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Neither Here Nor There

Happy Friday, friends!  Was this week incredibly busy for you too?  I have lots of updates to share, but since everything does not fall under the “random training thoughts” umbrella, I figured a new title seemed appropriate.

Guess who got a big-girl promotion!


Not in reference to said promotion, but still funny. ‘What?  That’s totally crazy!  I am super chill all the time!’

I’ve been doing community outreach for a while and absolutely loving it, but I wanted to take on more responsibility—and I got my wish!  Now in addition to doing outreach for my store specifically, I’m also in charge of managing partnerships with clubs, teams, and charities, plus I’ll be doing a lot of type-A/logistical stuff:  staffing expos, coordinating volunteers, etc.  I’ll still work the floor a bit—it’s important to interact with runners, listen to their input, know our products, etc.—but I’ll mostly be a “real person” now.

With SoBe rapidly approaching, I’ve been dialing in my nutrition.  I know it’s a sensitive topic in both the endurance and blogging worlds, and I don’t want to get into it too much right now.  That being said, though, it is astonishing how fueling adequately—pre-, during, and post-workout—makes a difference.  Again, this calls for its own post, but my run has finally started to click, and I think it’s because I’ve leaned out over the past few weeks.

My Slice will make its maiden outdoor voyage tomorrow.  Again, with SoBe only 22 days away, I need to get comfortable riding in aero.  Or at least ride without falling off.  That’s the goal right now.

Can we talk about “House of Cards” for a second?  My normal jams include “Parks and Recreation” (obviously), “30 Rock,” and “The Office,” but holy cow, why did it take me so long to hop on this bandwagon?  Who would’ve thought a comedy-lover like me would enjoy a political thriller?

That’s all I’ve got today.  Have a great weekend!

A New-to-Me Sports Drink

Hi, friends—Happy Hump Day!  And Happy 12/12/12!  Did you make a wish when the numbers lined up?



I invited two friends to my building’s holiday party last night, and we enjoyed some wine before heading to GustOrganics for dinner.


It’s funny what you’ll find when you veer off your traditional route.  Because the restaurant is situated farther south than I usually walk, I had neither heard of nor walked by it before last night.  I really wanted a turkey burger, but they don’t serve burgers after 4 p.m. (weird, right?), so I ordered the hummus pita and quinoa tabbouleh instead.


It was delicious, especially the grilled zucchini and eggplant.

Workout #1 – Swimming

Not to jinx myself, but I think I hit a swimming turning point.  The 45 minutes of drill work flew by this morning (no Vince Vaughn sightings, by the way), and I feel more fluid in the water.  The body rotation exercises are becoming easier, but I still favor turning to my left, which is why I breathe exclusively to that side.  Swimmers, do you drill more on your weaker side? (During my basketball days, I used to shoot twice as many left-handed layups because I’m right-handed.) Now if only I could learn how to do a flip turn!


Good thing breakfast required zero prep work.


I inhaled these overnight oats in a jar; swimming gets me every time!


When lunchtime rolled around, I didn’t think twice—repeat of yesterday’s lunch was a no-brainer.


I also ate an unpictured banana and carrots.

I have a 60-minute interval ride scheduled this afternoon, and I’m trying a new-to-me sports drink—PowerBar Perform. (Thanks for the clarification, MB!)


During prior rides, I’ve been drinking Powerade, which has kept my energy levels up, but has led to some stomach cramps.  Nothing too bad, but I want to experiment with other kinds of nutrition.  Even though I don’t plan to do an Ironman anytime soon, this drink is dolled out at Ironman-sanctioned events.  Plus, if it’s good enough for three-time World Ironman Champion Craig Alexander, then it’s definitely worth a try.

Are you left- or right-handed?  Are certain tasks reserved for your dominant hand?  Do you use your non-dominant hand?

A New Long Bike Ride

Good morning, friends!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  With two great workouts completed yesterday, I’m feeling really good.  However, I have to get a flu shot today, so that might change things—ha!


Last night, I finished up the crock pot chicken cacciatore leftovers.


Like the new festive placemats?  I ate early—around 6 p.m.—because I had a 90-minute trainer bike ride scheduled for 7 p.m.  Conveniently, that’s when SU played Eastern Michigan. (The Orange won 84-48!) There is a method to the madness.

Workout #2 – Biking

Promptly at tip-off, I hopped on my bike, which was hooked up to my CycleOps Fluid2 indoor trainer, and got to work.


Even though this session would be my longest true training ride to date, I tried not to psyche myself out.  When training for sprint triathlons this summer, my longest trip lasted 75 minutes (and during events, I always finished the bike portion in less than an hour), so spinning for an hour and a half would be a huge milestone, especially looking ahead to the 2013 season:  For Olympic-distance events—ahem, July 14—I’ll have to spend at least this much time riding, so I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

Anyway, biking for 90 minutes added another element to the equation:  nutrition.  During workouts and events, I’ve stuck to water, but I knew this ride called for fuel.  I took it to Twitter and received some suggestions from Amy and Corey (thanks, ladies!), and I also asked MB for advice.  She told me about her nutrition strategy, and I ended up buying Powerade (for the first time in years) and filling up my water bottles with the blue liquid.  My fueling objective was to consume one bottle every hour, or a bottle and a half total.


Overall, this plan worked well.  I encountered some minor stomach cramps at the 40-minute mark, but they quickly passed.  Drinking Powerade definitely helped my energy levels—I didn’t bonk (physically) once, and I felt relatively strong throughout the ride.  In fact, my second wind arrived once I hit one hour, and I suddenly felt super fresh!  However, I definitely need to practice this strategy and probably tweak it; I ran out of fluid with 10 minutes to go, and even though I drank regularly, I craved water the entire time.  Mentally, I faced some rough patches, which I expected since 90 minutes was uncharted territory, but I used my mantras, pushed through, and finished strong.  Woohoo!


I slept in this morning and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast.


Have to fuel up for today’s swim workout!

How do you fuel during workouts?  Do you stick to water, or do you prefer sports drinks?  Triathletes, please share your nutrition strategies!