, I headed to the dreadmill for a tempo run.  I couldn’t get into it mentally today and felt really ancy and unsettled; after 15 minutes on the ‘mill, I switched to the indoor track.  Meh—lesser of two evils, I guess.


I made a quick stop at Whole Foods after practice to stock up for Nemo, and I surprisingly restrained myself from the hot food bar!  Anyway, I was ravenous by the time I got back to my apartment, so a two-slice-of-bread breakfast sandwich was in order.


Hit the spot!


Before taking care of some Nemo prep, I made a quick wrap for lunch.


Turkey, spinach, and some cheese.  I always fold it up quesadilla-style to eat, but it looks more photogenic this way, right?

PS – Fitness and Frozen Grapes was featured on Be @ Home’s Best of the Web series!

When you’re stuck indoors due to the weather, what do you do to keep yourself busy?

‘First Day of School’

Even though I set my alarm for 4:30 a.m. yesterday morning, it didn’t wake me up.  Nope—I opened my eyes at the ungodly time of 4:23 a.m.  Surprisingly, I didn’t feel tired; after all, it was the “first day of school” (as Andrew dubbed it)—the first Full Throttle Endurance triathlon training workout of the 2013 season.  With a braid in my hair—it’s the only way to control my curls—and a “run fast, finish strong, and survive” mentality, I channeled my inner Katniss on the track for a two-mile time trial.



Before the time trial, our group of 25 triathletes met at the basketball courts (the indoor track circles four hoops, a boxing ring, and a beach volleyball court), and as Andrew went over the game plan, I immediately had a series of déjà vu moments.  The act of “bringing it in” on the hardwood—with a coach who reminds me so much of my high school one—transported me back to my tiny, cracker-box gym.  The time warp continued as we progressed through a dynamic warm-up; exercises like skips and butt kicks reminded me of the dreaded plyometrics, also known as “plyos,” we used to do before every practice truly began.  So unintentionally, I found myself back on the court—for the first time since my sophomore season—yet it felt right.  Instead of wearing gear like a reversible pinny, a pair black basketball sneakers, and a signature mouth guard (yes, I was “that girl” who wore a mouth guard), I rocked my Mizunos, running shorts, and a tech tee.  So even though both the apparel and sport at hand differed from my basketball days, it felt strangely similar—getting after it with a coach and teammates.  I felt like I belonged, and I honestly didn’t realize how much I enjoyed the team sport atmosphere until yesterday morning.

Anyway, on to the two-mile time trial (TT).  I planned to take the first four laps at a comfortable pace, and then shift to my tempo run pace for the second mile. (Andrew said he didn’t want to see any PRs, but rather a solid effort because our results would determine our running groups and target paces for each workout during this eight-week training cycle.) Also, during the warm-up mile, I spotted the two fastest female runners and made it a goal to maintain contact with them during the TT, which worked well.  For the first mile, I hung out with them and clocked a steady 8:0x.  From there, I transitioned pretty well to a comfortable difficult pace, and I passed both the girls on lap five. (Oh, and another speedy dude left me in the dust!) With 800m to go, things started to comfortably hurt (if that makes any sense), and I pushed to finish in 15:xx.  I’ll take it!

Here’s what confused me, though:  I passed two girls, and one of them finished before me.  Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if I miscounted my laps and ran an extra 400m—we all know how much I love math.  Not that these TT finishes matter, but I’m happy that I was the first or second girl to finish in my training group.  Hopefully this gives me some legitimacy—and some wiggle room so I don’t look too hopeless during the swimming TT on Friday.  What’s on the schedule for tomorrow?  Indoor cycling.  Anyone know what kind of bike Katniss rides?  Oh, wait …

Developing a Triathlon Off-Season Workout Plan, Part 2

Hi, friends!  Great news—I survived my bike workout this morning!  It actually went a lot better than I anticipated. (If you missed part one, read it first; I’m working with Andrew Kalley of Full Throttle Endurance to develop my triathlon off-season plan of attack.) Before getting to that, though, here are some eats from my last few meals.


I haven’t been eating salmon as often as I usually do, so I’m craving it more and more; it’s like my body wants to make up for lost seafood opportunities.  Anyway, when dinnertime arrived last night, I rolled with it.

This is the same Hungry Girl-inspired crazy pineapple salmon teriyaki I had before.  The teriyaki and sweet Asian chili sauce work really well together; I’ll share the measurements next week.


Before heading to Chelsea Piers this morning, I “carbed up” and toasted two Van’s Power Grains.

With almond butter and banana slices, of course.

Then I headed to the Performance Center.

Holy cow—talk about super impressive.  With a total of two Super Treadmills and eight CompuTrainers—bike trainers that allow cyclists and triathletes to execute very specific, monitored workouts—this hub has everything an endurance athlete needs.  Oh, and casually hanging on the wall was an autographed tri-top from Tim O’Donnell.  No big deal.

Anyway, here’s how the workout progressed:

-First, I told Andrew that I’ve never used a CompuTrainer—let alone a trainer (except for my fitting at Syracuse Bicycle)—so I had no idea what any of the readings and numbers meant.  Ha!  Honest is the best policy.

-After setting up my bike (and raising the saddle a few inches; maybe I grew?), I warmed up while Andrew gave me the lowdown on CompuTrainers.  Basically, this type of trainer is a great training tool because it allows the rider to replicate courses from all over the world (hypothetically, I could ride the Ironman Kona bike course), and it calculates the exact wattages and cadences required for an efficient, successful ride.  All of the terms he mentioned—lactate heart rate, lactate power, lactate threshold, V02 max—I’ve heard of, but I’ve obviously never been tested for these values and don’t know how to use these measurements to structure workouts.

-Time trial time.  For my workout-turned-test, I had to ride a flat, three-mile course as fast as possible.  Then I would rest and recover for 10 minutes or so and repeat the course.  Pretty easy, right?  Not exactly.

-Even though I wanted to negative split my rides—or complete the second faster than the first—I put forth a “monster effort” (Andrew’s words, not mine) for the first leg and finished in 8:26.  On my second ride, though, I started too conservatively and couldn’t make up the time; I clocked 8:32.  So no negative splittage today, but the highpoint of the ride was finishing strong and notching a wattage of 400, which I guess is pretty respectable. (Again, total CompuTrainer newbie here.)

-Based on these two time trials, I now have some data that will come in handy for planning my bike workouts.

Where do I go from here?  Now that Andrew’s seen me swim, bike, and run, I wanted to hear his general assessment and thoughts on how I should structure my off-season.  Based on these sessions, he says I have the potential to become a really strong biker-runner, as in those two disciplines are where I’ll win (yeah—wow!) triathlons.  And as I know, my swim needs work. (Although he did say he watched me swim yesterday, and I’m already improving in terms of form and efficiency.) So here’s the plan:  I’ll focus on my bike (number one priority) and swim technique (number two).  In terms of running, he said I should continue to log miles, which will help maintain my base, but I shouldn’t train intensely; my running workouts should be fairly low-key and should be based off how my body feels.  Sounds good to me!  I plan to hit the pool a few times before our next session on Monday.

Post-Workout Snack


I inhaled this Chobani before showering.  Hey, priorities.


After sending out more resumes, I broke for lunch around 12:30 p.m. and assembled a salad.

Even though the leftover blackened tofu and roasted veggies tasted great, it was the avocado that made the salad today.  Yum!