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Shopping for New York City—Complete!

Hey, everyone!  How’s your Tuesday so far?  I have some great news to share—this pile o’ stuff marks the end of apartment home goods shopping!

Woohoo!  My mom and I picked up bedding, pillows, and blankets this morning, which comprises the last of the “big stuff” (bulky and heavy items) I’m bring to New York City.  It feels great to finish shopping, but I have a feeling this is the calm before the storm—packing starts tomorrow.  Oh boy.


Keeping with last night’s Meatless Monday theme, I prepared blackened grilled tofu.

Holy cow—talk about taste heaven.  This mixture included eight different spices like paprika, lemon pepper, and ground red pepper, and it packed flavor and heat; my spice-loving taste buds were super happy.  I’ll share its exact contents next week.


With a morning of shopping looming overhead, I made a veggie-packed meal.

There were a ton of roasted vegetables leftover from last night, so I added those to a one-egg, one-egg-white base.  For a little extra staying power, I ate a sliver of protein-packed pumpkin bread.  I have a feeling this loaf will be gone very soon.

Workout – Biking

Once NYC shopping was complete, I set out on a celebratory bike ride.  Even though I battled powerful headwinds, I covered the 14.5 miles pretty easily by reminding myself that I won’t be biking around Central New York much longer; it bittersweet to think I have one ride remaining.


A blustery ride called for a warm midday meal, and black bean soup fit the bill.

Black bean is easily my favorite soup of all-time, followed by Italian wedding and chicken noodle.

What’s your favorite kind of soup?

Back in Business

Good news, everyone—the “stinky wagon,” aka the septic truck, came to the house around noon to fix our water problem, and we are officially back in business!  Let there be showering, laundering, and dish washing galore!


After my spin class, I was craving a cold and crisp salad.  Most times, I’ll add leftover protein from dinner the night before—like salmon, tilapia, or chicken—to the salad, but there wasn’t a white styrofoam Thai takeout container to be found.  Instead, I used extra-firm tofu and followed a new recipe.

I topped a bed of greens—which included carrots, celery, and red pepper—with some of Caitlin’s Perfect Baked Tofu.  Thanks to its short ingredients list—EVOO, honey, chili powder, black pepper, paprika, and sesame seeds—seasoning and baking this tofu was easy peasy.  There’s no doubt this will become a go-to staple.

I also had a glass of iced coffee.

Baking, Round Two

Following lunch, my sisters and I went to Canastota for round two of baking.  We helped my grandma assemble venetian cookies—we spread jam between layers of green, white, and red cake—and made another batch of pineapple cookies.  Not that my grandma needs a reason to bake, but she’s already preparing desserts for my cousin’s high school graduation party—in July!  When it comes to cooking and baking, my grandma takes no prisoners.  And when it comes to “taste testing” the pineapple cookies, neither do I!


Around 5 p.m., I had a small bowl of cantaloupe and a Chobani lemon yogurt, both of which I forgot to photograph.  Oops.


Another summer evening, another dinner on the grill.

Steak, roasted vegetable medley (broccoli, zucchini, and red peppers) plus roasted eggplant.  And a glass of red wine.

I’m off to take Zelda for a walk.  Enjoy your Friday night!