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Triathlon Training Log – Week of Jan. 26 (Week 4)

Woah there, 2015. I need you to slow down.


How can it be February already?

General training notes: As the fourth week of official training, this span would normally be a recovery week. And aside from Tuesday’s speedwork and Friday’s CompuTrainer class, my workouts didn’t demand an incredible amount of volume or intensity. I even saw my go-to sports massage person for a painful, but much needed flush-out. Gotta jumpstart the recovery process because I’m not going to be 24 forever!

Monday – a.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance; p.m. run

Adding an extra power hour CompuTrainer class worked well last week, and I need to ramp up the biking volume anyway, so another opportunity to make watts it is. The workout itself wasn’t incredibly taxing—just another over-gear/strength-building ride—but I still sweat buckets. Pending Winter Storm Juno derailed my plans to run easy outside, but I hit the ‘mill after work for an easy 4.5 miles while listening to the #RRP.

Tuesday – p.m. run

“Winter Storm Juno” shut down the entire city, so I enjoyed a leisurely morning, went out to lunch with some friends, and finally made it to the gym around 4 p.m. Note to self: Do not attempt to do speedwork during the afternoon. Coach Pat’s 5x1000s were tough; repeats one, two, and three were on pace, but I fizzled out on the fourth and fifth. Womp, womp. But that’s how you get better.

Wednesday – a.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance

Thanks to the strength/over gear work we’ve been doing at Tailwind, I’m starting to not totally hate maintaining a slow-for-me cadence. Earl mapped out our gear progression (75-80-85-90-95 RPMs) with the goal of increasing every 30 seconds for the first interval, increasing every minute for the second, and every 1:30 for the third. And then we did every minute and every 30 seconds again. Funny enough, the more comfortable I become “mashing” (at 75-85 RPMs), the stronger I feel when I finally get to the 90-95 RPM blocks.

Thursday – a.m. run and p.m. swim

Nine-mile long-run in Central Park


And since we were celebrating Art Night at work, I was able to sneak away during the afternoon for a short and sweet 1,000 yards in the pool.

Friday – a.m. CompuTrainer class at Tailwind Endurance

It was so unfortunate erg mode wasn’t working properly (can you sense my sarcasm?), so we did a VO2-focused workout instead: 4×3 minutes @ VO2 max with three minutes rest; 4×2 minutes @ VO2 max+ with 3 minutes rest. A new-to-me-instructor (who was awesome) coached the workout, and he really got me to focus on building through the efforts. Basically, if you paced this workout right, your final VO2 max average should be the same or slightly greater than your first one (because you didn’t go out too hard). Don’t worry; I’m not obsessing over the numbers—but it was awesome to see my final averages and how they matched up to what I was feeling.

Saturday – a.m. swim with Full Throttle Endurance, run, and strength train

Another solid Saturday Funday that saw 2,250 yards in the pool, 45 minutes steady on the treadmill, plus some weights and basketball. And homemade brunch.


And bacon.

Sunday – off

Overall, I’m happy with how this first official month of training has progressed. As far as the swim goes, I’m making moves to remotivate myself (#vagueblogging), which basically means I’ll be in the water with different folks. Getting my cycling legs back has been a touch-and-go process, but I’m finally feeling “at one” with the bike again. And the run has gone extremely well; it’s becoming easier to shut off my brain, find the rhythm, and just run. Above all, I’m having fun (which I never say, but is always the case), and I’m excited to carry this momentum into February!

How has your first month of January fitness/workouts/training progressed?

Game On!

Oh, Winter Storm Juno. As a native of Central New York, I really want to tell everyone to calm down; but I do understand the city cannot handle half a foot of snow.


Eerily quiet and beautiful walk home by the High Line

And I’m all for an adult snow day.

Anyway, apologies for my lack-of-blogging phase. It’s been one of those months—seriously, how can January nearly be over?!—where I’ve been firing on all cylinders all the time. But since I’m hanging out and hunkering down today, there’s no time like the present. So fill up your water bottle, top off your coffee, and, well, hunker down for some updates.

As far as work goes, I’m nearing the end of a transition. I don’t talk about JackRabbit a lot, but for the past few weeks, I’ve been moving away from the outreach/event planning stuff to the digital editorial/social media side of things. Yes, this is a vague description, but these responsibilities are more along the lines of what I want to do long term. I’m working on several projects now (#vagueblogging), and in the words of one coworker, “you have a voice, and it matters a lot.”

Some of my BFFs/Girls’ Club colleagues have transitioned too, which is bittersweet. I’m pumped for them—after all, they’re doing big things!—but it stinks because a lot of “my people” won’t be around any more. It’s tough when your inner circle changes, and yes, I realize it’s incredibly rare to work with your friends.


Rabbits at the Rescue Mission!

Thankfully, not everyone is leaving. This should go without saying, but the people I work with and the community we foster are why I love (working at) JRab. And on the bright side, I’m becoming friendlier with higher-ups, which is good. (Sidebar: One of my teammates recently wrote about transitions too.)

My triathlon training is undergoing a transition too. This came up in my off-season recap, but basically, my mindset, motivation, and outlook have totally changed. I’m enlisting different resources (Coach Pat, Tailwind Endurance, etc.), and I’m cutting out the toxic aspects of my training. “Toxic” may be a little harsh, but I can’t think of another word right now.


Non-toxic decaf almond milk cappuccino

For better or for worse, certain people and atmospheres alter my internal dialogue, and although it’s OK during races and tough workouts, it is not a narrative I want to hear all the time. Last year, I needed this tough, in-my-face coaching, but I’ve matured as an endurance athlete. I’m getting better at using mantras, finding that “second wind” on my own, and basically tapping into what motivates me.

Who knew running fitness translates to semi-decent swimming? I mean, it makes sense. Both are full-body activities. And people will aqua jog if they’re injured and can’t run. But if you told me I’d not only survive, but swim somewhat respectably during my first 3,000 yarder since August, I would not have believed you. But that’s exactly what happened. And I threw down some semi-respectable times for the 100- and 400-yd. time trials.

My new obsession is escaping to a cabin and writing, writing, writing.


Up, On, and Over

Ever since going to New Paltz, I’ve been craving more trails, more nature, more outdoors—basically, the polar opposite of New York City. Coincidence my quarter-life crisis is coming up?

Overall, though, 2015 is off to a solid start. I’m pumped to see what it brings, and in the mean time, I’m continuing to work hard and dial everything in. Game on!